Do German Wirehaired Pointers Shed – A Shedding Guide!

A little About German Wirehaired Pointers

Being a bit taller and slightly heavier than the German Shorthaired Pointer, this breed stands about 26” high at the shoulders.

German Wirehaired Pointers are muscular and agile and were used to beat the bushes all day without getting tired.

They are protected from thorny bushes by their harsh coats which also shields them from bad weather.

This is not a breed who is happy with a life indoors, they simply must be able to run and be outside, preferably for many hours of the day.

These dogs are smart and eager to please, although they may be too inquisitive for some people. They make perfect companions for active people who enjoy sports and the outdoors.

Like all German Pointers the breed has webbed feet. It is classed as a medium/large sized dog and comes from a background of interbreeding between Wirehaired Pointing Griffons, German Rough haired and Shorthaired Pointers, and Pudelpointers during the 19th century.

Do German Wirehaired Pointers Shed?

German Wirehaired Pointers so shed, they are classed as a moderate shedder which requires the minimal amount of grooming.

They shed all year rounds, but very lightly and with regular brushing you can keep shedding to a minimum.

Short History of German Wirehaired Pointers

The origins of the German Wirehaired Pointer can be traced back to 1880, where they were first bred in Germany.

The original breeder, a Baron Sigismund Von Zedlitz und Neukirch, wanted to develop a breed to work in varied terrains ranging from the Alps to forest regions with dense undergrowth.

The baron wanted the dog to have a coat that would protect him from the elements while working outside, but also be low maintenance.

Ideally the dog he wanted was wire-haired and medium-sized, easily trained, fearless in tracking, close working and a devoted companion.

These days the GWP is still used for hunting and tracking although recently they have become more popular as family pets.

The breed has distinguished itself in fields such as the All-Breed Field Championship and Master Hunters titles.

What is a German Wirehaired Pointers Coat Like?

This breed sports a wiry coat which is designed to protect them against all types of weather and conditions. They are designed to survive out in the wilds and the coat certainly does its job!

The coat is water-repellant and weather resistant. It is dense enough to keep the dog warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

The GWP has a double layered coat, namely the outer coat which is wiry, harsh and flat, and the undercoat which is dense.

The outer coat normally measures between 1-2 inches in length, with the undercoat becoming thinner in the summer.

The coat on the legs is naturally shorter than on the rest of the body and it is softer between the toes. The coat is thickest at the shoulders and around the tail.

Puppy coats will be shorter than the adult coat and stays around 1” until the dog is mature.

The GWP’s coat comes in several colors and combinations. You may see them with liver and white, red/brown and white, spotted, or solid liver.

They also appear with ticking coloration, which is small isolated sections of black hair on white markings.

How much do German Wirehaired Pointers Shed?

Even though GWP have double coats, they still shed very little. They will shed at the start of spring and again before the winter coat comes in, but you will not find heaps of hair on your floors or furniture.

So, do German Wirehaired Pointers Shed a lot?

german wire haired pointer

This breed scores 3 out of 5 in the scale of dogs and how much they shed.

They are moderate shedders and do not need much attention to their coats.

Even though they are moderate shedders, they will shed every day, and because they are fairly large dogs you will find hair in the vacuum cleaner, they just don’t shed as much as other breeds of the same size.

When do German Wirehaired Pointers Shed the Most?

You will find that your pooch sheds more at seasonal times through the year. This is when he gets rid of the warm, winter coat and then again when it starts to grow back.

Twice a year you can expect to see more shedding, although with regular brushing you can easily keep the hair under control.

Because of the most common colors of the GWP, you will have to deal with white hair on clothing, as well as some dark hairs, so you may want to keep a lint roller at hand to quickly get rid of these hairs.

How to Combat German Wirehaired Pointers Shedding?

The quickest and easiest way to remove hair from your GWP is to brush regularly. You should start brushing your pup at an early age so that he gets used to being handled and groomed.

You will find that if you brush your pooch outside (weather permitting) that you have even less hair in your house.

Equipment Help to Combat German Wirehaired Pointers Shedding

One of the essential additions to your grooming basket should be a furminator brush. Brushes like these are often used on horses with very rough hair.

Most furminators are designed to get rid of excess hair without damaging the skin. They normally come in longer and shorter bristle length, so the length of your dog’s hair will dictate which brush you use.

Furminators are good for removing the dead hair which lies below the upper coat. This may cause tangling in places like armpits and behind ears if not brushed out.

A decent furminator will remove about 90% of dead hair from your pooch, so is great for keeping your home hair-free.

Bathing is one thing that you do not need to do with your GWP very often. They keep themselves clean and as a breed they require little grooming.

If you do bath your dog, you should only use doggie shampoo as human shampoo will irritate the skin.

Give your dog a good brush before you bath him, and another brush afterwards to remove any remaining hairs.

Are German Wirehaired Pointers Considered to be Hypoallergenic?

No dog is truly hypoallergenic and the GWP is not considered to be hypoallergenic either, even though they have a relatively short coat.

So, even though the breed is low shedding, it does still drop hair which may affect people who suffer from allergies. Shedding consistently, even though it may be light, will still affect some sufferers.

Do Some German Wirehaired Pointers shed More Than Others?

Of the three variations of the Pointer breed, namely English, German Shorthaired and German Wirehaired, the Wirehaired Pointer sheds the least.

The English Pointer has fine, smooth hair and is a medium shedder, while the German Shorthaired Pointer has short, coarse hair and sheds heavily.

The German Wirehaired Pointer with strong, coarse hair is a light shedder.

Health Reasons for Increased Shedding in German Wirehaired Pointers

As with most dogs, a poor diet will often lead to increased hair loss. This breed is regarded as healthy, but a bad diet will affect them.

Females who are in season, pregnant or feeding their pups may shed a little more, but this rectifies itself when the pups are weaned.

Final Thoughts

german wire haired pointersIf you are an active person, who enjoys the outdoor life, then this may be a good choice of breed for you.

What makes them even more attractive is that they require little grooming maintenance.

So, if you opt for this breed, you will find a good companion, a loyal friend and an easy-to-maintain pooch.