Do American Bulldogs Shed? – American Bulldog Shedding Guide!

American bulldogs are known for being some of the most affectionate dogs you can have. They love snuggles and love, and even though they get pretty big, they think they are lap dogs!

I know firsthand how loving these pups are because I have one!

Hi everybody – my name is Bri and I am a proud mama to a 95lb American Bulldog named Bruce.

Bruce is by far the best dog I have ever had (even though I’ve said that about all my dogs). He is sweet, goofy, loving and sleeps all day long.

We adopted Bruce from a shelter when he was 9 years old, and he had some serious skin issues and ear infections. Once we got him all healed up, he was the happiest pup on the planet.

Soon after we brought him home, we realized that this dog is a heavy shedder. Bruce has a beautiful black and white spotted coat, and it sheds like crazy.I have bad allergies to dog hair and dander, so this was an issue.

I would never have even thought of taking Bruce back to the shelter, so I either had to learn how to control his shedding or just never be able to breathe through my nose again.

After my experience with Bruce’s shedding, I decided to put together this full shedding guide for American Bulldogs. I will also share some of the tricks that have helped me maintain my dog’s shedding, so keep reading!

What is an American Bulldog’s Coat Like?

American bullies have short, fine hair that is typically wiry on their back and soft everywhere else. I love the fur around Bruce’s face because it feels like velvet and is perfect for smooches!

Bulldogs of all breeds are known for having skin complications such as allergies and dry skin. Bruce is no exception.

Bruce gets really bad doggy dandruff, as do many American Bulldogs. Keeping his fur clean and moisturized is super important to keep him comfortable.

American Bulldogs are considered moderate shedders, although it may seem like they shed a ton. However, I have found that it really is not too hard to control Bruce’s shedding if you use the right tools, which I’ll get into later!

When do American Bulldogs Shed the Most?

American bulldogLike many other dogs, American Bulldogs “drop their coat” when the seasons change. From winter to spring, these pups shed their winter coat.

During this time, their shedding can make it seem like they won’t have any fur left. But don’t worry – this is natural and healthy for them!

American bullies shed throughout the year. There are several things that can change how much an American Bulldog sheds, such as climate, diet or the condition of their skin.

Climate is a big contributor to their shedding. I live in an area that gets bitter cold and dry seasons, which heavily affects how Bruce sheds.

I definitely notice him shedding more during the winter because his skin gets dry and itchy. To combat his shedding, there are a couple tools that I’ve found work the best.

Equipment to Help Combat American Bulldog Shedding

American Bulldogs can be tricky to care for because of their skin. I have literally tried hundreds of different methods to help Bruce’s shedding stay under control.

It’s important to first note that every American bully is different, so the methods I’ve used might not work for every dog. It’s also vital that any new products being introduced to your dog get approved by your vet first!

First thing’s first – get a good brush. If you have read any of my other articles you will know that I SWEAR by the Furminator brush. That thing is a dog hair ninja.

The brush gets out all of the dead hair that would have ended up on my couch, in my coffee, in my bed or up my nose. Dog mom life.

It’s also gentle on his skin and helps get rid of his dander, and he just thinks he’s getting the ultimate back scratches so he is all about it!

Another product that we love to use for Bruce is Burts Bees Leave-in Conditioner for dogs. This has helped Bruce’s fur keep a beautiful shine, and it also helps control his shedding because it moisturizes his skin!

I try to brush Bruce a couple times a week just quickly, and then maybe twice a month I give him a really thorough grooming session.

Last but not least, we have been giving Bruce Allergy Immune Bites every day and it makes a huge difference. Many American Bullies shed more than usual because of their allergies and these little cookies have helped keep his allergies at bay.

Plus Bruce loves them and thinks he’s just getting three treats every morning!

Regular baths are also helpful in controlling shedding in bullies. We really don’t have a favorite shampoo because we’ve tried several and like them all, but we do try to get a good shedding shampoo that is all natural.

We especially try to find shampoos with ingredients like oat meal because it helps sooth itchy skin, which also helps control shedding!

Final Thoughts

We have struggled with how much Bruce sheds because dog hair can get a little overwhelming. However, I would not trade my dog for the world!

Even though American Bulldogs do tend to shed quite a bit, their fur is extremely easy to control and clean up. A good brush, bath and lots of love is all these babies need to keep their shedding at minimum.

With how loving these dogs are, there’s no way anyone could not fall in love with them.

If you are okay with having dog hair in the house and are willing to put in some effort to helping control their shedding, then I highly recommend bringing home an American Bully!

If you already have one at home, hopefully this has been helpful advice and if you don’t have one, GO GET ONE!

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Happy Pup Parenting!