Chihuahua vs Pomeranian – A Detailed Comparison of Both Dog Breeds!

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. Some are the size of small ponies, while others are so small, they can fit in the palm of your hand.

Small dog breeds are especially becoming more and more popular as household pets, and there’s no question why!

Hello dog moms and dads, my name is Bri and I’m a loving dog mom to a Pitbull and American Bulldog named Bruce.

Although Bruce is what I would consider a large dog breed (90 pounds counts as large, right?), I’m no stranger to small dog breeds. Two of my favorite small breeds are the Chihuahua and the Pomeranian.

Both are incredibly cute and loving dogs, but which one makes a better pet? Let’s break down the basics of each breed.

Overview of Chihuahua

Small black dogChihuahuas are incredibly famous for their tiny, adorable features. As members of the toy group, they have very large personalities and are actually a national symbol of Mexico.

This dog has the nickname “purse dog” because of its popularity with women who carry them around in large purses.

Famous movies like “Legally Blonde” and “Beverly Hills Chihuahua” have brought even more light to this breed, making them a staple in Hollywood, California.

Chihuahuas may be small, but they actually make great guard dogs and are not afraid to show their personalities.

They are one of the oldest breeds, with lineage that dates back to pre-Columbian ancient kingdoms.

Overview of Pomeranians

pomeranianSimilar to the Chihuahua, Pomeranians have small bodies with loud personalities.

They are a long time favorite of royals and have a very impressive fluffy coat that compliments any hand bag!

Pomeranians make up in attitude what they lack in size. They also make great watch dogs but will always be loyal and loving companions to their owners.

Pomeranians originated in Pomerania, which was a European land that is now known as Poland and Germany.

Poms were bred down from large sled dogs, and eventually caught the eye of Queen Victoria.

The Queen had a very large role in the growing popularity of the breed, and they are not among some of the world’s most common breeds.

Chihuahua vs Pomeranian Temperament and Training: How do They Behave?

Small white, black and brown dogBoth of these little pups have loud personalities. They are very playful and vocal dogs.

Chihuahuas are very smart and eager to please their owners, but definitely know how to play the cute card to get their way. Because of their temperament, Chihuahuas need firm, consistent training.

If they are not trained properly at a young age, they can show signs of dominance towards other dogs and people that are not desirable.

This includes snapping at people and dogs, aggressive growling or barking. However, these dogs respond very well to training and it is not hard to break these habits!

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Pomeranians are actually very similar in temperament. Highly alert and extremely intelligent, they also are high energy and active dogs.

Training Pomeranians can be very easy if done at the proper age and with plenty of patience.

This breed is notorious for being hard to potty train, so keeping a steady effort going while training is key.

Treats are always helpful for teaching both breeds how to behave like the proper royalty they act like!

They are very outgoing and eager to please their owners just like Chihuahuas, so they live to make their owners happy (which is perfect because we live to make them happy too!).

Chihuahua vs Pomeranian Life Span and Health: What’s Their Life Expectancy?

pomeranianMost small dog breeds have a generally longer lifespan than bigger dogs. Chihuahuas and Pomeranians are no exception with both breeds living anywhere from 12 to 16 years.

Both are generally healthy dogs. However, each breed has things to watch out for.

Chihuahuas have genetic background health concerns that could lead to potential heart problems.

They should have regular cardiac exams as well as eye exams and patella evaluations (they get loose kneecaps, so this test checks the strength of their joints).

Pomeranians also have issues with their bones and joints and are extremely fragile. Even something as small as jumping from the floor to the couch and back the to the floor can cause a broken bone.

They should also be regularly checked for cardiac and eye problems as they are common with the breed.

When looking to get either of these breeds through a breeder, it’s important to make sure the breeder is being responsible with their dogs.

If they are breeding dogs that have any of the health concerns mentioned, they are being irresponsible by passing those genetics onto the puppies.

Make sure your breeder is getting regular checkups for these genetic issues!

Chihuahua vs Pomeranian Appearance and Grooming: What do They Look Like?

Small dogBoth of these dogs are tiny little babies who only grow to be about 6-8 inches tall and weigh less than 7 pounds.

Chihuahuas can come with either long or short fur, and will be either tan, brown and white, or a mix of all these colors.

Short-haired Chihuahuas should only need occasional brushing and baths to look their best.

However, a long-haired Chihuahua will definitely need brushed at least once a week to keep their coats tangle free and fabulous.

Same with Poms! They have long-haired coats that need regular brushing. Their coat however has what is called a double coat, so it will be considerably longer.

A pin brush is the best tool for keeping their fur looking fierce and fab.

Both breeds have quick growing nails that need to be trimmed regularly. I

t’s probably easiest to have a professional groomer do a full body treatment every once in a while, to make sure everything is good to go from their teeth to their ears and their toes.

Neither breed sheds, so allergies are no problem!

Chihuahua vs Pomeranian Availability and Affordability: Are They a Rare or Expensive Dog Breed?

A small white dogLike I said earlier, you won’t have a problem finding either of these breeds since they are so popular.

However, buying either one from a breeder can cost a considerable amount of money.

These are high-maintenance pooches who like to live a lavish lifestyle!

Other than grooming costs, these dogs are not expensive to have. Unless you’re like me and want to put them in cute outfits every day!

Chihuahua vs Pomeranian Diet: What do They Eat?

A dark coloured dogOnce again, there’s not much difference between the diets of these two breeds. Each should have a high-quality diet that changes according to their age.

Both of these dogs are well known for getting overweight with age (I can relate) and owners should be weary of the amount of food their giving them.

Although treats are proven very useful in training, they should be given with care because they can easily lead to obesity. Giving them half a treat or just a small piece is helpful!

While neither dog is very picky about eating, they should have limited table scraps to ensure their diets aren’t too fatty or high in calories.

Chihuahua vs Pomeranian Family and Environment: Where Are They Best Suited?

pomeranianChihuahuas and Pomeranians don’t necessarily need a lot of space, but that doesn’t mean they won’t occupy it if available.

They only need as much exercise as they would get walking alongside their humans, so you don’t need a huge back yard to keep them occupied!

Even in a studio apartment, as long as this pup has a person to play with, they will be happy.

This dog loves to travel with their owner too and does so very well, so anyone who is able to take their dog with them would love either one of these breeds.

They typically are found in warmer climates because they have such small, sensitive features to cold weather.

However, as long as the owners take care to protect their little paws against the cold, they do fine in colder climates (with those doggie snow boots!).

Chihuahuas and Pomeranians are both great family dogs. However, it is highly important to make sure your dogs are well trained before letting them around children, and vice versa!

Children can be overly aggressive with dogs, and both these breeds will dish it right back if they’re not trained otherwise. Make sure children also know to be gentle with the pups!

Final Thoughts: Chihuahua vs Pomeranian

A small black dogBoth Pomeranians and Chihuahuas are extremely similar. They even are well known to make great friends with each other!

Either dog would make a perfect addition to any family who wants a dog with a fun, outgoing personality and likes to take their dog places with them.

Since both are so similar in temperament and even in appearance, there’s really no argument to say that one is better suited for being a pet than the other.

Hopefully this information helps you decide which one is better for you, or you could always get one of each! Just make sure your purse is big enough to fit both fur babies!

Happy Pet Parenting!

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