Do Pomeranians Shed? – Pomeranian Shedding Guide!

For a small dog with a big personality, there is no other dog quite like the Pomeranian.

This fluffball of a pet comes with a small body that is lightweight and considered a great lapdog among the toy breeds but don’t be deceived by this small, cute, fluffy dog!

It has a commanding personality that is bold and lively. Your Pom will certainly let you know who is boss!

If you are looking for a pet with attitude that is small enough to cuddle and requires just enough exercise to keep things interesting without needing hours of walking daily then the Pomeranian might just be the pet for you!

These lovable furballs can become lifelong companions who love nothing more than to curl up on your lap or next to you on the couch.

With such a furry pet often brings the question of shedding especially when allergies and asthma sufferers need to be taken into account.

Unfortunately, it is a fact of a dog’s life that any furry animal comes with a certain amount of shedding, dust and debris that can be a big problem to those who find this difficult.

Pomeranians – A Short History

It is no wonder that the Pomeranian has such a big personality.

They originate from much bigger spitz dog cousins from artic regions that were used as sled dogs which accounts for their fluffy frizz of coat over their bodies as well as their demanding voice and big attitude.

Their name comes from the region that was part of Poland and West Germany hundreds of years ago when these dogs forefathers were bred down from their original size to a dog slightly larger than the one we know and love today.

It wasn’t until Queen Victoria’s reign that the Pom truly became popular.

The canine loving queen fell for this cute breed when she was visiting Italy and bought them back to her home and bred them.

It was during this time that the breed reduced further in size to the tiny toy breed pooch we have today.

What Is A Pomeranians Coat Like?

The Pomeranian might look like a humble breed with its small stature and lightweight body but this is a dog fit for a queen and with a coat to match.

Their coats can come in a large variety of colourings and marketings – up to 30 combinations! However, most commonly these are a rusty red colour, tan or orange.

The most distinctive aspect of a Pomeranian’s coat is its fluffy appearance.

If you are looking for a fluffy dog covered in fur to be your lapdog companion there is no dog quite like the Pom. Its coat is made from a double layer of fur.

A soft and downy feeling undercoat that protects your pooches skin from the elements and then a heavy layer of harsher and longer fur that fringed all over the body but especially around the small and smiley fox-like face and down over its chest.

The finishing touch to this dog’s admirable appearance is its plumed tail that is set high on the back and gives the appearance of a proud dog at all times.

Do Pomeranians Shed Their Hair?

A PomeranianIt is hard to avoid a pooch that sheds. It’s a common feature that any dog will suffer from to a certain extent as coat shedding and regrowth of hair is an important aspect to keeping your dog healthy.

With such a hairy dog you would expect to get a lot of hair shedding too! You would, of course, be right.

These dogs do shed a decent amount although due to their small size the amount of hair is definitely a relatively smaller amount when compared to much larger dogs.

Any long-haired breed comes with a certain amount of extra work when it comes to their coats and the Pomeranian is one of these dog breeds.

Their coat has a habit of matting and getting tangly if not groomed regularly using the correct tools and they may even require clipping and trips to a professional dog groomer for extra care.

How Much Do Pomeranians Shed Their Hair?

These dogs are considered to be moderate shedders. Pomeranians long hair and double coats meaning they do need to shed their coats seasonally and a minimal to moderate amount all year long.

You should expect to put in a lot of work into keeping their coats groomed and healthy and allow for some hair over your clothes and furniture – especially around their favourite spot on the couch or bed!

When Do Pomeranians Shed The Most?

Pomeranian puppies go through a stage where they lose their soft puppy fur in order to grow through their adult coats.

This is the time you will notice the most shedding and can even be a little alarming when you are not expecting it! Try not to worry, this is natural and will pass soon enough.

You may go through a few weeks with a patchier looking dog than you are used to and need to vacuum the house regularly during this time!

Once they reach adulthood these dogs are seasonal shedders so expect a hair storm in the Springtime and then a smaller hair loss during Autumn or Fall times.

You might notice some shedding the rest of the year but this should be minimal to a moderate amount and you can combat this with a regular grooming schedule.

If you notice your dog shedding more than usual or at a time unusual for your dog’s normal characteristics then you might need to look for other underlying causes.

Parasites, ticks and stress can cause your dog to lick more which could lead to extra hair shedding.

Underlying medical issues can also give the symptom of hair shedding but a quick trip to the vet should identify any problems.

How To Combat A Pomeranian Shedding?

If your Pomeranian is a shedder then there is little you can do except to ensure that they are well cared for, groomed regularly, are kept healthy with a good diet and exercise.

These things won’t stop the natural shedding of your Pom but they will help ensure you don’t suffer with any extra shedding issues.

Grooming is the biggest thing you can do to combat any shedding issues. It won’t stop your dog shedding its hair but it will keep that hair on a brush and not on your floor or furniture!

Can I Reduce How Much My Pomeranians Shed?

The quick answer to this question is no. Shedding is a natural part of dog ownership and is something that is part of most dogs characteristics to keep them happy and their coats healthy.

A healthy coat is important for your dog to be able to keep their temperature regulated, their skin protected, able repel water and it keeps them looking great too!

If you want to avoid some of the issues of shedding then grooming several times a week and bathing every two to three months will help.

Be careful not to over bathe as this can have the opposite effect from the one you want! Making sure you groom your dog well with the correct equipment is vital to ensure your dog’s coat is kept healthy.

What Equipment To Use To Groom A Pomeranian

A PomeranianA Pomeranian needs regular brushing (two to three times a week) and bathing every two months or so as their thick coats are a magnet for dirt and debris which can cause lots of tangles and matting if not taken care of.

This can lead to illness, issues and even your dog ending up uncomfortable and finding it difficult to move.

Slicker Brush

These are brushes with fine wire bristles that are set closely together.

This brush is great for its long outer coat. It can help get rid of the tangles and mats that this coarse top layer of the coat can suffer with.

Pin Brush

A good pin brush is a must for your Pom. These tend to be wire-bristle brushes with rubber pinheads to allow for softer grooming.

This allows you to get right through to your pooches soft undercoat and get out any tangles and keep this smooth and soft.

The rubber tips on the brush help you to go soft against your dog’s skin and not hurt it.


This is the perfect finishing touch for your Poms coat. Once it is tangle-free a comb can be used to smooth over the fur to give a smoother and well-groomed finish.

Many dogs love this part of grooming as it is relaxing.

Hypoallergenic Dog Shampoo

Your Pomeranian needs regular bathing as well as grooming and a bath every two months or so will help keep their hair clean and free from dirt and tangles.

A great shampoo and conditioner can also help to keep them shiny and smooth but make sure you get one that is designed for use on dogs as one designed for humans will irritate their skin.

Nail Clippers

Pomeranians are active dogs who need their nails clipped every few weeks to keep their paws from catching on floors and causing them pain.

Make sure you get a suitable pair of clippers and follow instructions on how to use them.

If in doubt book your poochy pal into a dog groomers and they can help with this.

How To Groom A Pomeranian

Your Pomeranian needs brushing regularly. At least two to three times a week but it could be even more often than this!

Some more active dogs who love to roll around in the grass and go for walks will need daily brushing to keep their coat in order and free from any problems.

Brush them over with a slicker brush to remove any tangles and matting hair.

You might need to go a little more gently over the more tangly areas but you should be able to get through the top coat with this brush and remove any issues there.

If the coat is particularly tangly you can use a spray in tangle conditioner designed for dogs to help.

Next, grab a pinhead brush and smooth through your dog’s coat. This brush gets through to the undercoat of dense fur and helps to remove any dirt and debris that has collected there.

Once you have brushed all the tangles out of your dog’s coat then you can use a comb to smooth over the coat and finish it so that it looks fab and will hopefully remain tangle-free until at least tomorrow!

Every couple of months you need to bathe your pooch with an appropriate shampoo and conditioner.

Make sure you get through to the undercoat and then rinse well so that no suds are left stuck in your dog’s coat. This could end up irritating your dog’s skin so rinsing well is very important.

Once a week take the time to check and brush your Pom’s teeth.

This is an important aspect to keep them healthy and free from tooth problems and decay, especially if they are fond of a few treats now and again.

Your dog’s long hair may need clipping a little but if you are unsure how to do this then regular trips to the groomers can help.

They will be able to clip nails, trip, bathe and clean anal glands to keep your pooch happy and healthy.

Are Pomeranians Considered To Be Hypoallergenic?

A PomeranianA pomeranian isn’t considered a hypoallergenic dog but then no dog can ever truly be hypoallergenic.

Any dog will always come with at least a moderate amount of hair shedding, dust, debris and other issues that can cause difficulties for allergy sufferers or those with asthma.

Pomeranian’s also are considered to have moderate amounts of dander, dust and debris that means they are not suitable for those with pet hair allergies.

Do Some Pomeranians Shed More Than Others?

As with any dog breed, it can be very difficult to accurately predict just how much your dog will shed its hair.

There will always be some differences between dogs even within a breed or pedigree. There are a lot of factors to think about including your dog’s diet, general health and even its ancestors!

Dogs with ill-health may shed more than those without and dogs that are not groomed regularly will seem to shed more hair than others because the hair will be being dropped onto furniture, carpets and clothes instead of being collected on a brush and popped into the bin.

Health Reasons Pomeranians Might Shed More

There are medical reasons that any dog might shed their hair more, including a Pomeranian.

Some of these include inadequate grooming, not grooming enough, bathing too often or using the wrong shampoo.

These are the first thing you should check if your Pom is shedding more. There can be some other issues too.

Fleas and Parasites

Parasites are pesky, they can irritate your dog’s skin and make them itch. No one wants an uncomfortable pooch!

If they are overrun with pesky critters then they can become ill and also shed more hair than usual. Extra licking and scratching at irritated spots all add to the issue.

Medical Issues

Health problems can be a worry and if your dog has started to shed with no obvious reason for it then it might be time for a quick vet trip to rule out any health problems.

There are a variety of issues that can cause problems in any dog and most can be sorted out with the right medical care.


Injury can lead to infection and ill-health, both of which can add to any hair loss issues your pup is suffering from. Extra licking at sore spots can also add up to extra hair shedding.

Stress and Anxiety

Dogs are quick to notice any big changes in the household.

A big move or an addition to the family or even a furniture change can cause your dog to feel extra stress until it gets used to the new living situation.

Separation anxiety can be a problem for any dog but even more so with lapdogs who have been used to constant human companionship and interaction.

All stress and anxiety can lead to health problems and hair loss problems which could be adding up to that extra fur over your furniture.

Final Thoughts: Do Pomeranians Shed

A PomeranianA Pomeranian is a fluffball with a lot of personality which makes it the perfect furry companion.

Its small size and stature make sure it fits nicely on your lap for a good cuddle and it’s short legs and size mean it needs just the right amount of exercise to fit into a busy life.

These dogs do need a log of care, love and companionship though so make sure you have the time and resources to put into the care of this dog over its lifetime!

Pomeranians will shed both seasonally and a little all year round so need regular or even daily brushing to keep their hair from falling all over your floor.

This grooming provides great bonding time and is definitely worth the effort.

Thank you for reading do Pomeranians shed, have a great day!

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