How Big Do Bearded Dragons Get? – The Different Life Stages of Beardies

A bearded dragon

One of the main things to consider before getting any pet is how big they will get in the future. Sure, bearded dragons may start out small and cute, but, unlike the myth that states they will grow to the size of their enclosures, bearded dragons can grow large – fast. Whether you just purchased … Read more

Best Bearded Dragon Enclosures: Terrarium, Vivarium, Tank or Cage?

Bearded dragon

So, you’re looking for the absolute best enclosure for your bearded dragon? Then you’ve come to the right place. My name is Megan, and I’m a senior biology student with a love for reptiles. In fact, I love them so much that I’ve taken classes to study them specifically. Reptiles are really special animals. I’ve … Read more

Best Food for Leopard Geckos – What Do They Eat? – 8 Nutritious Options!

Multi coloured reptile

Hello there! I adore geckos, they are officially my favorite reptile and therefore I thought I would do a little research and see if having a pet gecko might be for me. Leopard geckos, in particular are known as one of the easiest reptiles to take care of with a docile, easy to tame nature, … Read more

Best Substrate for Bearded Dragons – Our Ultimate Guide (2020)

Bearded dragon

Whether you’re a seasoned herpetoculturist – someone who raises live reptiles and amphibians – or a beginner pet owner, the bearded dragon is an extremely popular lizard that is both easy and fun to raise. Native to Australia, bearded dragons, also known affectionately as ‘beardies’ were first introduced into the United States as pets in … Read more

The 10 Best Toys For Leopard Geckos – Keep Your Gecko Entertained!

They’re not the most popular pet, but they are super cool. Just like every pet, they need to play games and have some fun. So, which toys would be best for them? Hey, I’m Katie. I love all animals; small or big, furry or scaley. I honestly believe that they all deserve to have a … Read more

Best Crested Gecko Enclosure – A Tank, Cage or Terrarium?

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What is the difference? What is the best option for a crested gecko? Does my cage need a light? What size does it need to be? Setting up the perfect habitat for your reptile starts with choosing the right equipment to start. As a beginner pet this is a great choice as these types of … Read more