Do Boxers Shed – A Full Boxer Shedding Guide!

If you are a high energy, active person, you want a dog who can keep up. I have my moments of high energy, but I like having a calm dog who sleeps most of the day away.

Hi dog moms and dads, my name is Bri! My American Bulldog, Bruce, is an older dog so his high energy days are dwindling.

He still enjoys a long walk, but at a very slow pace and only if he can sleep the rest of the day after. This works just fine for me!

I consider myself a pretty active person and I love going on hikes that last all day, but unfortunately Bruce is just too old to keep up with me for something like that.

I love Bruce with all my heart and wouldn’t trade him for the world, but I do think it would be fun to have a dog with more energy to accompany me on these adventures.

A great dog breed for an active lifestyle is a Boxer!

Boxers are super high energy, active pups who need a ton of exercise, making them a perfect companion for somebody who likes to go on adventures.

However, any time you bring a dog home, there are more things to consider than just their energy levels.

Shedding can be a make or break factor in a decision to get a dog for many people. Boxers are no exception. That’s why I put this shedding guide together!

I will talk about the history of the breed, their shedding, how to manage it and some tools that I keep on hand to help keep shedding from taking over.

Hopefully this guide will help you decide if a Boxer is the right fit for your home!

History of Boxers

The origin of the Boxer dates back all the way to 2,500 B.C. when there were war dogs. There is not a ton of information about the dogs at that time, but they continued to be working dogs throughout history.

In the 1800s, they were greatly used for big game hunting in Germany. The breed got its name from the way they spar their paws during playing, much like a professional boxer holds their fists.

Boxers are natural working dogs and have held jobs in police work, hunting, farming and protection. These days they are still used as work dogs but are much more common as just a fun-loving companion.

They even made the list of American’s top 10 most popular breeds according to the American Kennel Club!

What are Boxers’ Coats Like?

A boxer dog

Boxers have a short, shiny and soft coat that has natural oils to help deflect water. Their fur is soft and sleek, and comes in mostly black and tan patterns or brindle.

Boxers typically have distinct black markings around their faces, which is also where their softest, kissable fur is!

Do Boxers Shed? How Much?

Yes boxers do shed but because their fur is so short and sleek, Boxers actually only do shed moderately. The American Kennel Club labels them as Occasional Shedders to be more specific.

Being occasional shedders, this means you will see some dog hair coming off but not much at one time. If you take your hand down Bruce’s back, you end up with a handful of fur.

This is not as likely with a Boxer! You might see a little fur come loose, especially if you give them a good back scratch, but not a lot.

Don’t let that fool you though – Boxers still do shed!

When do Boxers Shed the Most?

Many dogs shed pretty regularly throughout the year. However, there are some factors that will increase their shedding. Let’s get into the details.

Time of Year

I put this one first because it’s not only the most common, but also the most important to remember. There are two times of the year when dogs shed more than ever.

These two times are called shedding seasons. They occur during the transition from winter to summer and again from summer to winter.

During shedding season, Boxers, like most other dogs, shed their previous coat to make room for the new one to grow in.

Although Boxers don’t have an undercoat like some other dogs do, they still will grow a thicker coat in the winter to keep them warm.

They then shed that thicker coat during the transition to summer to grow in their lighter summer coat.

Not only is this crucial for dogs to keep their body temperatures at a healthy level, it is also important for dog parents to remember!

Boxers have natural oils that keep their skin and fur healthy. When they shed a lot, brushing them out helps get rid of all the loose fur and distribute those oils to keep their skin healthy.

This also helps promote healthy new fur growth!

Stage of Life

Have you ever snuggled a puppy with their baby soft fur? That’s the iconic puppy coat that we all know and love!

Unfortunately, puppy coats don’t last forever. Puppies will shed that soft fur as they mature, which might make it seem like the shedding will be a never ending mess.

Don’t worry, when they reach adulthood their shedding will balance out and become much more regular and consistent!

Pests and Skin Conditions

Bugs like ticks and fleas are an unfortunate part of our natural world. They can wreak havoc on dogs, causing them to scratch and lick like crazy.

That licking and scratching can lead to excess shedding. If you see your dog showing these behaviors, make sure you check them for pests.

Those bugs could also carry bacteria that leads to skin conditions, such as mange-carrying mites. These conditions can be miserable for pups, so look closely!

It can be a little difficult to find these pests on a Boxer due to their dark fur coloring. Pay extra attention to wear your dog is licking or scratching to help you narrow down the problem areas!

Diet and Exercise

I will always tell people that health starts from the inside out. A dog will not have a healthy coat or skin if they are not getting the right nutrition and exercise!

Boxer parents especially need to remember this. Boxers are extremely active and high energy, which means they need the right nutrients to keep up with them.

Without it, their skin and fur will show signs of lacking nutrients. This might even cause them to shed more than normal or in abnormal ways, such as patches.

Don’t forget about exercise! Many dogs that are overweight or underweight suffer from secondary effects like hair loss or just overall unhealthy skin and coats.

How to Combat Boxer Shedding

Let me first clarify that shedding is normal, natural and necessary for dogs, especially Boxers. That being said, you should never try to keep a dog from shedding.

Even if that were possible, it would be incredibly unhealthy! Instead, start getting into healthy habits of maintaining your Boxer’s shedding.

Since they don’t shed very much, this is not a hard task! Getting into a routine is the important part.

You will want to start by keeping up on grooming. Boxers don’t need regular bathing or brushing, but the occasional bath and brush does help keep any loose fur off your furniture.

Plus, make cleaning a regular habit! I know, I sound like your mom, but I’m telling you making a routine of running your vacuum every week makes it SO much easier to deal with dog hair.

Tools and Equipment to Combat Boxer Shedding

A boxer dogThere are all kinds of tools you can find to help maintain dog hair. Like I said before, a good brush is going to be one of the important ones!

There really is not a bad brush to choose from when it comes to Boxers. You will want something with short, flexible bristles or even one of those handy rubber brush gloves!

If you brush your Boxer once a week or even once every other week, you will be good to go.

You will probably want to make sure it happens at least once a week if not more during shedding season just to be safe.

I also mentioned running your vacuum regularly in the previous section, so make sure you have a good vacuum handy.

Bruce is a short haired dog with a similar coat to boxers, and I know from experience that his fur sticks to every surface.

It can also be tricky to vacuum because his fur is so fine and short. I will never use another vacuum now that I have the Dyson for pet hair cordless vacuum.

It breaks down into smaller parts and has attachments that get into the tightest corners. It is also super powerful and does a great job getting all of Bruce’s hairs off my carpet, hard floors and furniture!

I love how easy it is to clean out and that it never gets clogged. It seriously makes vacuuming so much easier.

It was a little pricey, but we have had it for four years now and have never had an issue with it!

I consider that a worth-while investment hands down. The last tool I probably could not live without is my lint brush – yes brush, not roller!

Lint rollers are a mess of problems for several reasons. They create a TON of waste, they need replaced, I go through ten sheets per leg, etc.

I love my Magik Brush lint brush because it does not do any of those things! It is reusable and double-sided, so you do not have to worry about creating more trash in the environment.

Plus, it is super easy to clean and works on clothes and furniture. Plus it saves me money because I don’t have to keep buying refills!

That’s more money that you can save up to treat yourself with that Dyson vacuum, or some snacks for your pup (let’s face it, snacks for the dog come first, always.).

Do Some Boxers Shed more than others?

This is not a common thing, but that does not mean it doesn’t happen. Dogs who live in different climates might shed more or less than the other.

Boxers of different ages might also shed at different rates, or Boxers with different skin conditions. It all depends on the dog and the environment!

Typically, two Boxers who live in the same location and are generally healthy will not shed more than the other. If they do, it might be nature’s way of telling you something is wrong, so be sure to pay attention!

We will talk more about that in the next section.

Health Concerns with Boxer Shedding

Like I said, any dog’s body has ways of communicating just like humans do. When you have a fever, you might feel crappy and your appearance could change.

The same happens for dogs! If there are internal issues happening, you can often see it on the outside. Their skin and coats could show signs of distress such as dry, flaky skin, rashes or even fur loss.

Unfortunately, many severe health conditions show symptoms like hair loss and skin problems.

If you notice anything weird about your Boxer’s skin or fur, it is definitely worth having a conversation with your vet.

Catching things early can potentially help save your dog’s life, so it is always important to pay attention to how your dog sheds so you know what is normal and what is not.

I don’t like to talk about this stuff because nobody likes to talk about health problems in dogs, but it’s important!

Final Thoughts: Do Boxers Shed

A boxer dogI don’t necessarily have the energy for a Boxer, but many people do! Especially if you have kids – Boxers are known to be great with little ones.

No matter what your interests are, Boxers are a great dog breed to have and are incredibly easy to handle when it comes to shedding. Getting into the trash, however? You’re on your own.

Happy Pup Parenting!