10 Best Dog Grooming Baths, Tubs & Wash Stations for Your Home!

A dog in a bath

One of the rare downsides to owning dogs is bath time. Dogs love to roll in stinky stuff much more than you enjoy smelling it. Hi, my name is Jennifer and I have a dog whose favorite past-time is rolling in dead animals or animal poo. Ruger is an 11-year-old Weimaraner and it is a messy … Read more

7 Best Dog Harnesses Mounts for GoPros & Dog Cameras! (2019)

A dog in a harness

It’s a little bit of a niche piece of equipment, but dog harnesses and mounts for dogs are not only really fun, but they can prove to be useful for content creators or researchers. Hello, I’m Katie. I’m a little bit of dog fanatic – and when any new gadgets and tools come out, I’m … Read more

Top 15 Best Dog Ramps! – Conquer Stairs, Beds, Cars, SUVs & More

A dog on the stairs

We all need a little help climbing upwards sometimes, even dogs. Hi, my name is Jennifer. I’ll be exploring the differences between types of dog ramps and how to find one that best fit your dog’s needs. This is a timely topic for me because Ruger, my Weimaraner, turned 11-years-old this year and has started … Read more

8 Best Dog Grooming Tables: Portable, Electric & Hydraulic Options!

Dog Grooming

Hello, my name is Shelby and I only have on dog. She is a Shih Tzu, Toy Poodle mixed breed and so her hair grows and grows! I was spending so much money keeping up with her curly hair that I decided to do what my parents did with their Shih Tzus, groom them myself! … Read more

7 of The Best Dog Clippers for Thick and Matted Hair! (2019)

A yorkie

We all love to see dogs with smooth, tangle free coats, particularly if it’s our own dog. But often a dog’s coat can become matted and full of knots. Removing them and keeping the coat clean may pose a problem. Hello, my name’s Megan and my dog has a lovely coat – until it gets … Read more

Top 8 Best Indoor Gates for Cats & Dogs – Keep The Stairs Off Limits!

A dog behind Gate

Hi there, pet lovers! My name is Jennifer. I have two dogs and a cat; indoor pet gates are a must-have in my house. About my dogs: My 11-year-old Weimaraner is named Ruger. If you’re not familiar with Weims, they are pretty big. My other dog is a 3-year-old Yorkshire Terrier named Lola. There is … Read more

7 Best Waterproof Dog Coats with Chest and Underbelly Protection (2019)

Dog in a coat

Hi, my name’s Irena and I have four dogs, Sherlock who’s five and Aphrodite, Lipstick and Oliver who are all fifteen. Now I live on the beautiful island of Crete and we have really hot weather with little rain from about April until October. However, sometimes in the winter we can have a big downpour. … Read more

7 Best Treat Dispensing Dog Toys – Entertain with Interactive Puzzles!

Dogs begging for a treat

Just having the pleasure of owning and loving a dog is great on its own, but let’s be honest: we all absolutely love giving our dogs the threats he or she deserves. After all, they’re all good boys and girls, aren’t they? My name is Megan, and I’ve raised dogs nearly my entire life; I … Read more

7 Best Airtight Dog Food Containers & Storage Bins – Keep it Fresh! (2019)

dog treats

Think about everywhere we store our food: fridges, pantries, and even cabinets. When it comes to our dogs, though, we often just leave their food in the original bag laying right out in the open. My name is Megan, and I’ve owned a lot of dogs throughout my life. And, with every single dog I’ve … Read more

10 Best Dog Spider Costumes for Small and Large Dogs

A dog in a costume

Hi, I’m Irena and I have four dogs, Sherlock, Aphrodite, Oliver and Lipstick. So why Lipstick I hear you ask? Well, my step granddaughter chose the name when Lipstick was just a tiny pup and who am I to deny her the pleasure of choosing a name! Anyway. today we’re going to take a look … Read more