Top 8 Best Cages for Chinchillas! – Reviews & Recommendations (2020)

The Chinchilla is becoming an increasingly popular pet to have. However, with it being a fairly new type of fur baby to have, many people don’t have the best cages and conditions for them.

If you’re anything like me, even just the mention of a Chinchilla will make you happy. They’re super adorable, and (surprisingly) incredibly active. 

Did you know that they can jump up to six feet in the air? That’s why making sure you’ve made their accommodation perfect is crucial.

Chinchillas require a different set of requirements to, say,  rabbits and hamsters.

Of course they do, they’re a completely different species, after all. Before you jump into adopting one of these cuddly creatures, you need to make sure that you provide good housing. 

So, let’s take a look into some of the best chinchilla cages – these all vary in size, and also what you want from it. 

Types of Chinchilla Cages and Habitats

There are a few things that you need to consider when choosing the best cage for your Chinchilla. 

First of all, where will you keep the Chinchilla’s cage? Finding the right place plays a big part in deciding what cage you’ll ultimately get. 

Remember, Chinchilla’s are nocturnal. This means you have to keep their cage away from a lot of sunlight. This way, they can sleep in the day time.

It works both ways – you don’t want to get woken up in the middle of the night by your Chinchilla, so the cage should be away from sleeping humans. 

Finding the perfect spot is the first step – from there, you can decide how big you can have one. 

Secondly, please be aware that you will need plenty of room. It’s cruel to keep your Chinchilla couped up in a small space.

They have loads of energy, and really enjoy jumping around. You need to ensure that your cage is big enough to let them play, and jump from surface to surface. 

If you can’t fit a super big cage in your home, you need to make sure that they’re not cramped and can play around. If you can’t promise this, a Chinchilla might not be your best option. 

Thirdly, Chinchillas are notorious for being amazing at escaping. They’ll truly find a way out of anything if given the slightest chance.

You need to make sure that the bars are close enough together so that they can’t slip away and make their great escape. 

Likewise, make sure that the bars are far enough apart to be safe – often, they’ll get their little arms and legs stuck in between bars.  

Chinchillas are Rodents 

A chinchillaPeople don’t seem to group Chinchillas in the same category as rats, mice and rabbits. You need to understand that they are rodents, and have the same tendencies as these animals. 

They have no issue chewing through anything made of plastic, wood or even rubber. Remember, they will want to escape, too. 

Your best option is to stick with a metal cage and provide them with wooden and rubber toys – to keep them happy. 

As well, you have to make sure you make the cage fun. As rodents, they loved jumping, climbing and running. 

Chinchillas derive from places with high mountains and altitudes – hence why they love climbing and jumping so much. You need to keep this in mind when you’re buying their cage. 

The most important aspect? Make sure it has tonnes of platforms and levels for them to play on. Your Chinchilla will be extremely grateful, even if they can’t vocalize that themselves. 

Chinchillas, in their natural habitat, are not hunters. For this reason, it’s important that you give your Chinchilla places where they can hide or feel safe. 

Chinchillas do want to interact with humans and be given the chance to grow to know and love us. So, make sure you have space to do this, too. 

What Size Chinchilla Cage do you Need?

At the very least, professionals state that a Chinchilla’s cage should be at least 3 feet by 2 feet by 2 feet. That’s for an adult Chinchilla. 

However, I would recommend trying to get a cage bigger than this – to ensure your Chinchilla is happy. 

Also, as Chinchillas are social animals, make sure that, if you have more than one Chinchilla, that they have a minimum of 2 square feet of floor space. 

As I stated before, Chinchillas also need multiple levels. That will replicate the habitat that they’re used to, and keep them happy. 

Of course, give space for a potty, too. Make sure there’s enough room for this – you wouldn’t want to sleep too close to your toilet, would you?

Also, the size does matter, but placement also makes a big difference. Of course, make sure that the cage isn’t near to anywhere too hot.

Temperatures should never exceed 75 degrees and should never drop below 50 degrees.

So, make sure that your Chinchilla’s cage is far away from heating appliances or A/C units. Also, I suggest choosing a room that isn’t in direct sunlight – for their sleep and their temperature control. 

The inside of the cage is equally just as important as the cage size. It’s not enough to just buy a cage that looks big.

You need to make sure that there’s genuinely enough room inside – and has enough room to play. 

For instance, a big cage with only 4 platforms just isn’t good enough for a Chinchilla. In a way, it would be better to get a smaller cage, with more platforms. 

The good news is, shelving and platforms are super easy to put into your cage – especially if you want to add more fun. 

Other Considerations When Choosing a Chinchilla Cage

A chinchillaThere are other considerations to make, too. For instance, noise and commotion should be considered. 

Make sure that you Chinchilla feels safe at all times – meaning being away from any commotion in the house. That could be keeping them in a separate room from small children or loud music. 

Also, make sure that you keep your Chinchillas cage clean. This is their home, and they rely on you to keep it nice and clean. You will have to clean your Chinchillas cage, regularly. 

A fleece liner can make cleaning your Chinchillas cage much easier. Also litter trays, obviously, make the cleaning process much quicker. 

Actually, Chinchillas are much easier to clean up after than other small rodents, like rabbits. In fact, they’re a relatively easy animal to care for – as long as you make sure their house is up to scratch. 

Lastly, I’ll just reiterate that your Chinchilla’s cage needs to mirror a rock climbing venue.

That is so important for their happiness and health. Put an array of different platforms and shelves. This is such an important aspect. 

What to put in a Chinchillas Cage?

Perhaps you’ve found the perfect cage, now it’s time to make your Chinchilla’s house it’s home. You have to fill it with necessities, as well as luxuries. 

Below, I’ve listed everything you need to put in your Chinchilla’s cage.

Remember, with everything in their cage, they should still have enough room to run about and play. That’s why a large cage is important. 

In case you were wondering – your Chinchilla’s cage will also need some kind of slid flooring. This gives them a chance to rest their paws from the wires.

Without this, their feet will become irritated. You can find solid sheets from pet stores and farm supply stores if you’re worried about your floor getting damaged. 

Once you have the floor sorted, you need to spread pellets or shredded paper along it.

This will be used as bedding and will give your Chinchilla a place to burrow. Also, this makes their living area a lot more comfortable – a bit like a carpet. 

Paper is the best option, but kiln-dried pine also does the job. Do not, however, use, cedar chips. This kind of wood is unsafe for Chinchillas. 

Do not use old newspaper. The ink can be very toxic to your furry friend – buy it straight from the pet store or farm shop. 

Water and Food 

Attach a stoppered water bottle to your cage. You can easily find these –  rodents all across the globe use these. 

Of course, you can also provide a bowl of water in your cage. This isn’t necessary for Chinchillas, and may not work out as planned.

Remember, Chinchillas are not supposed to get wet – they may trip and fall into the bowl. 

I’d say, keep to the stoppered water bottle. It’s safe, tried and tested. 

You will need to provide your Chinchilla with hay and treats. You can buy hay at any pet store. 

However, if you’re unable to get hay (for whatever reason), don’t threat. You can supplement with Chinchilla pellets or fresh vegetables. 

If you buy vegetables from a supermarket, make sure that they’re organic and fresh.

This also means ensuring that they haven’t be treated with pesticides of any kind. Always wash them thoroughly before giving them to your Chinchilla


A chinchillaThey’ll need somewhere or something to burn off all their energy. Obviously, giving them a run of an open area is great – but remember, they are amazing at escaping areas. 

So, an exercise wheel is a perfect alternative. Obviously, it’ll need to be made for Chinchillas. I’d say make sure it’s at least 15 inches – anything smaller could be a little hard on your Chinchilla’s spine. 

Plastic running wheels are a big no. Your cheeky Chinchilla will chew on it. Also, make sure there are no wires on the wheel – their little feet could get stuck. 

Make sure you attach the wheel to the solid flooring, to make sure it doesn’t move while they’re using it. 

Also, be aware that these wheels can be very noisy. As Chinchhillas come alive in the nighttime, this could keep you awake.

Either ensure the wheel is quiet, or keep the cage out of bedrooms. The latter is advised. 

Dust box

Your Chinchilla needs a daily dust bath. The box itself needs to be at least 6 x  6 x 9 inches or enough to fit your Chinchilla in, with wiggle room.

Fill the bottom of the box with about 2 to 3 inches of dust. Make sure that it’s the correct kind of dust; specifically formulated for Chinchillas. 

Give your Chinchilla this box for about 15 minutes, and let them bathe in it. You must remove this – it cannot become a permanent feature in their home. 

Nest and hiding areas

Everybody likes their privacy – Chinchillas are no different. Make sure that you give your Chinchilla a nest and hiding areas. You can find a simple, fancy, fun, and innovative version of these in pet stores. 

You can also make your own from PVC piping. These are loved by Chinchillas and are super easy to clean. 


Chinchillas also need fun, that’s where safe wooden toys are essential. They love to chew on these. 

Just like all other rodents, Chinchilla’s teeth never stop growing. They need wooden toys to ensure they stay at a reasonable length, and don’t cause problems. 

The toys need to be large enough so that they’re not a choking hazard. Also, ensure they’re made from non-toxic, untreated wood. 

I recommend any toys made from birch, maple, elm, apple, hazelnut, and pear trees. Only kiln-dried pine is safe for Chinchillas. 

Avoid toys made from plum, cedar, citrus, oleander, and cherry. 

Now that we’ve got all the nitty-gritty details out of the way, let’s take a dive into the best cages for your Chinchillas.

Below, I’ve listed my top picks – with reasons why. I hope I’ve included something for every space and person. 

8 Best Cages for Chinchillas

The below cages are just suggestions. The perfect Chinchilla cage for your pet is a very subjective choice. Browse around on your own, and find the perfect one for you. 

1) Little Zoo Trekker Cage 

The first thing you’ll notice about this wonderful cage is all the platforms. This is what makes it perfect for a Chinchilla. 

This great cage has two large front doors, making it super easy to clean out or get access to your Chinchilla. Accessibility is an important consideration – especially since you have to clean out your Chinchilla on a regular basis. 

This cage has four levels and three ladders. That’s one of the main reasons I chose this great cage – it gives your Chinchilla enough area and platforms to play around in. 

The bottom tray and grill pulls out, again making it super easy to clean. You’ll thank me for mentioning the importance of this after you’ve cleaned your Chinchilla out more times than you can count. 

The hammock is also included in this cage. In case, you needed any more reason to fall in love with this cage. 

This cage measures in at 55 x 92 x 159 cm, and is totally suitable for Chinchillas. As well as the platforms, it also has enough room to add all the extra bits in.

Obviously, you will have to put this cage together. Don’t worry, despite being enormous in size, it’s impressively easy to do so. It’s incredibly sturdy, even for the most energetic of Chinchillas. 

2) Little Friends Atalanta 

You may have already heard of Little Friends – it’s a reputable brand, that makes great products for our little rodent pals. Of course, I can trust that this cage is high quality, and perfect for your Chinchilla. 

It’s a new cage design, measuring in at 104 x 59 x 107cm. Obviously, a lot wider than the Little Zoo Trekker model.

It also has wheels for easy movement, just in case you decide to move your Chinchilla to a different room (if they keep you awake at night). 

It has one large top door and a front door – again, making cleaning less of a chore, and access to the Chinchilla easy. 

The wire floor can be removed, but you will have to clip the front flap to the frame. It’s adaptable to your Chinchilla’s needs, which makes it one of my favorite cages. 

It has around  4 platforms, all on different levels. This gives your Chinchilla room to play, jump and exercise. Of course, there’s also enough room for you to put all the other necessities in this cage. 

When picking a cage, make sure that the spacing between the wires is not too big and not too small.

Chinchillas are the goldilocks of animals and will escape or get hurt unless it’s just right. This cage has the perfect wire spacing. 

I personally love the size of this cage. It’s perfect for smaller spaces, without compromising anything for your Chinchillas. 

3) Kaytee 2 x 2 Multi-level Habitat 

If you’re looking for a really comfy and lovely home for your Chinchilla, this could be the perfect choice for you. 

Kaytee doesn’t name their different levels “platforms”, but rather “comfort shelves”. They’ve been designed to be the comfiest they possibly could be. 

There’s also an extreme spiral slide, a fluorescent funnel, and a hammock. Its essential a play zone for your Chinchilla. You might get a little jealous. 

As I mentioned, Chinchillas love to escape. This cage conveniently has a wire-based locking system and chew-proof latches. This makes it perfect for your little escape artist. 

It’s super easy to clean, still. With a base that can be removed easily, it has been designed to make that chore easier for you.

Kaytee has also included portable wheels. This makes it easier to move your Chinchilla from one room to another, or even travel with. 

One thing to be wary of; the platforms are made of plastic. While it is definitely sturdy, if your Chinchilla is a big chewer, it could be something to look out for. 

This wonderful cage measures in at 24 x 24 x 41.5 inches. It’s a little too small for two Chinchillas but is perfect for one. 

4) Little Friends Mayfair Cage 

This is for those of you who are on a little bit more of a budget, the Mayfair cage is perfect for your Chinchilla, without breaking the bank. 

Though it only comes with two shelves, these are joined together forming a multi-floor system. You can always adapt your Chinchilla cage in your own way – adding any platforms or additions, you feel necessary.   

Interestingly, the base is made of glass – this is an unusual feature of this cage. This little addition makes the cage more durable and is perfect for a chinchilla (who may chew plastic or wood). 

What’s more? You also a house, wheel and bowl. This is definitely a budget-friendly cage. Your Chinchilla will love this cage and all the accessories. 

Measuring in at 51.9 cm x 28cm x 40cm. It also has a deep base, which gives your Chinchilla the perfect amount of room for burrowing and hiding. Make sure to spread the shredded paper here. 

5) Midwestern Critter Nation Deluxe Small Animal Cage 

If you’re really looking to treat your Chinchilla (they deserve it), this could be the one for you. They really will feel like they’re living in a palace. 

Of course, this has been made with metal wire – making it completely chew proof for our favorite escape-lovers. It’s also the perfect spacing, which I’ve mentioned the importance of multiple times.

It’s important to have this level of spacing so that they can safely explore. You can also attach litter pans and new platforms. 

This cage also considers your surroundings. With a lovely grey-quartz hammer tone finish, it looks stylish and acts as part of the decor. That’s a major advantage of this cage, but it does come with a higher price tag. 

This cage has leak-proof pans, which makes cleaning super easy and quick. It also prevents any debris from reaching your floor, just in case. Phew. 

Again, there are big double doors, which provides the best kind of opening for cleaning and feeding. This is also Chinchilla proof – meaning no chews will get them out. 

One of my favorite features? This cage has an adjustable shelf, which includes a ramp ladder.

So, you can see where your Chinchilla likes it the best – and accommodate. It also has a soft, padded cover. This makes it more comfortable and safe for your Chinchilla, especially as they climb. 

You don’t need any tools to assemble this cage, and it comes in two sizes – single and doubles.

For your Chinchilla, I recommend the double so that they have more room to climb. This one will measure in at 36 x 24 x 63 inches. It’s a big one, but it’s what your Chinchilla deserves. 

6) SONGMICS 2- Floor Metal Pet Playpen 

The fact that SONGMICS describe this as a playpen, says it all really. They’ve tried to design a cage that doubles as an obstacle course, and I think they have achieved this. 

As a more budget cage, it’s a little bit more simple – but it’s adaptable. That makes it perfect. You can make it into your own as you go along. Add more toys, more colours, and some shelters. It can be made truly unique. 

For instance, the interlocking system allows you to add various features – a storage shelf, for example. 

This entire cage is made from metal wire, which makes it entirely chew proof. No plastic – no problems. 

They’ve also made this super safe for your Chinchilla, by rounding off the edges. Every connector has a non-slip mat, which means it won’t budge on wooden and PVC floors. 

Despite the hiding spots you’ll place inside, you can keep your eye on your Chinchilla at all times. It’s a basic, but special cage – that you’ll appreciate. 

Of course, it’s super easy to assemble. I wouldn’t ever recommend something that would be difficult. 

This cage measures in at 143cm x 71xm x 71cm. It’s perfect for smaller spaces, and can even be placed on top of a platform or table – as long as it’s safe. 

7) Yaheetech 6 Levels Rolling Large Cage 

Yes, you read that right – this cage has six levels. That’ll certainly keep your Chinchilla busy. If you have enough room for this mighty cage, it’s definitely one of the stronger contenders. It’s also more on the affordable side, too. 

It’s a large cage – built with exercise in mind. Chinchillas need a great deal of exercise, hence why this cage is perfect for them.

Every level is linked with ramps, which also makes certain areas perfect for their home or rest stops – whatever they want. 

Don’t worry, the ramps and panels are detachable – you can choose where they go.

You know your Chinchilla best, and this allows you to create a home that they want to live and play in. Imagine this cage with toys and hammocks, too? How amazing! 

There are three doors at the front of the cage, giving you access to every part of the cage. This definitely makes cleaning and feeding a lot easier.

Not to mention, there’s a slide-out tray under the cage which can be easily removed and washed. The metal mesh between the pet and the tray means they’re not walking on their own droppings. 

It’s a non-toxic, metal and sturdy cage. Totally Chinchilla proof, you don’t even have to worry. 

One worry you might have – as the cage is so large, it might be hard to move. Right? Well, it’s also on wheels, which eliminates the effort needed. You can move your Chinchilla wherever you want. 

Measuring at 64cm x 43cm x 131.2cm – it’s a tall cage, perfect for your furry friend who is used to climbing. 

8) Wundapets 2 Storey 4 PLatform  Cage

Lastly, let’s take a look at a cage that isn’t as large. I know not everyone has that kind of space.

This is definitely a medium-sized one, perfect for those with an average amount of room. This cage is completely metal, so you don’t have to worry about nibbles. 

With a plastic tray at the bottom, for cleaning and two large doors – you don’t have to dread this chore when it comes around. 

The shelves are solid, so you can’t move them around. This might be a bit of a deal-breaker for you but with all the space around them, I’m sure your Chinchilla won’t mind where the platforms are. 

Plus, as there is so much extra room in this cage, you can place other shelves and hammocks, to make it your own. 

This cage is 20cm wide, with three solid ladders. This makes climbing super safe and comfy for your Chinchilla. 

Also, the design of this cage is incredibly sleek and minimal. For most interiors, this would slide right in, blending in with its surroundings.

If this is a concern to you at all – I think it’s a lovely looking cage, that would work with most decors.

There we have it – my top picks for Chinchilla cages. Though they might be a bit more niche in the market, once you know what to look for, you can easily find the perfect one for you. 

Final Thoughts – Best Cages for Chinchillas

You might be searching through my recommendations, now. That’s great. 

Just remember the top things that every Chinchilla cage needs, and what to avoid. That way, you can avoid any issues in the future. 

  • A chinchillaMetal wires 
  • The correct spacing between the wires
  • A way to stay fit
  • Platforms /multiple levels 
  • Dust bath 
  • A place to hide
  • Things to chew on 
  • Avoid plastic or wooden furniture (they will get chewed)
  • Make sure everything in the cage is non-toxic and Chinchilla friendly
  • Enough room to run, jump, play and sleep

These are the essentials, but Chinchillas also need extra toys and extra cuddles. Remember, every Chinchilla is different, and you will have to experiment with their house and the objects inside it. 

I hope I helped you in your journey to finding the best Chinchilla cage.

A happy Chinchilla is easy to see, and finding the best house for them, will be sure to make them excited. Make sure to let me know which cage you decide to choose.