5 Best Dog Dinosaur Costumes for Small and Large Dogs! (2020)

A dog in a costume

I love my dog, she is lively, entertaining, she loves to cuddle up and is never happier than when she is running around the woods at top speed. Above all though, she loves people and the attention she gets and people always love her back too! She earnt the name Korra after a cartoon character … Read more

11 Best Puncture Proof Dog Pools for 2020! – A Dog Pool Guide

Dog pool

While most people may think that only certain breeds such as Spaniels and Retrievers enjoy the water, the fact is that most dogs enjoy paddling in water. While they may not aspire to being great swimmers, being in the water appeals to most breeds. Not everyone has a beachfront property or a built-in pool for … Read more

Best Harness for a Pug – 7 Great Options for 2020!

A pug

Hi, my name is Irena and I live on the beautiful island of Crete in the Mediterranean Sea with my crazy dog, Sherlock, and three cats, Hammie, Dimitris and Ebony. Today I’m going to talk about Pugs and what harnesses you should use on them. Pugs are small dogs with wrinkly skin and big brown … Read more

Best Harnesses for French Bulldogs? – Our Top 10 Picks!

Frenchie Harness

Many people think harnesses are only for big dogs, but that is not the case! Harnesses are great for little dogs to. Many little dogs, like French bulldogs, are actually better off being walked and trained in a harness then they are in a collar. There are also many safety benefits to using a harness … Read more

Best Leather Dog Harness – Our Top 4 Picks for 2020!

A dog with a harness

Walking your dog should be a fun, healthy bonding experience for both of you, as well as other dogs and people you meet along the way. However, sometimes pups can get a little excited during walks and start to pull. Keeping your dog safe on adventures is always important, so that means you need to … Read more

Top 5 Best Dog Toys Made in the USA!

Dogs with a toy

Many people choose to buy products that were made in the United States, and dog toys are no different. I personally prefer to purchase dog toys for my American Bulldog, Bruce that were made in the USA. Hi everyone, my name is Bri and I’m a crazy dog mom who probably spends way too much … Read more

10 Best Dog Grooming Baths, Tubs & Wash Stations for Your Home!

A dog in a bath

One of the rare downsides to owning dogs is bath time. Dogs love to roll in stinky stuff much more than you enjoy smelling it. Hi, my name is Jennifer and I have a dog whose favorite past-time is rolling in dead animals or animal poo. Ruger is an 11-year-old Weimaraner and it is a messy … Read more

7 Best Dog Harnesses Mounts for GoPros & Dog Cameras! (2019)

A dog in a harness

It’s a little bit of a niche piece of equipment, but dog harnesses and mounts for dogs are not only really fun, but they can prove to be useful for content creators or researchers. Hello, I’m Katie. I’m a little bit of dog fanatic – and when any new gadgets and tools come out, I’m … Read more