Top 30 Best Male, Female and Unisex Gerbil Names

Getting a new pet can be an extremely exciting time! You have a new furry friend to play with, cuddle with and a companion that will make you smile whenever you are feeling down.

A great pet to have that offers cute, furry companionship with relatively easy maintenance is a gerbil!

These little guys are cage dwellers who are easy to care for and so much fun to play with.

Once you have all the perfect toys, cage accessories and food for the little guy or girl, it is time to pick a name for your new pet!

This might be the hardest part about bringing home a gerbil, or any pet for that matter.

Do you name them something funny? Maybe after your favorite character in a book or movie? With so many names to choose from, it can be hard to know which one is your favorite.

If you are anything like me, you might want a name that reflects your personality and what you are interested in. For example, I have a dog named Bruce.

Bruce got his name from some of my favorite characters and famous people, like the shark in Finding Nemo, the actor Bruce Lee and the singer Bruce Springsteen.

Everyone who meets him says he “looks like a Bruce” so I guess I did a good job picking his name!

I also like to pick pet names that are unique and uncommon. There are many classic gerbil names, like Squeaker or Peanut, which are great choices!

I will share more common gerbil names in this list and why I like them, but I will also suggest some more unique names for you to choose from.

I love to come up with names that not many people have used, and if it makes people laugh it is even better.

Do Gerbils Know their Names?

Actually, yes! They can absolutely learn their names.

It really has more to do with them hearing the sound and tone of your voice, and the action that comes after.

Many animals will respond to a word because of the learned behavior they associate with it.

For instance, when a dog hears the word “treat” they typically get excited because they know what is coming! That is why Bruce hides when he hears the word “bath.”

Gerbils are very affectionate animals and will associate your voice with your actions. If you say their name when you are holding them or feeding them, they will remember that!

Gerbils are very smart, so when you first name them, be sure to keep calling them by name so they learn it right away.

Now, let’s talk about the most common and unique names you can choose for your gerbil.

First, let’s start with names for your female gerbil.

Female Gerbil Names

If you have a girl gerbil at home and want to name her something feminine and dainty, there are hundreds of options!

I will start with some of the more common options, and then share some unique ones.

Common Female Gerbil Names

Minnie – Yep, just like the famous mouse! This is a great name for a sweet little girl.

Flower – Anything floral is perfect for a female gerbil. You could get more specific with names like Lilly, Petunia or Rose, too!

Buttercup – This is one of my favorite names for a gerbil. It is just adorable and definitely has a feminine ring to it.

Princess – What little girl doesn’t want to be called Princess? I know I do and I’m a grown adult. No shame.

Sunshine – Gerbils bring sunshine to anyone’s life! This is a great choice for a female.

Unique Female Gerbil Names

Wonder Woman – Okay so it is technically two names, but it works. Be proud of your small but mighty gerbil!

Queen Elizabeth – This is my favorite on the list. There is just something about naming a pet after a prominent royal figure that makes me giggle.

Princess Leia – Where are my Star Wars fans?! Naming small pets after famous, bad a$$ women is the BEST.

Buffy – I know I said this already, but this might actually be my favorite. Did anyone else watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer? I just think this name fits so perfectly for a gerbil. It is the perfect silly name!

Daenerys Targaryen Mother of Dragons – This one is long but it is hilarious. I loved Game of Thrones and this is a great, strong name for a tiny gerbil!

Male Gerbil Names

 A gerbilMaybe you brought home a male gerbil! Many people try to give male pets tough, masculine names.

Even though this is a tiny pet, I am definitely a fan of giving pets names that make people laugh. Like naming a tiny dog Hulk… another great name for a gerbil!

Moving on to the boys, same rules apply! I will cover common male gerbil names and then suggest some more unique and funny ones.

Common Male Gerbil Names:

Mickey – Yes, again like the mouse! I am a huge Disney fan, but this name is one of the most commonly used names for most male pets, especially small ones like gerbils and hamsters.

Ace – This is definitely one of the more common male gerbil names out there. I have seen this one a hundred times, but it is still a great name!

Bear – I love a good animal name for an animal. Bear is a great pun name for a gerbil!

Elvis – Another famous name for gerbils, this is one of the greats! Like I said, I am a huge fan of naming pets after my favorite famous people and Elvis is definitely in that category!

Gus – This also gives me Disney vibes! Gus is the name of the mouse in Cinderella, and it makes a great name for a cute little gerbil.

Unique Male Gerbil Names:

Han Solo – Don’t judge me for being a Star Wars nerd. This is an EXCELLENT name for a gerbil! I could do an entire category on just Star Wars names. Chewy, Yoda, Darth Vader, Luke, Syth Lord, Obi-Wan… okay the nerd in me is done… for now.

Captain Jack Sparrow – Guys. This is my favorite on the list. I almost want a gerbil just to name it Captain Jack Sparrow.

James Bond – Do you see a pattern here? Naming little tiny animals after famous characters is my new favorite hobby.

Thor – Hello Marvel fans! You could go a billion ways with this category too, from Loki to Captain America to Iron Man, you get the point.

Dumbledore – And we are done. As soon as I wrote this down I could not stop laughing. I just picture a gerbil in a little wizard hat.

This one takes the cake! I will finish with that because it just cannot be beat.

Unisex Gerbil Names

Sometimes it can be hard to tell what the gender of your gerbil is. Or, maybe you prefer a gender-neutral name which is also great!

When looking for a unisex name for any pet, you want it to be something that is not too girly but is also not too manly.

It can be hard to find a happy medium without throwing a pink tutu on your gerbil and calling it a day!

I get it, so I did some research and found the best unisex pet names I could find, and picked my favorite ones that I think would be a great fit for a gerbil!

I will do the same with these names as I did with male and female by giving you some of the common names and following with some unique ones. Let’s take a look!

Common Gender-neutral Gerbil Names

Cheddar – This is an adorable name that would work for any gerbil, no matter the gender! Plus, who doesn’t like cheese?

Waffles – I have seen this on multiple lists for gerbil and other pet names. It is definitely a gender-neutral name that would make anyone smile (or hungry).

Fuzzy – This one might seem overused, but it is still adorable. It is definitely fitting for any gerbil

Speedy – Did you know gerbils are one of the more acrobatic and quick rodent pets you can have? That is probably why Speedy is such a common name!

Gizmo – This seems to be a really popular name for smaller pets! It is a super cute name that could definitely be used for any gender

Unique Gender-neutral Gerbil Names

Nutmeg – This one makes my heart melt! It is such a cute, cozy name for a furry little gerbil and works for any gender!

Sunny – This is one of my favorite gender-neutral names. It is a little less feminine than “Sunshine” which I included in the female name section. However the same reasoning applies – pets are definitely a ray of sunshine in people’s lives, so this name is a perfect fit for a gerbil.

Boo – Short, sweet, and way too cute. Boo is a great name for a gerbil.

Harley – This could be after Harley Quinn or Harley Davidson! No matter how you use it, it’s a different and unique name for both boy and girl gerbils.

Biggie – I just can’t get enough of naming pets after famous people. While the name might not reflect the size of the animal, that makes it even better!

Final Thoughts

A gerbilNaming a pet is no joke! This is the name you will be calling your gerbil for the rest of its life, so you want to make sure it is one you like.

There is no right or wrong name for your gerbil! It can also be helpful to wait a few days to name it so you can get a good idea of their personality and choose a name that suits them!

However, if you can’t wait and want to name them ahead of time, just go with whatever feels right. Either way, your gerbil will love you!

Hopefully this helps you find the perfect name for your gerbil (in case you were on the fence, it’s Dumbledore).

Happy Pet Parenting!

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