The Dog Training Mastery Multimedia Package – A Great Guide To Help

The Dog Training Mastery Multimedia Package

With all the information available on the internet it can be hard to distinguish what’s helpful when training your dog and what’s not!

Thankfully, The Dog Training Mastery Multimedia Package comprises of all the most popular dog training and care products.

Kingdom of Pets have created the helpful package which has everything you need to cure your dog’s obedience issues, aid your dog’s house training, and teach you how to care for your dog’s health!

With audio books, eBooks and video tutorials, the Dog Training Mastery Multimedia Package has managed to cover all the necessities of caring for you dog!

The Three Main Components of The Package Are:

  1. The Secrets to Dog Training: Stop your dog’s behavior problems eBook
  2. The Ultimate House Training Guide eBook
  3. The Ultimate Guide to Dog Health eBook
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Kingdom of Pets have also included eight online videos which deal with everything from barking issues to food bowl aggression, as well as a wide range of really useful bonus eBooks to go with them!

We’re going to give you a fairly in-depth review of what’s included!

1) Secrets to Dog Training – Stop your Dog’s Behavior Problems!

What’s It About?

Happy puppyFirst up is Secrets to Dog Training, which presents an unusually detailed and thorough insight into how to prevent and deal with common problem behaviors shown by dogs.

We have owned many different pooches ourselves and have spent a large amount of time searching the internet for reliable and relevant resources on this topic.

We have to say that the level of detail shown in this eBook is not only informative, but unusual to see in an online book.

That’s not all though, as the information at available is actually pretty reliable!

The book is written by a seasoned dog trainer, so you can relax in the knowledge that given tips and advice included are tried, tested, proven and come from Stevens’ real-life experiences from being professional dog trainer!

What’s Covered in The EBook?

We have to say, there is a pretty impressive amount of information packed into this guide. Problem behaviors are not the only dog training topic covered.

The book starts with some essential new-owner advice (how to choose your puppy/dog, where to get one from, breed information,  how to  puppy/dog-proofing your home, etc) and then includes the more advanced content, such as:

Dog behavioral problems (aggression, dominance, separation anxiety, and more)

Intermediate-level obedience commands

Health-related problems for dogs (allergies, cat/dog, fleas, coexistence, etc)

Advanced tricks and commands.

There’s also a pretty impressive section dedicated to dog whispering!

It all makes for some a pretty interesting read-  and many have claimed that after trying the techniques on their recalcitrant companions, the results are extremely effective!

2) The Ultimate House Training Guide

What’s it about?

Happy white puppyThis helpful manual is an exhaustive guide to what’s possible the most widespread, frustrating and challenging problem facing all dog-owners: house training your dog!

Has there been any aspect of dog ownership so widely misunderstood and dreaded?

Theories often contradict each other on this topic.

You can find conflicting viewpoints almost anywhere you look into the subject of house training!

Whether it be online (you’ll probably be aware of “The Only Way To House Train Your Dog!?”), at your local library, from dog trainers, or through other dog owners.

What makes this book different?

After spending many years searching through conflicting information on this subject, It’s relieving to finally find “The Ultimate House Training Guide” eBook, by Martin Olliver.

The title sums up this book perfectly as all aspects regarding the topic are covered, in an easy to understand manner.

It’s like having a friendly conversation with a knowledgeable canine behaviorist, with the benefit of being able to look back over the conversation at any time you want!

The welcoming tone of the book is a contrast to other information that’s freely available: it’s friendly, informative and above all full of common sense!

There isn’t any invaluable recommendations, tiresome marketing ploys, or brief Q&A sessions here.

Best of all, you don’t have to be experienced in canine behavior and training to understand the content in the book.

The experienced vet/ writer really provides helpful information that’s valuable to you and your dog!

What’s Actually Included?

Happy golden retrieverThere’s a short section on the basics such as patience, persistence and being consistent.

As well as some morale boosting advice about how to keep your a level head throughout the training process.

Then it’s straight into the matter at hand, how to house train your dog, which includes a detailed section (one for puppies and one for older dogs) on each of the recommended methods recommended; paper-training, crate training, and finally the direct method.

After house training your pooch has being completed, health-related dog problems are covered in depth.

There’s a dedicated section on congenital problems, which are problems your dog was born with. Followed by a section on disease-related problems that may develop later on in life.

Next up there’s a section on other problems that relate to house training, such as inappropriate outdoor elimination and lawn-burn from urination.

And to complete the book, there’s a Top Ten Tips for house training dogs, which is an overall recap of the most helpful and needed attitude adjustments, practical tips and useful general knowledge which will provide you with support in your dog’s training.

Just because it sounds very detailed, does not mean it’s confusing! It’s actually very user-friendly, regardless of ability!

This book in not only packed with quality practical advice, but the layout is very logical and makes it easy-to-understand.

The tone of the book is light and proceeds in a logical manner providing step to step methods, with the inlcusion of helpful how-to illustrations.

3) The Ultimate Guide to Dog Health

Now, knowing when to take your dog to see the vet is a pretty tricky business! How can you tell when they need to see a professional? You can’t exactly rely on your dog to let you know…

Nobody likes forking out hefty fees for needless visits to the vet? Then again no conscientious dog (such as ourselves) can bear to contemplate their dog’s suffering! It can all be quite confusing and stressful!

We’ve owned dogs for most of our lives, and this is still something that we’ve never felt 100% comfortable with.

Of course, we’d rather be safe than sorry, but we’ve also always wished for the kind of solid information in canine medical basics which would enable us to confidently decide whether our dogs need to see the vet!

Stress-Free Dog Care!

White and black dogThe Ultimate Guide to Dog Health, by Malcolm Fields is the guide that provides exactly what you’re looking for.

It’s extremely informative and covers all of the common health problems that dog may suffer from.

The focus is on being prepared and taking action to prevent health issues for your dog.

Included in the book are step-by-step flowcharts which inform you whether your dog will be fine by themselves or whether they need to see the vet and how quickly the vet should be seen.

The book is packed with knowledgeable advice from veterinarians and other trained dog-care specialists, yet it remains easy on the eye and reader-friendly.

Shortly put, you can actually understand what they’re trying to tell you!

The book is very detailed (but not overly so), comprehensive (it covers all the common ailments and illnesses), knowledgeable (while retaining an easy-to-understand tone) and gives you the kind of introduction to canine healthcare which will allow you to take good care of your dog!

Preventing effort trying to absorb the jargon of a veterinary textbook!

Our Favorite Part!

While it’s interesting to learn about canine anatomy and various medical problems, the main thing that this books provides is how to tell how serious a problem is and when to take your dog to the vet.

The presence of many detailed symptom charts are extremely useful, as they are designed to specifically help dog owners make decisions about their dog’s health-care.

Every chart starts from the specific symptoms of a particular ailment and informs you the recommended path of treatment.

It also advises whether you veterinary care should be sought and if so, how urgently. This book really offers a great insight into dog health!

We Love Freebies (Who Doesn’t?)

Happy dogThere’s just that feeling about getting something for nothing.

And, although our acquisitiveness may have led us to some less-than-productive purchases, in this particular case we’re happy to report that The Dog training Mastery Multimedia Package has not let us down!

There are freebies included with this package that are not only numerous, they’re actually useful!

The Dog Training Mastery Multimedia Package currently costs $99.95.

For this price, you will receive three complete and detailed ebooks, which include training your dog, preventing and handling behavioral problems, house training, health care, and a wide range of general-knowledge and advice.

You also get a this vast list of practical freebies:

  • The Secrets To Dog Training audio book
  • The In-field Training Videos
  • 101 Ways to Spoil your Dog for Under $10
  • The Premium Online Videos
  • Dog Grooming Made Easy
  • The Ultimate Guide to Dog First Aid
  • Meals for your Dog: 175 Gourmet Recipes
  • Top 20 Consultations
  • Secrets to Becoming the Alpha Dog
  • The Quick Guide to Dog Aggression
  • Tips on How to Security Train your Dog

We told you we love freebies, well we also have this FREE 5 Dog Training Myths eBook! Simply enter your email address below for this fantastically detailed book!

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The Dog Training Mastery Multimedia Package: Final Thoughts!

Overall, we’re pretty impressed with this package from Kingdom Of Pets.

The Dog Training Mastery Multimedia Package provides a huge range of knowledge and really delves into the finer details of owning a dog!

By using these products you’ll pick up a lifetime’s worth knowledge regarding all things dog! For example, do you know how to stop your dog from tugging on the leash, without having to use a check-chain?

Well after reading this extensive package you sure will, along with a host of other valuable knowledge!

Most of the training techniques inside this package present a refreshingly common-sense and down-to-earth approach to dog training.

Whilst others may require a little more effort (such as dog whispering) but will yield some pretty dramatic results.

Most lessons will offer more than one training technique in detail, which will allow the reader to pick and choose the suited techniques for themselves and their individual dogs!

We have no qualms in recommending this package to anyone who already owns, or is thinking about owning, a dog!

The highly experienced and knowledgeable writers/ trainers really give you the best information possible to successfully train your dog, no matter how difficult it may seem!

Even if you feel you know everything there is to know about dogs, we still recommend you give this a good read, there’s really something for everyone, no matter your level of dog experience!

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