How Big do Pomskies Get? – Full Grown Pomsky Size Guide!

One of my favorite dog breeds I ever owned was a husky. Her personality was loud and energetic, and she was one of the most sweet and loyal dogs I ever had.

Hi everyone! My name is Bri and I have been a dog lover and parent my whole life. I currently spoil an American Bulldog named Bruce.

Now that I own a home, I do not have to worry about what size my dog gets. Bruce weighs 95 pounds and probably would not be allowed in most apartments.

However, when I had my husky, I was in search of an apartment and having her made it a little harder. The problem with my husky was her size.

For more information about common breed restrictions for apartment click here.

She grew to be 40 pounds, which made it hard for the two of us to find an apartment that allowed larger dogs. Most of the placed I looked at did not allow pets over 25lbs.

I remember thinking if she was the same dog, only smaller, how perfect it would have been…

How Big do Pomskies Get?

How big do Pomskies get? Full-grown Pomskies normally weigh about 30 pounds, but this can vary. Since Husky sizes and Pomeranian sizes can be different between males and females, it is hard to predict the size of a mix between the two.

A female, full-grown Husky can weigh up to 50 pounds and stand over 20 inches tall while a male grows to about 60 pounds and 24 inches tall.

Pomeranians are tiny dogs, with both females and males weighing only 6 to 7 pounds and 11 inches high.

By adding the two together and taking the average height, we can predict the size of the Pomsky. We will go further into detail about this later, so keep reading!

Even though a Pomsky is not known to grow over 15 inches tall, their fur can make them see a bit larger.

As I said before, Pomskies have thick, fluffy coats that can give them a good two extra inches of soft, fluffy size.

Introduction to Pomskies!

A huskyI then I found out there’s a dog breed called Pomskies, which are a mix between Pomeranians and Huskies.

I obviously would never trade my Husky for any dog in the world, but if you are thinking about getting a Husky but want a smaller version, a Pomsky might be the perfect solution!

Any dog breed has variations in appearance, but most Pomskies look like a Husky puppy for their entire lives. However, it is important to know that Pomskies will not look exactly like a Husky.

Pomskies will be a mix between the breeds, and many times have the recognizable features of each. Many people want a Pomsky because of their small size, but they might not be quite as small as you think.

Pomskies vary in size, both height and weight as well as their appearance. If you’re curious about just how big a Pomsky can get, this size guide will help you out!

Lifestages & Sizes of a Pomsky

  • Puppy Stage

    • The puppy stage is most people’s favorite. Who doesn’t love a new puppy?

Pomsky puppies look like your typical puppy – a tiny cute ball of fluff. Since both Pomeranians and Huskies have thick fluffy coats, the Pomsky breed gets a double whammy.

When a Pomsky puppy is ready to go to a new home, it is typically just about 5 pounds in weight. They barely stand at over half a foot tall at this young age.

Like all dogs, Pomskies grow rather quickly. This is completely normal, as most dogs seem to grow right before our eyes!

  • Adult Stage

    • Pomskies can grow anywhere between 10 and 15 inches tall and weighing between 20 and 30 pounds. However, the Pomsky breed is unpredictable and can vary in size with every litter.

Although this is smaller than the average Husky, it is not by much. This is where some people get confused, because they think a Pomeranian would make the Pomsky tiny.

They are still small, just not as small as people might think! No matter what size they end up, they are all still adorable.

  • Senior Stage.

    • Although senior Pomskies do not grow much bigger or smaller than they did in their adult stage, their weight tends to fluctuate. Like any senior dog, Pomskies slow down when they get older.

This can cause weight gain if owners are not careful, so their diet needs to be managed carefully to keep the old pup healthy. The short legs of Pomeranians are a trait that seem to carry through to Pomskies.

Their short legs which can be put under too much stress if they get overweight, which can cause pain and further problems for the pups.Treats should also be controlled carefully.

It can be really easy to give a dog too many treats (Bruce definitely could cut back), but when dogs get older it is important to be careful about how many treats they get.

A Pomeranian

How to Ensure Healthy Pomsky Growth

Like any dog, proper diet and exercise is crucial for keeping your Pomsky healthy. Both Huskies and Pomeranians are very active breeds, so Pomskies carry that trait.

They need a lot of exercise but do well with a nice long walk or lots of play time. Their diet will also play a huge role in their healthy growth.

With their high energy, they need the right fuel to keep them going. This is something you should consult your vet about since each Pomsky is different.

Predicting Pomsky Size and Weight

This is a tricky one. It is very hard to predict the exact size and weight of any dog, but especially a breed that is fairly new. Mixing a Pomeranian and a Husky has been a recent development in dog breeding.

With many dog breeds, they have been around for generations so there is plenty of research to show the trends and traits of each breed.

We have been able to study these dogs for years and give fairly accurate predictions on how they might look.

However, with Pomskies that is not the case. There is not a lot of research to go by, making it really hard to predict what the next generations will look like.

Even so, breeders can use the size and weight of each dog breed to roughly determine the size of the Pomsky. It may not always be entirely accurate, but it is pretty close.

The size and weight of Pomskies are determined by taking the average weight of both a Husky and a Pomeranian.

For example, if the Husky is 35 pounds and the Pomeranian is 5 pounds, the two weights added together equal 40 pounds. Divide that by two, you have a 20-pound Pomsky!

This is obviously a rough estimate since the exact weight is unpredictable. However, it can give you an accurate idea of the average weight of a Pomsky.

The same formula is done for the dog’s height. By taking the average height of the two breeds, you can roughly predict the height the Pomsky would be.

Final Thoughts: how Big do Pomskies Get

A HuskyPomskies are growing in popularity. Their small, loving personalities and active lifestyles make them great for city and apartment living.

These small dogs have the best of two famous dog breeds. However, make sure you purchase one from a reputable breeder.

Unfortunately, puppy mills are notorious for mixing breeds to satisfy the desires of dog owners. Breeders also can be selfish and try to breed the dogs in unhealthy ways to get the desired “perfect dog.”

Many people want a “teacup” dog, meaning it is very small. This is manipulated by breeding very small Huskies with very small Pomeranians.

This can lead to serious health complications in the puppy, which will not only break your heart but also is not fair to the dogs.

Doing research about the breeders can help you make sure you will get a healthy puppy that was bred from healthy dogs.

Once again, I think it is important to remember that a Pomsky will not necessarily look just like a Husky puppy for the duration of its life. It will carry the traits of both dogs, both physically and in its behavior.

While sizes can be estimated, it’s very hard. Be careful when trusting a breeder! They should not be able to make any promises on size or appearance, so if they do, their intentions might be questionable.

At the end of the day, Pomskies are a very loved breed that many people are after. Their compact size make them perfect for people who want a big dog attitude in a small dog body.

They are also relatively easy to maintain. Their fur is easy to groom and the have light to moderate shedding. Their small size also makes them easy to take with you wherever you go!

If you are looking for a unique, small dog, a Pomsky could be a perfect fit. Hopefully this article helps you decide if a Pomsky is the right dog for you! Happy Pup Parenting!