Do Bulldogs Shed? – Complete Bulldog Shedding Guide!

American Bullies, French Bullies, English Bullies, all the bullies! What do they have in common? Well for one they’re cute, chubby and have the best nose wrinkles. But aside from that, they all SHED!

Newsflash – most dogs do! There’s no denying it, dog hair can really put a damper on your day. However, there are ways to manage all that fluff.

Hi dog moms and dads! My name is Bri, and I know all about dog hair. My American Bulldog, Bruce, has shown me the value of a vacuum cleaner and a good lint roller.

Bruce looks like a cow with his white and black fur, and it gets everywhere. However, I’ve learned some great tricks on how to manage his shedding.

Bulldogs of all breeds are notorious for shedding. The three main breeds are American, English and French and all three of them have very similar coats.

This article will help to shed some light (get it?) on how much bullies shed.

French Bulldogs

A french bulldogFrench bulldogs, or Frenchies, are the smallest of the bulldog family. What they lack in size, they make up for in personality and attitude.

These tiny pups are known for their high energy and playfulness. All that running around is great, but it also leaves trails of dog hair behind.

With their short, fine hair, Frenchies are definitely high on the shedding list. Luckily they’re a pretty small breed so there’s not much hair to be lost.

English Bulldogs

The English bulldog is the most commonly known bulldog breed. Their smooshy faces have been favored by royals for centuries, but are popular dogs to have in homes around the globe.

English bullies are also playful dogs, and much like their cousins from France, they shed like crazy. They have the same soft, fine hair that seems to never stop coming out.

American Bulldogs

I saved the best for last! Okay I’m a little biased, but I can’t help it – Bruce is my baby. That being said, he sheds more than any dog I’ve ever owned.

American bullies are – you guessed it – super playful. They’re also the biggest breed of the bulldogs, which even more surface area covered in that soft, fine fur.

Bulldogs Through the Ages

English bulldogs had a pretty rough start in life. They were originally bred as actual bulldogs – dogs who fought bulls for the entertainment of people. Messed up, right?

Eventually people wised up and banned this sport, and Bulldogs began to be one of the most sought after family dogs in England.

Now, they’re a national symbol of England and definitely have the personality of wanting to be treated like royalty!

Frenchies are basically a toy version of Bulldogs. The French fell in love with these bat-eared bullies with their tiny noses and started breeding them well before the start of the 19th century.

Now, there one of the most popular breeds in the world!

American bullies started showing their colors in the 17th century, but did not earn their official name till more recently in the 1980’s.

They were originally bred as guard dogs, and also proved useful to farmers for their herding skills.

I laughed out loud writing that trying to picture Bruce doing anything productive with his day besides napping.

Modern American bullies have been called the best family dog in America, being both protective and gentle giants (which I can vouch for).

Bruce is the most affectionate dog I’ve ever had, but he definitely likes to put himself between me and a stranger when we go for our walks.

He’s not aggressive, he just makes sure nobody messes with mama!

What is a Bulldog’s Coat Like?

Soft. That’s the best way to put it! Bruce has the softest fur of any dog I’ve had, and from my experience with other bulldogs, they’re no different.

To be more technical, bullies have fine, strait, short fur. The appearance, if healthy, is smooth and shiny.

Do Bulldogs Shed?

A bulldogShort answer – yes bulldogs do shed. However, even though it might seem like bulldog fur gets everywhere constantly, they’re actually considered moderate shedders compared to other dogs.Don’t let that fool you – they still shed!

However it’s very manageable and generally unnoticeable on most surfaces. The only time I ever really notice Bruce’s fur is when his white hair gets on my dark clothes.

Bulldogs come in all different colors, from all black, all tan, brindle and everything else in between.

If you have dark furniture, you’re obviously going to notice a white bulldog’s fur much more than a black bulldog’s.

Bruce has black and white fur, so either way we’re screwed. We have noticed that gray and tan furniture shows a lot less of his hair, but that doesn’t stop it from getting everywhere else in the house.

When do Bulldogs Shed the Most?

Like many dogs, bulldogs shed more during the changes of the seasons. The most shedding you’ll probably see is from winter to spring and from summer to fall.

Otherwise, the breed sheds more as a puppy than they do as adults. Healthy adults have moderate shedding.

If you notice excessive shedding in a bulldog, it could be related to health problems. Bulldogs are notorious for their sensitive skin and often have allergies to food and random things in nature like grass and pollen.

The right diet also helps bullies with excessive shedding and healthy coats. Bullies tend to have dry skin, so food that is high in natural oils are always a great choice to help keep their fur nice and healthy.

Sensitive skin can be itchy and irritated, which leads to licking. Bruce has a couple permanent bald spots from licking his fur off so much, and it’s really hard to get him to break the habit.

We found out he was suffering from dry skin and with the right remedies we were able to fix him up!

I’ll share some of the methods that worked for us later on.

How to Manage Bulldog Shedding?

All dogs need regular grooming to keep their skin and coat healthy. This is especially true for bulldogs.

To help manage shedding, bulldogs should be brushed regularly with a good brush (I’ll list my favorites soon). There are also plenty of shedding shampoos that will help with shedding.

Regular baths can have a huge impact on shedding. We give Bruce a nice long bath about once a month and it makes a huge difference in his skin and fur.

Bathing bullies helps their natural oils spread through the skin and coat, while adding some extra nutrients from the shampoo. Make sure you get a good shampoo with natural ingredients!

Tools that Help Manage Bulldog Shedding

I’ve tried just about every dog brush you can find over the years of owning dogs. My favorite brush for my American bully has been the Furminator.

This is a great brush that removes all the loose fur from Bruce’s coat, but isn’t too rough on his sensitive skin.

French bullies and English bullies are a little different when it comes to the right brush. They do really well with rubber brushes as opposed to a metal brush like the Furminator.

Some of the nicer rubber brushes include the Le Salon Essentials Rubber Grooming Brush and the Delomo Pet Grooming Rubber Gloves. The gloves are great because your pup will just think they’re getting extra pets!

A good vacuum is also key in controlling the dog hair in your home.

There are countless vacuums that do a good job, but we’ve never been able to find one better than our Dyson Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, which came with a mattress attachment.

This vacuum was built specifically for pet hair and has been a vital part of my cleaning kit!

Like I said earlier, bathing is a really important step in managing shedding. Regular baths made a huge difference in Bruce’s skin.

We’ve used several shampoos that we really like for Bruce, but we’ve always liked ones that have natural ingredients.

Companies like Burt’s Bees and Natures Miracle have great products for dogs with all skin types, and for heavy shedders!

You should definitely consult your vet if you have questions about shedding shampoos for your dog. They can provide medicated shampoos too if necessary.

Are Bulldogs Hypoallergenic? (explain no dogs really are)

A bulldogLet’s set the record straight – there is no dog that is 100% hypoallergenic. We’ve all heard that certain breeds promise to be allergen free, but that’s simply not possible!

All dog breeds have some sort of dander, hair or fur that they shed. While some dogs may not irritate a person’s allergies as much as others, it’s inaccurate to call a dog hypoallergenic.

That being said, Bulldogs don’t come anywhere close to being hypoallergenic. Sorry to burst your bubble, but these dogs shed and have many allergies themselves!

Being allergic to dogs my entire life, I know that Bruce’s hair and dander is half the reason I wake up with a stuffy nose some mornings.

Does that mean I stop him from stealing my husband’s pillow? Heck to the no.

As much as I love my dog, if I or one of my family members struggled with severe allergies I probably wouldn’t have brought Bruce home. Luckily, my allergies are manageable.

Do Some Bulldogs Shed more than others?

Actually, yes! Frenchies shed the least out of all the bully breeds. There’s really no reason why, besides the fact that they’re just smaller.

Their fur just isn’t as loose as breeds like the American or English bullies. Between the other two breeds, there’s not a huge difference as far as who sheds more than the other.

Health Reasons for Increased Shedding in Bulldogs

It’s a part of a dog’s DNA to shed their fur. If they’re not shedding, something is definitely not right!

Dogs, particularly bulldogs, shed their winter and summer coats to help regulate their body temperatures in the different seasons.

They grow a winter coat towards late fall to prepare their bodies for cold weather and shed that winter coat for a lighter one in the summer.

Their summer coats are thinner and allow more airflow to keep them cool. Bullies are always keeping up with the latest fashions, and they’re definitely divas.

Shedding also helps keep their skin from getting over clogged by their skin’s natural oils. This is also something that you can help promote through regular brushing!

The natural oils on a dog are essential for healthy skin, but too much build up can cause problems that result in itchy patches and irritations. Shedding helps regulate those oils so this doesn’t happen as often.

There is such a thing as shedding too much. I mentioned it before in this article, but hair loss and shedding are NOT the same thing!

Bulldogs are supposed to shed, but they are not supposed to lose large patches of hair in a short amount of time.

If you notice bald patches on your dog, they could have a skin condition that will need to be examined by a vet.

I probably wouldn’t have noticed Bruce’s patchy fur if I didn’t give him his regular baths and brushings, so make sure you pay attention when you’re doing these things with your bullies!

Final Thoughts: Do Bulldogs Shed?

A french bulldogBullies are the best dogs – seriously. I will forever bring home a bully breed because they just make the best companions.

If you’re considering getting a bully, whether it be an English, American or French, don’t let their shedding steer you away.

Any dog is going to shed, and these pups have the best personalities! Plus their shedding is totally manageable.

Bulldogs can be a high maintenance breed because of their skin complications.

While I will always be an advocate for bullies, please make sure that you research the breed and prepare yourself both financially and physically.

Bullies love affection and being on top of you basically all the time, so if you’re looking to have a dog hair free home, good luck.

Hopefully all of this information helps you understand the shedding traits of all the bully breeds! Happy Pup Parenting!