Brain Training For Dogs Review – My Journey Updated Weekly (2019)

Dog with a stick on a beach

Hello, my name is Leah Spaulding, and I have a dog named Bean. Bean is an adorably chubby rat terrier, who loves to learn and is very food motivated. I got him at a shelter seven years ago and we’ve been inseparable ever since. Bean has an older brother named Bandit, who is a wonder-mutt. … Read more

How to Teach Your Dog to Climb Up and Down Stairs – A Dog’s First Steps!

Dog walking down stairs

Whether your house has a grand staircase, or you just have one to help your dog get on the bed, it’s important to teach your dog exactly how stairs work. There are no stairs in the wild, so dogs don’t have the natural instinct or knowledge of how to climb them. With that being said, … Read more

4 Cool Tricks to Teach Your Dog – Step by Step Teaching Guide

Dog dancing

Hello! My name is Leah Spaulding, and I’m here to guide you through three cool tricks to teach your dog! I am the vice president of a pet nonprofit organization called Their Voice and I have a huge background in the pet world from pet-sitting, working at a holistic pet store, and training dogs. First, we’ll … Read more

4 Easy Dog Tricks for Beginners – Follow Simple Step by Step Instructions!

A jumping dog

I have an extensive background in the pet world, from three years of working at a holistic pet store, to pet-sitting, training, and I’m also the vice president of a pet nonprofit organization called Their Voice. Needless to say, I’ve met many a pooch, and I have helped many people train their pets. I’m Leah … Read more

How to Teach a Dog to Bark on Command – Follow These Easy Methods!


You know how you say the word walk in front of your dog and it’s like a fire cracker went off in your living room, or is that just me? Dogs pick up on certain words that they associate with actions, so when you ask your dog “Do you want to go on a walk?” … Read more

4 Unique Tricks to Teach Your Dog! + Create Your Own Tricks! [Bonus]

A dog jumping over a gate

I’m Leah Spaulding, and I am the proud owner of a rat terrier and a wonder mutt. I have a huge background in pets–ranging from working in the holistic pet supply world, pet-sitting, pet training, and being the vice president of a pet nonprofit organization. Today, I’m excited to bring you four (plus a bonus) … Read more

How to Train a Goldendoodle – 5 Helpful Dog Training Tips!

Hi I’m Tiara Nixon and I’m going to share my top tips for training this breed, whether you are starting with a young puppy or have adopted an older Doodle. The Goldendoodle is a wonderful family dog. With an easygoing, friendly personality and high intelligence, this breed is generally easy to train and gets along with … Read more

Leaving a Puppy Home Alone For The First Time – 4 Simple Steps

Hi, my name’s Tiara and I’m a dog trainer who’s trained 100’s of dogs! One aspect of dog training that is vital is learning how to leave your puppy alone for the first time. It is essential you teach your puppy how to be alone. Yes, I said teach. From conception puppies are never alone … Read more

How to Teach a Dog to Give Paw – Easy Dog Tricks For Beginners

Hi, my name’s Tiara and over 20 years as a trainer, I’ve trained 100’s of dogs! One of the most common tricks to teach your dog is to “give a paw.” Most people train “give a paw” (also called “shake”) for fun, but did you know there are are some practical reasons to teach this … Read more

Fresh Patch vs DoggieLawn – What’s the Best Indoor Dog Potty?

Hello, my name is Valerie and I am the owner of a three-year old Clumberdoodle named Bentley. Bentley came to live with me when he was just 15 weeks old. I have been very fortunate in that we have always had an outside lawn for him to pee on. My friend has not been so … Read more