5 Best Dog Dinosaur Costumes for Small and Large Dogs! (2020)

I love my dog, she is lively, entertaining, she loves to cuddle up and is never happier than when she is running around the woods at top speed.

Above all though, she loves people and the attention she gets and people always love her back too!

She earnt the name Korra after a cartoon character who had a rebellious spirit, a strong will but underneath that spirit, a great heart and my dog certainly lives up to her name!

If there are people around then Korra will be trying to get their attention and her cute enthusiasm earns her as much attention as she wants so she doesn’t need any extra help!

But put her in a costume or a coat and she instantly gets cuter and gets even more attention.

That’s why today I’m going to be talking about costumes for dogs and not just any costumes – Dinosaur costumes!

Why Get a Dog Dinosaur Costume?

There are so many options for dog costumes and clothing these days. You can buy cute outfits, booties, shoes, hats, bandana’s and of course costumes for any event or theme.

There are so many reasons you might want to dress up your dog.

Smaller animals, hairless breeds or those with thin fur might need the extra warmth that clothing provides and with so many cute outfits you will be spoilt for choice!

For special occasions and parties dressing up your dog to match your outfit is a surefire way to get extra attention for both your dog and you. It isn’t just about special holidays and events though.

Dressing your dog in a costume can be fun to do at any time as long as you take  care to ensure your dog is comfortable and happy in its costume.

Extra cuteness value is always a good reason to put your dog in a costume.

People will love to see your dog and even those who are normally afraid will find your poochy pal a little more friendly to pet.

This can be great for socialising your dog and help to get them used to lots of different people.

No one will be able to stop themselves from popping over and saying hello to your dog when they have a cute outfit on.

For inspiration take a look at this cute pup dressed as a dinosaur. This adorable dachshund loves playing in his dinosaur costume.

When You Shouldn’t Dress Your Dog

It might be cute but there are times when it isn’t appropriate or a good idea to dress up your dog.

If your dog is especially fluffy and hairy, they already have a double layer of fur to keep them warm and adding extra layers can make them overheat.

So make sure you take into account the weather and heat of the area your dog is going to be in. If it’s too hot don’t put clothing on your dog.

Check your dog’s breed for information before dressing them. Some dogs already suffer from overheating problems and you don’t want to make them worse.

This could lead to illness and no one wants to make their pup poorly, especially not for the sake of fashion.

Your dog’s personality and anxiety should also be taken into account. Some dogs love to dress up and some hate it.

If you force a dog to wear costumes when they hate it they could become stressed and anxious.

You can help your dog to love its costume by giving it lots of praise and treats when putting the costume on.

How to Measure for a Dog Costume?

Getting the right size costume for your dog is important. It needs to fit them correctly so they can still move about without feeling restricted.

Firstly, measure the body, Start at the base of your dog’s neck and measure down to the base of the tail.

Then add on an extra two inches so the clothing will be loose enough to fit comfortably and allow for movement.

Secondly, measure the neck. Measure around the neck allowing space for two fingers to fit within the circle. This ensures that your dog won’t have anything around its neck that is too tight.

The final measurement is the most important, the chest. When you measure this area make sure you measure around the widest part and as always add another two inches to the measurement for the correct fit.

Teaching Your Dog To Wear A Costume

A dinosaurIf you want to dress up your dog then it is important to make the process as stress free and comfortable as you can for your dog.

Making sure you have a costume that fits well and is comfortable to wear is important but so is training your dog to wear it.

Make sure you keep your dog’s favorite treats on hand when you put the costume on.

This will help them stay still and will give them a distraction as the costume goes on.

Then when they get their treat they will have a positive association with the costume.  Always remain calm when you do this.

To start by introducing the costume to the dog. Let the dog sniff it and explore it and give plenty of treats and praise.

This will start the positive reinforcement. Next, pick an easy item to put on and use the same technique as you put it on. Lots of treats and praise.

Your dog will soon start associating clothing with tasty treats. Keep doing this and your dog will soon be used to it.

Continue doing these two steps until the costume is fully on then give your pup some more praise. Your dog will love the sound of your voice when you use the praising tone and will soon have wagging tails.

When To Take Your Dog’s Clothing Off

Keep an eye on your dog when it is wearing clothing or a costume. They will soon let you know if they need to take it off.

An obvious sign is if your dog is scratching at the clothing or trying to get it off themselves.

This is a pretty clear sign they are feeling uncomfortable so take the costume off. You can always try again a little later.

Most dogs will soon get used to the feeling if they are allowed the time to get used to it. So be patient, your dog will reward you for it.

If your dog is quiet and withdrawn then they may not be happy with their current situation. I can tell when my pup isn’t feeling her usual happy self.

Her tail goes down and she usually retreats to a quiet corner. If your dog is showing these signs it might also be time to take the costume off.

Choosing Clothing For Your Dog

Choosing your dog’s clothing is one of the most important things to get right to ensure your dog is comfortable and happy while looking cute.

Choose loose-fitting materials and make sure the costume fits. If it is too small your dog’s movement will be restricted which might cause them discomfort or pain.

If the costume is too big then it will be difficult for them to walk comfortably without it slipping off all the time.

Choose a breathable material and choose a material that doesn’t irritate your dog’s skin. Always make sure that the dog’s tail is free and they can relieve themselves when they need to go potty.

3 Best Dog Dinosaur Costumes for Small Dogs

1) Rubies Costume Company – Dino Dog

This cute dinosaur costume is perfect for any dog but is especially awesome for smaller pooches. It is available in pink or blue so choose your colour to match your pet’s personality!

Its soft fabric and cape design are perfect for a comfortable fit that your dog can continue to move around easily in.

The design is adorable enough to have people awwing at your pet as you proudly show them off.

This is the perfect choice if you are a little worried about your pet wearing a full costume.

It doesn’t restrict them too much and there are not too many pieces for them to wear and get used to. Awesome for your pets first costume.

2) Stegasaurus Costume

The stegosaurus is one of the iconic dinosaur types you see in all the movies and on tv.

You can now dress up your pet in this iconic dinosaur costume.

These two options are perfect for smaller pets and come in two pieces, the head section and the body which covers the back and legs but leaves the underbelly free for your pet to remain comfortable and go about its business.

3) California Costumes Triceradog

This costume is perfect for pups that want to look cute but don’t like to wear costumes on their body.

The cute foam headpiece is light to wear and has all the detail that will make your dog look like an adorable little triceratops without the full costume.

Perfect for a Halloween party or a fancy dress themed day.

2 Best Dog Dinosaur Costumes for Large Dogs

1) Pupasaurus Rex Dog Costume

This costume is available for small, medium and large dogs and is the perfect choice for a fun and quirky costume that everyone who sees your dog will love.

The headpiece has a foam printed raptor head that is light and comfortable to wear and covers the head.

The body consists of a cape style that attaches around your dog’s chest and encases its legs. This keeps your dog’s underbelly, tail and back legs free which helps them keep moving comfortably

The most fun part of this costume is the raptor arms on the front of the costume. This makes it look like you have a fierce little raptor running around your yard!

2) Dinosaur Dog Pajamas

If costumes are not your thing then there is still something perfect for your dog.

These two cute fleecy pajamas are comfortable and look super cute.

They work great as clothing for your dog that will make everyone see just how adorable he is.

These are a lot less bulky than a lot of doggy dinosaur costumes so you can still show your love of dinosaurs whilst ensuring your pup stays comfortable.

Final Thoughts: Best Dog Dinosaur Costumes

A dinosaurIf like me you prefer to save dressing up your dog for special occasions and holidays rather than making it a daily occurrence for your dog then you will love this selection of the top 5 dinosaur costumes for your dog.

Many dogs find wearing costumes fun but if you do it regularly then it will become ordinary rather than special so save your dressed-up dogs for those special times when you have guests to a party who will love lavishing your cute pup with attention.

Even guests who are scared of dogs will feel more comfortable around them.

If you want photos of your pup looking awesome then using a costume can be great fun and will add some great memories to your family album.

Just make sure you dog is comfortable at all times and if they aren’t enjoying themselves take the costume off.

These dinosaur costumes are a great idea for Halloween, pop one on your dog when you take your kids trick or treating!

Everyone will love this extra touch and your kids and your pup will have a great time.

Thank you for reading best dog dinosaur costumes for small and large dogs, have a great day!