Border Collie Beagle Mix Guide: Size, Temperament, Training and More!

Greetings to my fellow pet parents! My name is Shelby and I have a loveable Springer Spaniel Beagle mix named Sage.

When I decided to adopt a dog of my very own, I knew I wanted to rescue a dog that needed my help! Sage was dropped into my lap and I immediately fell in love. I knew that I needed to be her forever family.

I have had many dogs over the years myself. These breeds include Beagles, Labradors, German Shorthairs and a few other mixes.

One thing I have learned over the years is the breed of your dog can make a big difference so you want to make sure you have the right breed for you!

Picking the Right Breed for You!

There are a few things to consider when picking your dog breed.

These things include size, energy level, temperament, hair type, and ideal environment.

When looking at a cross-breed it is hard to say exactly what you are going to get because it can be any combination of the two breeds.

In this article we are going to delve into a Beagle Border Collie Mix!

Beagle-Border Collie Basics:

Dog sitting on a plant potBeagles are generally known as hunting dogs and belong in the hound group. They are often used to hunt rabbits.

Border Collies have been known throughout history as shepherding dogs. They are believed to be first known as sheepdogs. They are commonly used to herd cows, sheep, or other animals for farmers.

Beagles are often small to medium in size while Border Collies are closer to a medium sized dog.

Beagles and Border Collies are highly energetic and active and need plenty of space to run around and release some of their pent up energy.

Because of this they might seem high maintenance if you are in a situation where their exercise is mainly walking with their owner.

Beagle-Border Collie Size: How Big Are They?

Beagles can range on the smaller side. The males tend to be between 14-16 inches (22-24lbs) and the females tend to be between 13-15 inches (20-22lbs).

Border Collies are a more medium sized dog with the male averaging 19-22 inches (30-45lbs) and the female averaging 18-21 inches (27-42lbs).

Because of this a Beagle-Border Collie could be medium to small and range between 20 to 40 pounds.

Beagle-Border Collie Temperament: How do They Behave?

Beagles are a very friendly breed. They were bred to be a part of a pack and can be very social with family members and other pets.

They are known for being loud, barking and howling. They also have a tendency to run off on their own when outdoors.

Border Collies are highly energetic and loyal towards their family. They have strong instincts to protect their families and can be wary around strangers.

The temperament of a Beagle-Border Collie will likely combine these two instincts. With the nose and hunting instincts of a beagle, combined with a herding instinct from the border collie they can be unpredictable.

This mix will require much patience and training. They might not be fit for off-leash free running. They will be friendly and would not be a very good guard dog.

They will be perfect for family members or for families who have other pets in the home as long as they are not rabbits or other small prey animals.

Beagle-Border Collie Life Span/Health: What’s Their Life Expectancy?

White and black dogThe beagle has an average lifespan of 12-15 years. This is a generally healthy breed.

They can have some issues such as patellar luxation, glaucoma, epilepsy, central progressive retinal atrophy (CPRA), hypothyroidism, distichiasis, chondrodysplasia, cherry eye, and keratoconjunctivitis sicca (KCS).

Some more major ailments could include primary carnitine deficiency (CUD) and intervertebral disk disease.

Border Collies can have a slightly shorter life expectancy of 10-14 years. They do not have a high rate of fatal health issues but they can have hip dysplasia.

They are known for more minor issues such as seizures, progressive retinal atrophy, osteochondritis dissecans, lens luxation, hypothyroidism, patent ductus arteriosus (PDA), and Collie eye anomaly (CEA).

They can also suffer from compulsive behavior.

Many breed mixes can be healthier than purebred dogs because they are less likely to get inherited disorders that comes from a lack of genetic diversity.

The diversity of mixed breeds can actually make them healthier than their parents.

Beagle-Border Collie Appearance: What do They Look Like?

Beagles are a moderately sized dog that is small enough to be carried and can get under the brush in the woods while hunting.

They have a course and short coat. They come in many varieties of black, brown, and white or can even be a lemon beagle which is light brown and white.

Border Collies are a medium size dog that can be bi-color, tri-color, merle, and sable. They often have white patches on their body or head.

When a Border Collie’s hair is short it can be smooth but as it gets longer it can be wavy or even rough.

With a mix it is hard to say what each specific dog will look like. They could look entirely like one or the other or a mixture of both.

They will likely be tri-colored but it is possible they could be black and white. They will have a sturdy build. As mentioned above they could be anywhere from 20 to 40 pounds.

Beagle-Border Collie Grooming: How Much do They Require?

Puppy sittingThe grooming of the Beagle-Border Collie will depend on what type of coat they get and whether it is closer to a beagle’s coat or a border collies.

Border collie coats will require brushing more often. Both breeds shed so you should brush them regularly regardless.

Nail trimming will be very important with this breed. Both a beagles and border collies have nails that grow very quickly.

Nail care is very important for a dog. Nails that are too long can hurt your pet, get caught on stuff, and be uncomfortable for family members that come in contact with them.

You should also be mindful of your dog’s ears. Beagles have ears that need to be cleaned very often with drops and Q-Tips to prevent wax buildup and other issues.

Like all dogs the Beagle-Border Collie will need regular dental care. Make sure to check their teeth for plaque and brush their teeth and gums weekly.

Beagle-Border Collie Training: Can They be Trained Easily?

Training you Beagle-Border Collie could vary in difficulty.

Border Collies are very easy to train. With a drive to please a Border Collie will do anything they can to make you happy.

These dogs are also highly intelligent and eager. Border Collies will need to be socialized as a part of their training.

They often have social anxiety around strange pets and humans and this could be an issue if not properly addressed. With time and effort these dogs will be very easy and well behaved.

Beagles can be tricky to train. They are very instinct driven and stubborn. With a beagle, a leash is necessary when outdoors in an open area as they are likely to follow scents.

They are also highly social and are likely to run off and visit with other people or pets.

Depending on what mixture of breeds you get, it could be easier or more difficult. They could be social or more reclusive.

The important part is to start training them as early as possible. This allows you and your pet to develop a relationship and can clue you in to what type of dog they are going to turn out to be.

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Beagle-Border Collie Diet: What do They Eat?

White and black dogA Beagle-Border Collie will eat similarly to other dog breeds. They should have something that is healthy and natural. Make sure that their food is not high in grain or fillers.

With high energy levels, they will need food that is high in protein and healthy fats. This will allow them to build more lean muscle and will improve their speed and strength.

Natural lean ingredients are ideal for this breed mix.

Beagle-Border Collie Family Dog: Are They Good With Children?

This mix will make a great family pet! The border collie will possibly herd smaller children. If they show this tendency, you will want to make sure they are properly trained not to nip or bite.

This is a common herding tactic and you want to make sure you are able to catch it early and shut it down.

A beagle is social, tolerant, and calm. This is ideal around children. They also strive to be close to their family members and will often want to be close to their humans or fellow pets.

You will also want to consider a yard. This dog mix will require exercise and if you do not have time to take it on walks you will want to make sure to provide it with a big yard. Without a fence the beagle will wander off easily.

Beagle-Border Collie Environment: Where Are They Best Suited?

A Smiling dogBeagles are suited for both indoor and outdoor living. They can withstand a wide variety of temperatures on both the hot and cold side of the spectrum.

They can live outside most seasons as long as they have bedding and a warm shelter. They are also good indoor pets.

One thing to keep in mind with an indoor beagle is to keep the trash out of reach. They are lead by their nose and this is a big attraction to them.

Border Collies could live outdoors but prefer to live indoors. They thrive where they can socialize with their family.

The border collie is not ideal for an apartment because of their need for exercise and large spaces. They can tolerate cold weather but do not do well living outside in it. They are also not able to withstand intense heat.

With a Beagle-Border Collie mix, they would do better indoors. They are highly social pets and would not do well alone and outdoors.

The specific mixture of the breed and their coat type will determine how they handle temperature extremes.

Beagle-Border Collie Running Costs: Are They Expensive to Look After?

The Beagle-Border Collie will be average cost for a dog. While they will possibly need additional brushing, they will not often need to go to a professional pet groomer and that can save you some money.

Depending on whether or not you feel comfortable cutting your dog’s nails yourself will also affect cost. This will most likely need to be done a minimum of monthly.

Depending on where you go this could cost as low as ten dollars or higher depending on where you go. Some vets will do this for you for a cheaper price but if you go to a groomer it could be more.

They will require regular vet check-ups like every other dog. This can be costly, and you will need to make sure you can afford this kind of care if you get any dog breed.

Final Thoughts: Beagle-Border Collie

A black and white dogOverall, a Beagle-Border Collie is fitted for a dog owner who is willing to put in the work. This breed will likely be unpredictable and will require lots of training and exercise.

A potential Beagle-Border Collie mix will require a family who can provide them the space and fenced in yard that they need and an apartment is not the ideal environment for them.

If the mix gets the vocal and loudness from beagles, they will not make any close neighbors happy.

They will need a family who is willing to socialize with them and really put in the time.

It is very hard to say for sure what any mix will be like and each dog is different. They could be any combination of both breeds in look, appearance, and temperament.

If you are considering this mix, you will want to make sure you are familiar with both breeds and are ready to handle whatever they can throw at you.

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