Do Australian Cattle Dogs Shed? – A Full Shedding Guide!

As a loving dog mom who has owned many different breeds over the years, I am no stranger to dog hair!

Dog lovers know that when you bring a dog home, dealing with their hair is part of the package.

However, most of us can agree that it is well worth the love a dog can bring into your home! Hi dog moms and dads, my name is Bri and my dog Bruce is what I would call a heavy shedder.

Bruce is an American Bulldog we rescued a few years ago, and while I have had many dogs that shed a lot, none of them ever shed quite like Bruce does!

Though it was a lot to get used to, I have learned how to cope with it over the years.

The same can be done for dogs of any breed! One dog that a friend of mine owns has put her through the same struggles that Bruce’s shedding did for me.

She has an Australian Cattle dog who is one of the cutest things I have ever seen, but she sheds like crazy!

After talking with my friend about her pup, I learned that she was completely oblivious to how much this breed sheds. That being said, I decided to put together a shedding guide for Australian Cattle Dogs!

I will talk about the breed’s shedding habits as well as several ways you can manage it. First, let’s get to know the breed a little better.

History of the Australian Cattle Dog

Just as the name says, the Australian Cattle Dog made its debut in Australia as a working dog in the beef industry. They were essential to farmers to help with migrating herds and keeping the cattle safe.

Australian Cattle Dogs come from a unique mixture of different breeds, including Dalmations, Collies and Dingos.

The combination of these breeds created a loyal, hard working and agile dog who was born to herd and defend cattle!

While Australian Cattle Dogs are still commonly found on farms to this day, they also make great family dogs.

Many have seen them “herding” children and acting as watch dogs that are extremely loyal to their owners.

What is an Australian Cattle Dog’s Coat Like?

Australian Cattle Dogs have a double coat that helps to protect them from the weather while they work. The topcoat is smooth to reflect water, and the undercoat is thick to keep them warm.

Australian Cattle Dogs’ coats do not have an oily texture, so they are super easy to groom. They stay relatively clean on their own.

Do Australian Cattle Dogs Shed? How Much?

Uh, yes. Australian Cattle Dogs are known as frequent shedders (as opposed to moderate and infrequent).

Throughout the year they should be brushed a couple times a week, but during shedding season they could need brushed every other day or so.

We will go over shedding season more later, but the takeaway here is that they do shed regularly and a lot!

When do Australian Cattle Dogs Shed the Most?

A Australian cattle dogThere are many factors that can affect how much an Australian Cattle Dog sheds. Most of them have to do with the following circumstances:

Time of Year

This is a big one that not many people think about! Many dogs including the Australian Cattle Dog shed throughout the year, but especially during shedding season.

Shedding season happens twice throughout the year during the transition from winter to summer and again from summer to winter.

During these times of the year as I mentioned before, these pups will need much more frequent brushing.

This is when the dog’s undercoat will shed like crazy, and the dead hair needs to be brushed to get removed. If left alone, that dead hair could become matted, causing skin problems.

The excess hair could also hoard bacteria and dirt which could also lead to further problems!

Stage of Life

Stage of life doesn’t have as much as an impact as the time of year, but it’s still worth mentioning. Puppies don’t shed as much as adults do until they start to shed their puppy coats.

During this time, they might actually shed more than a normal adult would until their adult coats grow in.

The same can be said about senior pups. Once they start to get older, it’s normal for them to shed more often.

Diet and Exercise

Just like people, diet an exercise can impact the health of a dog’s fur and skin! Lack of proper nutrients can lead to their fur becoming brittle and shedding more.

Plus, if they’re not getting the right about of exercise, their health can start to downfall and shedding could also increase.

Tools and Ways to Combat Australian Cattle Dog Shedding

It’s always smart to have a good toolkit for your dog’s grooming needs. Part of this means having a good brush, especially during shedding season.

We love the Furminator brush for this exact purpose! Bruce sheds like crazy all the time, but the Furminator does a great job of getting that undercoat fur out which greatly reduces how much he sheds inside.

It’s also smart to get a decent vacuum that is built for picking up pet hair. Any old vacuum will do, but unless you want to spend hours going over the same spot, you’ll want a high quality one.

Although it’s a bit pricier, I don’t know what I would do without my Dyson Pet Hair cordless vacuum! It’s well worth the cost because it takes seconds to clean up all the pet hair.

Final Thoughts: Do Australian Cattle Dogs Shed

With any dog, pet hair can be a serious nuisance. However, with a little patience and the right tools, dog hair can be easily maintained!

Australian Cattle Dogs make great companions as well as work dogs. If you’re considering bringing one home, don’t let their shedding stop you.

Grab a brush and lots of treats and enjoy your time with your dog!

Hopefully this helps you learn more about the shedding habits of Australian Cattle Dogs. Happy Pup Parenting!