Do Boston Terriers Shed? – Boston Terrier Shedding Guide!

Boston Terriers are friendly little pups that are extremely popular family dogs.

Many people who are considering bringing home a Boston Terrier, or any new dog, will want to know as much as they can about the breed before doing so.

For any new dog parent, it’s important to know what to expect!

Their eating habits, behavior, health concerns, as well as how much they shed are all valid things a pet owner will want to know before bringing home their new baby.

Hello dog moms and dads! My name is Bri, and those were all questions I wanted to know when I adopted my American Bulldog, Bruce.

I quickly found out that Bruce is an extremely heavy shedder, and I was not exactly prepared for it. However, with practice and patience, I was able to learn ways to manage his shedding.

When it comes to Boston Terriers, their coats are actually pretty similar to the American Bulldogs’. To help dog parents learn more about the breed, I put together this shedding guide!

We will talk about their coats, shedding habits and ways to manage their shedding. We will also cover health concerns that might affect how much Boston Terriers shed and the signs you can watch for.

First, let’s take a look at the history of the Boston Terrier!

History of Boston Terriers

Boston Terriers came from a bit of a dark history right in the city of Boston (obviously). During the early 19th century, breeding bulldogs for fighting was all the rage.

While breeders were combining different dogs to produce the best fighter, the small but mighty Boston Terrier was eventually developed. Their small size kept them out of the fighting ring, but not out of people’s hearts!

They were quickly loved by dog parents for their sweet personalities and spunky, energetic attitudes.

Now, they dominate the city of Boston as the official mascot of Boston University, and are one of the most popular family breeds in the country.

They’re even the official dog of the state of Massachusetts and nicknamed the “Gentleman of America!” Anyone else picturing a dog in old English clothing? Just me? Moving on…

What is a Boston Terrier’s Coat Like?

Cute, cuddly, soft and cozy. But seriously, so soft. Seriously, what is it about soft furry dog faces that makes me want to just adopt all of the ones I can get my hands on? Anyway…

Boston Terriers have short, sleek coats that are extremely fine. They are not considered frequent shedders, but they do shed throughout the year.

Their coats come in a variety of colors, but the most common are black and white and brindle. Their fur is not excessively oily or waxy, which makes keeping them clean a lot easier.

When I say Boston Terriers are soft, I mean it! They have such fine fur that their entire body is covered in smooth, snuggly softness.

The fur around their neck and shoulders is a bit thicker, and it thins out over their ears and extremities. This is the norm for most dog breeds, but especially small terrier breeds.

Do Boston Terriers Shed? How Much?

A boston terrierAs I said in the section above, Boston Terriers definitely do shed. However, according to the American Kennel Club, they are considered to be infrequent shedders!

There are three levels of shedding according to the American Kennel Club, including frequent, regular and infrequent, so to be an infrequent shedder is the lowest level.

What exactly does that mean? Boston Terriers are small dogs, and being infrequent shedders means they don’t lose very much fur.

With Bruce, if I run my hand down his back, I have a fistful of fur in my hand. This is much less likely to happen with a Boston Terrier, especially if it’s properly groomed.

This is good news for everyone! They just need a good brushing about once a week to get their loose hair removed.

Their fur will be much healthier with this routine because it helps spread their oils and promotes new hair growth. Keeping their skin healthy can also help regulate how much they shed!

When do Boston Terriers Shed the Most?

There are a few factors that contribute to how much Boston Terriers shed and when. Most of them have to do with the time of year as well as the health of the dog.

Let’s take a closer look at these factors:

Time of Year

This is obviously the biggest factor in affecting how much Boston Terriers shed. There are two specific times during the year that any dog will shed more than others.

These times are the shedding seasons and occur during the transition from winter to summer and summer to winter. During this time, dogs are losing their heavy winter or light summer coats to make room for the next season.

Obviously, this is when they need to be brushed more to keep that loose hair from taking over your home.

Still, no need to go crazy with the grooming during this time! Just bump the brushing up to a couple times a week instead of just once.

Stage of Life

Puppies do not shed regularly until they lose their puppy coat! During that transition they shed a bit more than usual, but this will even out once they become adults.

Shedding can also become more apparent as a dog gets older. Senior dogs tend to shed a bit more than adults.

As dogs age, just like humans, their fur loses its strength which will commonly cause it to fall out more frequently than normal. That’s making me sad thinking about it so we’re going to move on to the next section!

Diet and Exercise

Diet and exercise can have a serious impact on how much any dog sheds. Dogs need the proper nutrients for a healthy skin and coat just like you and me!

Without them, their skin can show signs of malnutrition which often include excess shedding. Without the proper nutrients their fur can become dry and brittle, which will cause it to shed more.

Same goes for exercise. If a dog doesn’t get the proper amount of exercise, they could start showing signs of being unhealthy in many ways.

One of these ways could be changes in shedding, which is something dog owners should pay attention to. Your dog’s body could be showing signs of health concerns by shedding more or even less than normal, so pay attention!

Pests and Skin Conditions

Fleas, ticks, biting bugs and all other kinds of pests – all of these can contribute to shedding. They can cause irritation and itching as well as secondary skin conditions that can make a dog shed more than normal.

Some of these pests can also carry diseases, so keep an eye out for them. If your dog is itching more than normal or licking a specific spot repeatedly, check them for bugs!

The same goes for certain skin conditions like mange or severe allergies. Both of these and more can cause dogs to shed more than normal. Keep an eye out for these pests as they can also cause more serious health problems!

How to Combat Boston Terrier Shedding

A boston terrier

Luckily, Boston Terriers do not require too much elbow grease when it comes to controlling their shedding. However, they do shed, so they do require some minor maintenance.

Boston Terriers need to be brushed about once a week. Since they don’t have much of an undercoat, there really isn’t much that will need removed.

Because of this, you won’t need a very heavy-duty brush for your Boston Terrier. A soft-bristle brush or a rubber grooming glove would be perfect for them!

As far as reducing shedding, you probably won’t even need to try to do so with a Boston Terrier. Even if you did, it’s not really the best idea.

Dogs shed for a reason and reducing that shedding could cause health issues. However, regular brushing can help reduce how much you see in your home, on your furniture, on your clothes, in your food, etc.

Equipment to Help Combat Boston Terrier Shedding

As I said earlier, a soft brush or a rubber grooming glove is key for these dogs. However, to keep your pant legs clean, I also recommend a good lint roller.

Plus, it’s always a good idea to have a sturdy vacuum handy. Boston Terriers have very short, fine hair that can be tricky to get off of furniture and carpet.

We struggled with this for a while when we brought Bruce home, so we invested in the Dyson Pet Hair Cordless Vacuum. It works incredibly well for pet hair and is perfect for fur from a Boston Terrier!

It is a bit more expensive than other vacuums, but you pay for what you get. It comes apart to reach tight spaces and works like a charm.

We even vacuum our furniture with it and hardly notice any dog hair! And Bruce sheds WAY more than a Boston Terrier.

Although Boston Terriers don’t need regular baths, it’s always good to have a high-quality dog shampoo on hand.

You won’t need any particular brand, but I like to keep a limited ingredient bottle at home for when Bruce needs a good bath.

Are Boston Terriers Considered to be Hypoallergenic?

No dogs are fully hypoallergenic, especially not Boston Terriers. All dogs, even if they don’t actively shed their fur, still shed dander.

Dander is actually what triggers people’s allergies more than anything else. However, Boston Terriers shed both fur and pet dander. Double whammy.

This keeps any dog from being completely hypoallergenic. While Boston Terriers might not shed as much as other dogs, they still shed enough to keep them far away from a hypoallergenic standing!

Do Some Boston Terriers Shed More Than Others?

There are not many reasons why one Boston Terrier would shed more than another. However, it can happen under certain circumstances.

For example, the climate the dog lives in can change how much it sheds. A Boston Terrier living in a colder climate might shed less than a dog that lives in a warmer one.

Other health conditions can also impact how much a Boston Terrier sheds. If one has certain allergies or an underlying health issue, they may shed more than a healthy pup.

Health Considerations with Boston Terrier Shedding

All dogs have different health considerations for pet owners to keep in mind.

Though Boston Terriers normally don’t have to many issues with skin problems, allergies are common in any terrier breed and can definitely impact shedding.

Excessive shedding can also be caused by underlying issues such as cancer. Unfortunately, abnormal shedding is not normally a good sign.

Luckily, Boston Terriers are not typically prone to many diseases or cancers that can cause excess shedding. The biggest health concerns they experience are related to their eyes and breathing.

This is why it is crucial for dog parents to pay attention to how much their dogs shed. This way, they are more likely to notice when something is abnormal which can help them find any health concerns early on.

That can be vital in treating whatever that health concern may be! The earlier you can find and treat an issue the better chances of a full recovery can be.

Final Thoughts: Do Boston Terriers Shed?

A boston terrierNo matter what type of dog you want to bring home, dealing with dog hair is going to be a part of your life as soon as you get one! It can be extremely frustrating to deal with a lot of pet hair sometimes.

There have been times where I have thought that I would never have a clean house again! However, no matter how much dog hair you have on your couch, it is always worth the love a dog brings into your life.

Boston Terriers make incredible companions and family dogs. They are also extremely low maintenance, so do not let dog hair stop you from bringing one home!

Hopefully this information helps you learn more about Boston Terriers and how much they shed. Happy Pup Parenting!