Easy Tips To Train Your Dog – The Perfect Guide For Your New Pooch

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First off, we’d like to assure you that training your dog is not a difficult task, but requires dedication, patience and some simple tactics which can be employed to successfully teach your dog!

We have composed 5 of our top tips to set you on your path to successfully train your dog!

Top 5 Easy Tips to Train Your Dog

1) Avoid Confusion

One person should be responsible for training your dog. They need to be able to recognise commands easily and associate one person as their trainer.

If too many people try to get involved initially, it can cause the dog to become confused, which may hinder training progress.

2) Positive Reinforcements

A cute puppyIf the dog performs a task well, you should reward their behaviour, so that they know it was right.

If the dog does not follow your commands, never punish them. Dogs lack the intelligent that humans have, so they make mistakes, particularly in the beginning.

Repetition is key when training your dog, you should constantly reinforce techniques and reward good behaviours, although don’t over do it.

Again, do not punish your dog, as this will decrease their willingness to learn.

3) One At A Time 

Teach your dog commands one at a time.

Try to stay on one command at a time, because adding additional commands will confuse the dog.

Start with the basics, then move onto other commands when perfected.

4) Stay Cheerful!

When executing commands, your voice should be cheerful so that the dog will be willing to follow your commands.

Dogs will often respond to a low and coaxing voice. If you shout loudly they may become startled and begin to not respond to commands.

5) Location

It can be beneficial to train your dog in various places.

If you stick to one place, such as your home, it will be difficult to adjust to new environments for your dog.

Get them used to meeting new people and experiencing new places, so they will be comfortable in a variety of environments.

Final Thoughts

White and black dogTraining your dog can often be tough, but in the end it will be worthwhile.

If you need more help in training your dog, check out this article!

A well trained dog is a joy to be around and take with you on your walks!

Dogs provide great companionship and the training process often develops this.

It’s always important to understand that dogs need to be trained and it’s usually a lengthy commitment, but a worthy one!

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