Can you feed Pepperoni to cats?

What if, one day, you forgot to buy cat food, and the only thing you have at home is pepperoni? Can your pet eat pepperoni? Are there any benefits of giving your pet this delicacy? As the most popular topping on pizzas, pepperoni is flavorful, and its bright red color looks delicious. However, pepperoni is … Read more

3 Best Low Maintenance Fish to Keep as Pets

Betta fish

Welcome to this article on the best low maintenance fish to keep as pets. Fish can be one of the easiest pets to own. For anyone who lives in an apartment or home that does not allow pets, having a fish is usually a loophole (always check with your landlord first)! There are hundreds of … Read more

Do Italian Greyhounds Shed? A Full Shedding Guide!

A Italian greyhound

Hi, my name’s Irena and I live on the beautiful island of Crete in the Mediterranean Sea. It’s a lovely warm and sunny day here and my animals aren’t doing a lot. The cats are lazing about while Sherlock, my dog, is resting after a long walk. Today I’m going to tell you about Italian … Read more

Are Shiba Inus Hypoallergenic – Is This Fact or Fiction

Shiba inu

Shiba Inus are the most popular dog breed in Japan – and they’re quickly becoming a hit in America too! They’re loyal, intelligent, and make great companions, so it’s no surprise that you may be considering adopting one into your family. However, when it comes to adopting any animal into your home – dog, cat, … Read more

7 Abyssinian Cat Colors – Find The Right Color For You

abyssinian cat

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Do Bloodhounds Shed – A Full Bloodhound Shedding Guide!

A bloodhound

I grew up in a farm town, and everyone I knew had a dog. I have been an animal lover since I can remember, so I loved anything that had to do with animals. My favorite movie when I was little was the Disney movie Lady and the Tramp, but not because all the characters … Read more

Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Shed – A Full Shedding Guide!

A bernese mountain dog

Have you ever wanted a dog that looks a little more like a big shaggy bear? Same. The Bernese Mountain Dog is a large, fluffy dog that happens to be one of my absolute favorite breeds. Their adorable faces, thick, poofy fur and incredibly smart personalities basically makes them my dream dog. Hi dog moms … Read more

8 Essential Hedgehog Supplies – What To Get For Your Hedgehog

A hedgehog

Congratulations on your newest family member! Hedgehogs can make amazing pets. However, they’re definitely not your average pet. That’s why it’s so important to not only understand how to care for them as pets, but to care for them as hedgehogs. Introduction to Caring for Hedgehogs Hedgehogs are a small animal native to Europe, Africa, … Read more

Do Boxers Shed – A Full Boxer Shedding Guide!

A boxer

If you are a high energy, active person, you want a dog who can keep up. I have my moments of high energy, but I like having a calm dog who sleeps most of the day away. Hi dog moms and dads, my name is Bri! My American Bulldog, Bruce, is an older dog so … Read more