Shih Tzu vs Havanese – A Detailed Comparison Of Both Dog Breeds!

Black and white dog

What are some important things to consider when choosing the between these two very similar breeds? Do you have young kids? Do you have time for training? Do these breeds have health concerns? Hopefully with the breakdown of these two breeds you will find the perfect puppy for your home! Overview of the Shih Tzu … Read more

What Dog Breeds Are Hypoallergenic? – 12 Hypoallergenic Dogs!

Allergies are a common woe that many people face, whether they are food allergies, skin allergies, or environmental allergies—such as dog and cat allergies. Bringing a dog into your home when you’re allergic to them is a delicate and daunting task. Luckily, there are many breeds that shed very little or not at all… which … Read more

Here Are 10 Of The Longest Living Large Dog Breeds!

Let’s face it; we all want our dogs to live for as long as possible. However, if you want to get a big dog, your choices are more limited. It’s the small dogs who seem to live the longest. Shih Tzus and Beagles for example often live well past their 15th year, while a larger breed, such … Read more