The 10 Best Guard Dog Breeds For Your Family’s Protection

Hey, my name is Anna, your resident dog lover and a proud owner of two lovable Terrier and Doberman.

Let me start off by saying that I got my two dogs mainly for companionship for me and my family.

However, as they grew up, I’ve come to realize that the breed may just be the best family protection dog for us.

Not only did they stop an intruder from breaking into the house at two in the morning while everyone was asleep, but they also apprehended a thief while we were away on vacation for two weeks.

Now, for everyone thinking of getting a dog of their own, I want to help you find the best breed that can not only be your companion but an excellent guard dog as well.

Ever since they were domesticated as man’s best friend, dogs have been more than just loyal companions in the household.

In many houses and establishments, dogs are not only kept as pets but to guard the family as well.

Similar to service dogs, guard dogs are well-loved by their owners, but they serve a bigger purpose in the home, which is to protect it from intruders and criminals.

If you’re thinking about getting the best family protection dog for you and your household, this article can guide you on the best breeds for that purpose.

10 Best Guard Dog Breeds for Protection

Not all dog breeds are great for security and protection.

Smaller dog breeds like Pomeranians and Daschunds are unfortunately only good for companionship. They can bark at a criminal, but they cannot necessarily stop them from entering your home.

Some bigger dog breeds, like the Golden Retriever or Labrador, maybe too friendly and trusting unless they are trained for guarding specifically.

Fortunately, through many years of breeding, there are dog breeds existing today that serve to guard the house against intruders that mean harm.

If you are thinking of adopting or getting a dog for your home, here are some of the best family protection dog breeds that can help you have a little more peace of mind.

1) Boxer

The Boxer dog was named as such due to their weird habit of standing on their hind legs and making punching movements with their front legs.

Boxers are large working dogs that can weigh up to seventy pounds. They are often employed in the army or police departments as guard and attack dogs.

In the home, a Boxer can be a great family pet due to their loyalty and patience.

In terms of being a guard dog, a Boxer can be heavily protective and territorial of their home, which makes them great protection against home invaders.

Take note that these dogs are very energetic, so make sure that they have a lot of space and opportunities to exercise.

2) German Shepherd

German Shepherds are usually seen as police dogs and security dogs.

This is because of their inherent qualities such as bravery, loyalty, protectiveness, and intelligence.

As such, they are mainly used as service dogs and hunting dogs. A German Shepherd can be an excellent protector of the home and family; their rap in the police and military should speak for itself!

Additionally, they are very easy to train due to their high intelligence, and can even be trained to help with simple tasks around the house.

If you are thinking of getting a German Shepherd to add to your family, be prepared to accommodate a massive dog as they can weigh up to ninety-five pounds.

3) Great Dane

The Great Dane is some of largest dog breeds that exist today.

Weighing up to a hundred to two hundred pounds, a Great Dane can become the best guard dog for your home with proper training.

Due to their size, these dogs are very intimidating for intruders and can easily take them down if needed (if they haven’t scared them off yet with their bark and size).

However, the Great Dane is very gentle towards their owners which makes them great for families with children.

4) Rottweiler

Just like my beloved pets, Rottweilers are smart and devoted to their owners.

With enough training, Rottweilers can become great guard dogs while still being obedient pets in the home.

Do not be intimidated by their looks. Rottweilers may look scary, but they are friendly and loving if treated with love and respect.

However, they are very cautious of strangers and may often bark at people they are not familiar with.

This makes them great for guarding houses, but you may need to train them to stop barking upon command for the sake of the neighbors.

5) Pitbull

Unfortunately, Pitbulls have a bad reputation among the general population due to their portrayal as vicious fighter dogs.

Although they are commonly used as guard and attack dogs due to their strength and endurance, Pitbulls can be great family pets despite their reputation.

Unlike what other people think, Pitbulls are actually patient, loving, and affectionate, especially towards children.

It is their inherent characteristics, and not their ‘aggressiveness,’ that makes them excellent guard dogs.

6) Doberman Pinscher

The Doberman Pinscher is a menacing looking dog that has a large build and characteristically pointed ears.

This breed is fast, strong, and powerful; traits that make them exceptional at guarding houses and families.

In fact, these dogs were bred specifically to be guard dogs during the 19th century by Germans.

The Doberman Pinscher is an extremely loyal and intelligent dog; they can distinguish family members and frequent visitors from actual intruders, so you need not doubt their judgment.

7) Akita

The Akita is known for its regal origins, dating back to Feudal Japan when they were bred as hunting dogs.

These dogs are extremely loyal towards their owners, have large builds, and are extremely intelligent.

Although they are generally quiet and relaxed, an Akita can sniff out an intruder when there is one.

Proper training and care can make an Akita the best family protection dog for your home– and a fluffy one, at that.

8) Bullmastiff

When you think of ‘guard dog,’ surely an image of a Bullmastiff must have crossed your mind.

This cross between a Bulldog and a Mastiff is exceedingly intimidating due to their gigantic builds and menacing faces.

If the dog alone does not put off a potential home invader, then a Bullmastiff’s strength can easily overtake them.

However, when it comes to their families, Bullmastiffs are known to be friendly and affectionate, often needing lots of petting and love.

9) Tibetan Mastiff

If you are ready to welcome a giant mass of fluff into your home and heart, then the Tibetan Mastiff may just be the perfect dog for you.

Tibetan Mastiffs make great guard dogs due to their size, strength, loyalty, and territoriality.

They are protective and loving towards their masters but are wary towards strangers.

Thus, potential intruders are bound to be driven away by intimidation alone. Just be ready for a lot of shedding and a great appetite!

10) Chow Chow

Chow Chows make look like giant teddy bears, but don’t be easily fooled by their fluffy appearance.

Despite their massive cloud of fur, these dogs are not to be messed with. The Chow Chow is one of the oldest dog breeds in history, and have been bred to serve as working dogs before.

Today, they are extremely loyal companions with size and toughness that make them great guard dogs.

However, just like the Tibetan Mastiff, you must be prepared to manage their shedding if you plan to get a Chow Chow for your home.

Final Thoughts

Dogs are great pets to have in a home.

They are not only profoundly loyal companions that will love you unconditionally, but they are also great protectors of the home and the family.

In this article, we listed down some of the best dog breeds that would make great guard dogs for your house.

If you’re thinking of getting one, I hope you get the best family protection dog there is to fill your home and heart with both love and security.

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