10 Best Dog Spider Costumes for Small and Large Dogs

A dog in a costume

Hi, I’m Irena and I have four dogs, Sherlock, Aphrodite, Oliver and Lipstick. So why Lipstick I hear you ask? Well, my step granddaughter chose the name when Lipstick was just a tiny pup and who am I to deny her the pleasure of choosing a name! Anyway. today we’re going to take a look … Read more

Best Dog Hair Dryers for Grooming Your Pets – Blowing You Away! (2019)

Drying a dog

Investing in a dog dryer is one of the smartest moves that you can make. It doesn’t matter if you own a grooming business, or you just own your own pooch. A dog dryer comes in handy after baths, after walks, and after terrible weather. When searching for a great dog fur dryer, you’ll be … Read more

8 Best Long Handled Pooper Scoopers for Dogs! – Clean up in Style (2019)

Two corgis

My name is Megan, and I’ve had my fair share of dogs. And, with each and every dog, there is poop. There have been plenty of times I was desperate and had to use a bag to pick up my dog’s feces, and it was awful. Pooper scoopers saved both my yard and my health, … Read more

Top 7 Best Tough & Indestructible Dog Toys for Heavy Chewers! (2019)

A dog with a toy

Destructive behavior in dogs is actually quite common, and, while it is problematic, it’s not something that you can’t help curb. My name is Megan, and, up until quite recently, there’s never been a time in my life where I didn’t have a dog. Even with all the dogs I’ve raised – some from birth … Read more

9 Best Treat Dispensers for Dogs – Automatic, Remote Control & Cameras!

Dogs waiting for treats

Hi, I’m Irena and I have four dogs. Sherlock is the youngest at 5 and is a little scamp. I’ve never met a dog who has as much energy as he has. The other 3 are Oliver, Aphrodite and Lipstick. They’re going to be 15 in a few weeks time and are beginning to slow … Read more

7 Best Paddling Pools for Small & Large Dogs! – Is Plastic Best? (2019)

A dog in a pool

When the weather starts to warm up, may of us head for the local pool or the beach. Unfortunately, these are not normally where dogs are welcome because they are too boisterous among small children or they foul the area where kids want to play. So, often, our furry friend gets left at home while … Read more

Top 8 Best Dog Pool Ramps, Steps & Ladders for Above Ground Pools!

A dog in a pool

As the summer approaches many people head for the beach or swimming pool. Unfortunately, we often cannot take our furry friends to the beach so finding a swimming pool is the best option for them to join in the fun. They are also a great solution, to help keep your dog cooler, in the high … Read more

Top 6 Best Electronic Dog Doors & Flaps! – Automatic Vs Remote Control?

Dog outside a door

Hi, my name’s Irena and I have four dogs, Aphrodite, Oliver and Lipstick who are all nearly 15 and Sherlock who’s 5. I’m lucky enough to work from home so they get lots of companionship and get let in and out whenever they want. However, what if you have to go out to work? This … Read more

Best Dog Dental Treats Reviewed: Whimzees vs Greenies vs Dentastix vs Merrick Fresh Kisses! (2019)

Golden retriever

You may love doggy kisses, but you could probably do without the doggy breath. Don’t worry, you’re not alone in that. When we take care of our dogs, we often neglect their teeth; after all, unlike a human, you can’t simply brush your dog’s teeth – although, your dog may let you if you use … Read more

5 Best Automatic and Manual Tennis Ball Launchers for Dogs! (2019)

Dog chasing ball

Greetings fellow pet parents! My name is Shelby, and like you I am a fellow dog lover! The most important thing in my life is my loveable Springer Spaniel Beagle mix named Sage. When I was looking into adopting a dog, I knew I needed to rescue a dog that needed my help. Sage was … Read more