Husky vs Akita – A Detailed Comparison of Both Dog Breeds!

Hi, my name’s Irena and I’ve got four dogs. Three are the grand old age of fourteen and a half, and one’s just four.

They are all Heinz 57 breeds and all the more lovely for it. Not that I have anything against pure bred dogs.

In fact I would love either a husky or Akita, which is what this article is all about!

Husky vs Akita 

Huskies and Akitas are often thought of as being very similar because they both have thick coats and like living in cold climates. They are working dogs and are often bred together.

However the similarities stop there as their temperaments are very different.

For example Huskies are usually friendlier than Akitas and are better with children.

What to Consider When Choosing a Dog

Dogs take up a lot of time and energy so if you are working 12 hours a day, a dog probably isn’t the right choice for you. However, if you really are that determined, invest in a dog walker so that your pooch gets exercise and companionship.

If you live in an apartment it’s not a good idea to get big dogs however much you want them. They can get bored easily and destroy your home in one fell swoop.

Consider what breeds are suitable for your climate. For example, you don’t want a bushy and long haired dog where the weather is too hot.

Perhaps you would love to have a puppy, but remember that they need house training which isn’t always that easy. They’re also very good at chewing things.

My Sherlock didn’t only destroy slippers but he completely annihilated my settee and easy chair. It can definitely be easier to get a housetrained dog, but I do still love bringing up puppies.

Overview of Huskies

Huskies are working dogs that originated in the very cold areas of Siberia in Russia. They were used there to pull sleds and still are, as they are in many Scandinavian countries.

They are quite a tourist attraction in Lapland where they take holidaymakers on sled rides.

Huskies have a friendly and outgoing temperament and should be a good fit in a family environment.

With this being said, it is VERY important to train them properly, they can be stubborn, but are usually fairly easy to train!

They are fine living with other dogs and are a medium size that closely resemble wolves. However, they are not related at all.

They have been bred to need very little food to survive.

Overview of Akita

Akitas are working dogs like the husky, but they originated in Japan as a hunting companion.

They work hard, are quiet, and lead the pack.

Unlike the husky, they are not family dogs and can be more aggressive and territorial.

Husky vs Akita: Which is Bigger?

An Akita is much larger than a husky. They are taller, standing at 24 -26 inches, while Huskies are just 20 – 23 ½ inches.

Female Akitas weigh in at 70 – 100 pounds and males at 75 – 119 pounds which makes them large dogs.

Female Huskies are just 35 – 50 pounds and males are 45 – 60 pounds.

If you particularly want a big dog, an Akita is the best choice.

Husky vs Akita Temperament: How do They Behave

Akitas are hard-working dogs and are much quieter than Huskies. They are not really suited as family dogs because they can be antagonistic.

Huskies on the other hand are friendly and out-going and are more suitable for families. However, remember that no dog should be left alone with small children.

Akitas are usually one-person dogs. Have you ever seen the film, Hachi A Dogs Life? It is based on the true story of Hachiko, an Akita who was brought up in Japan by a man who had a stroke when the dog was a year and a half.

The dog used to go and meet his master off the train and he continued doing this even after his master died until he died himself. Hachiko was totally devoted to one person.

Both Akitas and Huskies have high-activity levels so you need to enjoy walking and playing games.

Husky vs Akita Life Span: What’s Their Life Expectancy?

The lifespan of Akitas and Huskies aren’t really that much different.

Akitas live between 10 and 15 years while Huskies live between 12 and 15 years.

Akitas can die younger as they are bigger dogs. Larger dogs often have a shorter lifespan than smaller dogs.

Husky vs Akita Health: Are They Prone to Health Conditions

One of the most common health problems for Huskies is cataracts. They affect about 10% of the breed.

They can also be affected by other eye conditions such as progressive retinal atrophy and corneal dystrophy. Although eye problems don’t happen that often, they are usually serious.

Huskies are also prone to hip dysplasia which develops within the first two years of life. Strenuous exercise makes the condition worse. It is often passed on from parent dogs.

However, they are still one of the least affected dog breeds out there despite the high occurrence of hip dysplasia in dogs.

Some of the health problems that Akitas suffer from are similar to Huskies like hip dysplasia and progressive retinal atrophy.

However, they can also suffer from an immune disorder called acquired myasthenia gravis, von Willebrand disease, which is a bleeding disorder, and immune diseases which affect the skin.

Husky vs Akita Appearance: What do They Look Like?

Huskies and Akitas are very different in appearance.

Yes, both have a thick and full double coat but the coloring is different. Akitas can be white, brown or a mixture of the two, while Huskies are usually either white or black.

Physically Akitas have a large and powerful head with deep eyes, pointed ears, and a curled bushy tail which adds inches to their length. Huskies have almond shaped eyes and a medium sized head. Both Akitas and Huskies have erect ears.

Akitas and Huskies are not particularly allergy causing breeds although if you have a serious pet dander allergy neither dog will be suitable.

Husky vs Akita Shedding: What Kind of Coat Do They Have?

In this respect, Huskies and Akitas are similar.

They both blow their undercoat twice a year.

You should brush them a lot during this time and then once a week afterwards as you don’t want to have too much shedding around your home.

Husky vs Akita Grooming: How Much Do they Require?

Grooming is pretty similar for both Akitas and Huskies.

Both Huskies and Akitas need less grooming than other double-coated dogs. You should aim to groom at least once a week, although Akitas probably need a touch more.

It is important to bathe both Akitas and Huskies when they shed their coats. However, Huskies probably need even more washing.

Husky vs Akita Training: Can They be Trained Easily?

Huskies can be trained more easily than Akitas. This is because Akitas are stubborn and are not really family dogs.

If you have a husky you have to tell your pup that you are in charge. Teach them where to go to the toilet and to accept being in a crate. They need to be able to walk on a leash and you will have to teach them to sit, lay down, and other instructions.

Akitas are more difficult to train because they don’t give the same kinds of signals about what they’re thinking and feeling.

Husky vs Akita Availability: Are They a Rare Dog Breed?

Both Huskies and Akitas are common in colder climates, but not so much in warmer areas.

The thickness of their coats isn’t suited to high temperatures.

Their coats also aren’t appropriate for keeping them cool in a warmer area.

Huskies are known to work in temperatures as cold as minus 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

However they are highly adaptable, therefore, as long as they have the necessities (food, drink, shade etc), they should be fine in warmer climates also.

Husky vs Akita Diet: What do they Eat?

Although it is cheap, lasts longer and is easier to store, commercial dry or wet food isn’t the best choice for your Huskies.

.They do well on a raw food diet with foods such as chicken, beef, lamb, fish, vegetables and fruits, excluding grapes, prunes and raisins.

Huskies actually only need a small amount of food for their size. Their ancestors would pull a sled over long distances on the lightest amount of food.

It is interesting to note that, unlike many dogs, if Huskies are full they won’t eat nor will they eat if they are bored. If a particular food makes them sick, it’s highly likely that they’ll never eat that food again.

Akitas tend to eat more than Huskies. They thrive on proteins like chicken, fish, and eggs. They also do well with grains such as pearl barley, oatmeal, and brown rice.

Husky vs Akita Family Dog: Are They Good With Children

Huskies are known to do well with children as they are found to be affectionate. However, no dog should be left alone with very young children.

Akitas on the other hand need to be brought up with children for them to take to them. Otherwise it can be very difficult for them to get on with children. There is an aggressive side to Akitas which can preclude them from being a family dog.

Both dogs have lots of energy and need plenty of walks. If they are part of a family, the children should be taught how to walk the dogs as it creates a bond between them.

Both Akitas and Huskies need to have owners who have time for them otherwise boredom sets in and Huskies in particular can destroy the house.

Husky vs Akita Environment: Where are They Best Suited?

Huskies can live in an apartment, but Akitas are best suited to houses where there is plenty of room for them. They are big dogs after all.

They both suit either a rural or urban environment as long as they get taken for walks. Neither is a nervous dog so noise pollution won’t affect them.

A garden is good for Akitas as they are energetic dogs. As I have said, Huskies can live in apartments, but a garden would also be good for them.

Both Akitas and Huskies like cold climates. Huskies suit temperatures of as low as -70F up to 65F, while Akitas like temperatures between 30F and 75F. Akitas could live in more temperate zones than Huskies.

Husky vs Akita Running Costs: Are They Expensive to Look After?

Both Huskies and Akitas can be expensive dogs to keep. They fare better on a natural diet rather than commercial dog food which is of course more expensive.

Both can incur grooming expenses as they have thick coats.

Healthcare can be quite expensive for Akitas, but Huskies are known to have fewer health problems so this is less of an issue.

Don’t buy one of these beautiful dogs unless you can afford it. It’s not fair on any dog to go without basic necessities like healthcare, good food, and grooming.

Final Thoughts: Husky vs Akita

Akitas are large dogs who are leaders of the pack. They are often a one person dog and will be completely loyal to that person.

However they do have a tendency to be aggressive.

Huskies are good natured family dogs and are medium in size. Because of their friendly nature, they do well in multiple dog households.

There are very few similarities between Akitas and Huskies apart from their thick coats and the fact that both are working dogs. They also both shed profusely.

The differences between the two are manifold. For a start Huskies are much more easily trainable than Akitas as Akitas are stubborn.

Huskies are also better with children than Akitas. Akitas are bigger and heavier than Huskies and their appearances are completely different.

If you have a family and enjoy walking, Huskies are an ideal choice. Make sure that you have plenty of time for them as they get bored easily.

If you want a loyal companion that thinks of just you as its owner, Akitas are a great choice.

Drop a comment if you have any questions! We’ll try to help!

Husky vs Akita - Dog Breed Comparison!