Do Bulldogs Shed? – Complete Bulldog Shedding Guide!

A bulldog

American Bullies, French Bullies, English Bullies, all the bullies! What do they have in common? Well for one they’re cute, chubby and have the best nose wrinkles. But aside from that, they all SHED! Newsflash – most dogs do! There’s no denying it, dog hair can really put a damper on your day. However, there … Read more

How Big does a Pomsky Get? – Full Grown Pomsky Size Guide!

A Pomeranian

One of my favorite dog breeds I ever owned was a husky. Her personality was loud and energetic, and she was one of the most sweet and loyal dogs I ever had. Hi everyone! My name is Bri and I have been a dog lover and parent my whole life. I currently spoil an American … Read more

Do Akitas Shed? – An Hairy Akita Shedding Guide?

A Akita

Hi, my name’s Irena and I live on the largest Greek island, Crete in the Mediterranean Sea with my dog, Sherlock and my 3 cats, Hamlet, Dimitris and Ebony. But I’ve not come here to talk to you about my wonderful pets. Today we’re going to find out a bit about Akitas and whether or … Read more

Do Chow Chows Shed? – Chow Chow Shedding Guide!

A chow chow

A little About Chow Chows and Shedding You probably recognise the Chow as the dog with the blue tongue, and that’s exactly what a Chow Chow has. The blue colour is not only on the tongue but also the lips and even inside the mouth. The Chow is a very distinctive dog which is also … Read more

Goldendoodle Pros And Cons – Should You Get A Goldendoodle?

A Goldendoodle

These days most people have seen or even know of someone with a Goldendoodle. They are a large dog breed with mostly curly hair which, when it grows longer makes them look just like a great big teddy bear. A Little Bit About Goldendoodles While Goldendoodles are not an ‘official’ breed, they are greatly loved … Read more

Do Airedales Shed? – Airedale Terrier Shedding Guide!

A airedale

Today we’re going to look at the question, do Airdales shed? Airedales are unique dogs with a sassy personality. Their playful spirit and high energy make them great family dogs, but many people love how they hardly seem to shed. Hi dog moms and dads! My name is Bri, and my dog Bruce is an … Read more

Do Cavapoos Shed? – Cavapoo Shedding Guide!

A cavapoo

A little About Cavapoos and Shedding You may also have heard of this breed being called a Cavoodle. They are an extremely popular breed and when looking at the little fluff balls, it is easy to understand why. They are absolutely delightful dogs! The trait of being a loyal and devoted companion comes from the … Read more

12 Dachshund Pros and Cons! – Is a Dachshund the right dog for you?

A Dachshund

Hi! I love dogs. If I could I’d have one of every breed. Unfortunately not every dog would fit my lifestyle and I wouldn’t be able to provide the care each individual dog requires. Choosing the right breed for you should be done by figuring out what you can provide for a dog as well … Read more

Top 5 Best Dog Toys Made in the USA!

Dogs with a toy

Many people choose to buy products that were made in the United States, and dog toys are no different. I personally prefer to purchase dog toys for my American Bulldog, Bruce that were made in the USA. Hi everyone, my name is Bri and I’m a crazy dog mom who probably spends way too much … Read more

Do Dalmatians Shed? – Dalmatian Shedding Guide!

A Dalmatian

I bet when we talk about Dalmatians, the first thing many people think of is the wonderful movie 101 Dalmatians. This is where we may have seen our first pics of those adorable spotty dogs and their even cuter pups. Dalmatians are strong dogs. They are classed as a large breed dog and are normally … Read more