Is a Pug a Bulldog? – Pugs vs Bulldogs – What’s The Difference?

A pug

The question “Is a Pug a Bulldog?” comes up more often than you may think. My friend has a Bulldog – or so I thought, until she told me he is a Pug. So, I thought I should find out the differences between the two breeds. My name is Valerie and my furry friend is … Read more

Do Labradoodles Shed? – A Guide to Labradoodle Shedding!

A Labradoodle

Today we’re going to take a look at the question, do Labradoodles shed? Before we get into all things related to Labradoodle shedding, let’s shed (pardon the pun!) some light on the Labradoodle’s popularity. To begin with, you may be wondering what a Labradoodle is. Well, it’s a crossbreed dog which has parents of Poodle … Read more

21 Golden Retriever Pros and Cons – Are They the Right Dogs for you?

A fluffy brown dog

Golden retrievers have been a breed of choice for many years. I have even had experience with these golden sunset clouds. In my opinion, these are the perfect teddy bears (they are definitely big enough to cuddle!), but just in case you’re not already sold (sadly they won’t be a perfect fit for everyone) let … Read more

19 French Bulldog Pros and Cons – Is This the Right Dog for you?

A small dog

Hi, who doesn’t want a new doggy addition to the family? Fancy yourself a French bulldog? These little dogs look like miniature bulldogs but with ears fit for a bat. Let’s get you started on learning about this breed and hopefully helping you decide if it’s a possible new addition to your family or just … Read more

15 Border Collies Pros And Cons – Everything You Need To Know!

A border collie

If you’ve been thinking about getting a dog, either an adult or a pup then most likely you’ve been looking at different breeds and come across the Border Collie. This amazing breed have some features which remind one of their ancestors, namely the wolves. These traits are very prominent in Border Collies and you may … Read more

Do Labs Have Webbed Feet? – Find Out About Labradors and Webbing!

A lab running

Hi, my name’s Irena and I have three lovely dogs. I’ve been looking at their feet and one definitely has got webbed feet. I’m not sure about the others but it does seem as if there is a little webbing there. What is Webbing? Webbing is a thin membrane which is between the toes of … Read more

German Shepherd Pros and Cons – Are They the Right Dog for you?

A large bounding dog

German Shepherds are magnificent dogs. They hold themselves with such confidence, loyalty and their impressive ‘don’t mess with me’ size gives them a sense of awe. Their black and brown coat, and gentle curves throughout their body make them an attractive breed. These proud dogs make devoted companions, but like all breeds there are some … Read more

Do Cocker Spaniels Shed? – A Hairy Guide To Cocker Spaniel Shedding!

Adorable puppy

Hi! I’m Caitlin and I have always been a massive dog fan. I live with dogs (one short and one long hair breed) which both shed a lot. It’s a wonder they have any hair left! So how much dog hair bothers you and your family, is a hugely important factor when considering the right … Read more

17 Pug Pros and Cons – Is a Pug the Right Dog for You?

A small dog

PUGS! They are one of the ultimate fashionable dog breeds at the moment. Their faces appear from every street corner on everything from socks to bags to mugs. You love the breed, their big eyes and smooshy faces, but you can’t just chuck a dog under the bed when it becomes unfashionable! So is this … Read more

16 Beagle Pros and Cons – Is a Beagle Right For You?

A small beagle

Hi, I love beagles, or bagels as I like to call them. They are simply adorable. Thinking about getting a beagle? Well we will try and give you a helping hand listing what we believe to be the positives and negatives, the beagles pros and cons as per say. A little About the Breed First … Read more