12 Dachshund Pros and Cons! – Is a Dachshund the right dog for you?

Hi! I love dogs. If I could I’d have one of every breed. Unfortunately not every dog would fit my lifestyle and I wouldn’t be able to provide the care each individual dog requires.

Choosing the right breed for you should be done by figuring out what you can provide for a dog as well as what the dog needs!

Are you thinking about getting a Dachshund? Hopefully this list of pros and cons will help you decide if the Dachshund breed is right for you!

A Little bit About the Dachshund

Before we jump into the Dachshund pros and cons I’d love to share some history about the breed.

Most people would say that the dachshund breed, often times known as the wenier dog, resembles hot dogs.

Little do they know that the dachshund came first. Hot dogs used to be know as “Dachshund Sausages”

These tiny dogs are believed to be a mix breed of first the pincher and French basset hound and then the spinal and wire haired schnauzer.

Found in Germany as far back as the 15th century this dog was never bred to be a lap dog.

The Dachshund name is roughly translated to “badger dog”. In hunting, these dogs joined the foresters until prey, such as badgers, were spotted.

When the burrowing prey went underground the dachshund, often times more than one at a time, were sent in after them into each hole.

One key thing to this dog that makes them so great for hunting burrowing prey is their sense of smell. Due to their amazing sense of smell these little dogs can follow a trail even after it’s gone cold.

6 Pros of Owning A Dachshund

A Dachshund1) They Are Very Loyal

Just like most other dogs these little wenier dogs are extremely loyal and will love you unconditionally.

2) They Have Lots of Energy

They are also a very playful high energy breed. Because of being bred to capture and fight prey they have a great lung capacity meaning they can run run run!

3) Their Size Makes Them a Great Small House Companion

They are great for apartments due to their average 16-30 pound size.

4) They Are One of The Healthier Breeds

While it is always recommended to find a great vet and make sure you can afford any and all health things that come up for your furry friend, some dogs are luckier than others with common health issues.

The Dachshund is considered one of the healthiest breeds, Dachshunds life expectancy is anywhere from 12 – 16 years.

5) Endless Color Options and Hair Types

They come in many different colors and coat types! Smooth hair, Wire hair and my personal favorite long hair.

All three of which are very easy to care for. All that’s needed is a comb through and a bath every few weeks!

They range from many different colors including black, tan, chocolate, red and a combination of all four!

6) They Come in Two Sizes

As if that’s not enough choices for the kind of look you are going for they also come in two different sizes! Standard size of 16-33 pounds and miniature ranging from 8-11 pounds.

Fun fact, because of the wide webbed like feet the dachshund has they can dig up to a foot and a half into the ground in under a minute! So, don’t be surprised if your Dachshund digs!

One thing that can be considered both a pro and a con in the Dachshund courage. These dogs are not afraid of much!

Due to the fact that they were bred to hunt alongside the foresters these dogs are fearless. They can have the tendency to go after larger dogs without thinking twice.

6 Cons of Owning a Dachshund

A Dachshund1) They Can Have Back/Leg/Hip Issues

While their life expectancy is on the longer size for dogs, these long short dogs do experience back issues. They can suffer from slipped disks and other leg/hip related problems.

2 ) They Are One of the Harder Breeds to HouseBreak

Dachshunds are very intelligent dogs making them very stubborn. They say my way or the highway!

With patience,  persistence, and real dedication they can be trained but housebreaking can prove to be a problem.

3) They Dig! Dig! Dig!

They were built to dig! Meaning that you may catch they digging into your couch, holes in your backyard or even your carpet.

4) They May Have the Urge to Run

Since this pup was bred to hunt they can smell everything! This may urge them to run after whatever sent they picked up whether or not you were planning on chasing badgers.

It is always recommended to keep your pup on a leash when there is a possibility of them running somewhere you cannot catch them! 

5) They Are Not the Best Family Dog

Some people say “Not outfit is complete without a little dog hair”. If you do not agree this may not be the best dog for you.

All three Dachshund coats shed! The wirehaired coats tend to shed less than the other two making them slightly better for people with dog allergies but they are not hypoallergenic.

6) They Are Not the Best Family Dog

The last con for these short legged pups is that they may not be the best dog for a family with small children.

Because they were bred to be fearless, courageous and have the ability to put up a fight they can be pretty aggressive if they do not like something.

They are very loving animals but can go from snuggly bunny to the Hulk very quickly!

Dachshund Pros and Cons: Final Thoughts

A DachshundI think this could be the right dog for you if you are patient in training, don’t have a lot of other animals and are looking for a loyal companion.

If you don’t mind the digging, possibility of having to help your tiny legged friend needing surgery down the line and want multiple options for the color, size and hair style of your pup!

While the dachshund is a loving, soft playful dog they may not get along with all other dogs and can be slightly aggressive if they do not know you!

With the proper training and the right environment these weiner dogs will fit in right at home.

If this list of Dachshund pros and cons doesn’t quite help you decide what dog you should adopt I recommend asking around, visiting pet stores and making a list of the things you consider a “must-have” in the process of choosing the perfect dog.

Common things to include are size, coat type, temperament and health issues.