Do Huskies Shed? – A Full Guide To Huskies Shedding!

As a dedicated dog mom, I know that I will probably never not have dog hair in my home. Hi dog parents! My name is Bri, and my American Bulldog, Bruce sheds like crazy!

I have gotten used to dog hair over the years and multiple dogs, but no dog shed like my Husky, Nala. I rescued Nala from a neglectful environment and she was bone skinny with big patches of fur missing.

I never anticipated just how full her coat would soon be. When I brought her home and nursed her back to health, I felt the full force of Husky hair!

Her coat was beautiful, but it shed every single day. And when I say it shed, I mean I was vacuuming tons of dog hair on a daily basis.

Over time with Nala, I learned the shedding habits of Huskies and a few tips and tricks to help manage it. Some of these tricks have helped me prepare for bringing home a new dog to!

I want to share the knowledge, so this article will be a guide to all things Husky shedding, including tools to help manage it, health concerns and other common shedding traits for this breed. First, let’s talk a little about the breed.

History of Huskies

You have probably seen at least one movie with a Husky pulling a sled through the wintery wilderness, right? Balto is a classic. That’s exactly what these dogs were bred for!

They reign from northeastern Asia where they helped the locals survive extremely harsh winters by pulling loads of supplies across subzero temperatures, wagging their tails while they’re at it!

Sled racing eventually became a huge sport that spread like wildfire and Huskies were put into the spotlight.

They’re playful personalities and perky ears made them attractive as family dogs, and the rest is history!

What is a Husky’s Coat Like?

Fluffy, fluffy, fluffy! I can’t say it enough. Huskies have beautiful fluffy coats to keep them warm in their natural habitats!

They are unique in the fact that they are one of the most clean dog breeds out there and are big into self-cleaning. They have a double coat that consists of a warm, thick undercoat and a top coat that guards the warm fluffy layers underneath.

Their colors and markings are also attractive! Most Huskies are a combination of white, black and grey and everything in between with very distinct facial markings that vary from dog to dog.

Nala had thick black markings around each eye that made her look like she was always wearing a ton of eyeliner. Que the punk rock music.

The hair itself is different from many other dog breed. It is longer and finer than short-haired dogs, and the under-layer is soft and almost like cotton in texture.

Do Huskies Shed?

A huskyYes. Do they ever. My Husky shed more than any dog I have ever had. A simple swipe of my hand down her back left me with a handful of dog fur!

The double coat is what really plays a role in Huskies shedding. They’re naturally heavy shedders because of the environment they’re used to living in, which had extreme differences in temperatures.

It took me a while to get a good handle on my Husky’s shedding, but it is manageable if you do some research. That’s what I’m here for!

How Much do Huskies Shed?

If I haven’t already said it, Huskies shed A LOT. But for good reason!

My Husky shed enough fur to make another dog… several times.

That thick undercoat would be seriously problematic in the warm season.

There are other reasons why shedding is important for these dogs that I’ll mention later on.

When do Huskies Shed the Most?

All dogs have stages of shedding that are heavier than others. There are plenty of reasons why this happens, but here are the most common:

Time of year

This is definitely the biggest factor in the stages of shedding for any dog, but especially Huskies. Their winter coats need to be shed when the weather gets warmer so they don’t overheat.

They also shed their summer coat when the weather gets warmer so the warm undercoat has plenty of room to grow in. These two changes in the seasons are by far the heaviest times for shedding.

Stage of life

Puppies shed their puppy fur and senior dogs shed more than adult dogs! The stages of a Husky’s life will definitely impact how much they shed.

Typically once they reach adulthood their shedding evens out and is pretty regular.

When they’re puppies they probably will not shed as much, but in between those stages (their rebellious teenage years), you will definitely see more shedding.

Poor diet

This is a big contender for all dogs, but especially Huskies. They have a ton of energy, so they need a healthy diet to keep up with their lifestyle.

Poor nutrition can cause excess shedding and dry, brittle fur. This will be very obvious in a Husky because their coats will normally be full and, you guessed it, fluffy.

Bugs and pests

Fleas, ticks, flies and any other biting bug can be a real pest for dogs. Huskies have long thick fur so it can be tough to see these bugs till the symptoms start to show.

Excessive scratching can cause fur loss, and some of these nasty bugs can carry harmful diseases that affect a dog’s skin. Always be on the look-out for changes in the look of the fur!

How to Combat Husky Shedding?

This took me a while to get a good grip on. Husky fur is different than any other breed I have owned, so it was definitely hard to get used to.

However, with the help of a great brush and an even better lint roller, I got the hang of it! The key is making a routine out of grooming and cleaning.

Huskies do not need regular baths, and over-bathing them can actually strip their naturally protective oils and do more harm than good.

However, brushing them a couple times a week can really help keep all that loose fur off your furniture!

Finding a great vacuum might seem silly but it’s no joke! I was using an old hand-me-down vacuum when I got Nala and it was just not up to the task.

The thickness of Husky hair can make it hard to vacuum, so finding a good one is important. We will talk about that more in the next section!

Equipment Help to Combat Husky Shedding

Like I said before, a good vacuum and an even better lint roller can solve all your puppy problems! There are so many to choose from though so I’ll share some of my favorites.


For vacuums, I absolutely recommend Dyson’s pet hair vacuum. It’s cordless and it breaks down into smaller pieces so you can easily get the hair trapped on the stairs and on furniture.

It is more expensive than other vacuums, but for how well it works I think it was definitely worth the investment.

I used this vacuum at least twice a week and never had any issues getting up all the dog hair!

Lint rollers

Lint rollers are a staple in any dog parent’s home. I know that the cheap ones with the sticky paper work, but I try to be as environmentally friendly as I can so I really like the reusable Magik Brush by Evicare.

This is a reusable brush that grabs pet hair off of my clothes and even my furniture, and it’s really easy to clean.

I was skeptical of it at first but I still have one in my home today and use it regularly!


Brushes are also important helpers with Husky shedding. My favorite brush that I will always swear by is the Furminator.

You have to pay attention to the size of the brush, because they make different sizes for lengths of fur.

I have a different one now for Bruce than I did for my Husky, but they both work wonders! I’m always amazed at how much hair comes off after a good brush with the Furminator.

Are Huskies Considered to be Hypoallergenic?

Nope! Not even close. Even if it were possible for a dog to be completely hypoallergenic, Huskies would be on the lower end of the list.

Let me explain; no dog is hypoallergenic, at least not entirely.

There are dogs that shed much less than others and some not at all, but this does not make them hypoallergenic.

Dander (dead skin cells) plays into that equation too, and I have yet to hear of a dog that doesn’t shed dander!

Huskies do have considerably less pet dander than other dogs since they are self-cleaning. However, their shedding speaks for itself. The amount of hair they have makes them a huge allergy triggering animal.

If you have severe allergies to pet hair, unfortunately it’s probably not the best idea to bring home a Husky. Unless you are okay with being on allergy medication, which I totally would be!

Do Some Huskies Shed More Than Others?

This all depends on a few factors. Across the board, one Husky would not shed more than the other if they are in the same environment and live similar lifestyles.

However, a Husky that lives in a warmer climate probably sheds more than a Husky in a cold climate, because their warm undercoat is not needed. The opposite is also true.

If a Husky lives somewhere cold year-round, they probably will not shed as much throughout the year to keep that warm undercoat intact.

Many dogs that live in a different climate than their ancestors did will evolve and adapt to that climate.

For instance, a Husky living in Florida will eventually grow less and less of a thick undercoat than a Husky living in Alaska. It is likely that her offspring will do the same.

Nature always finds a way, and animals are known to adapt to their surroundings! This would obviously mean those two Huskies will shed different amounts.

Different levels of health and activity can also change how much a Husky sheds. A healthy adult will shed less than a senior Husky, and a new Husky puppy won’t shed as much as a full grown adult.

It all just depends on the situation, and no two dogs are exactly the same!

Health Reasons for Increased Shedding in Huskies

Like I said before, the shedding during the changing seasons is vital to a Husky’s health.

Keeping them warm and cool is part of it, but it also keeps dirt and bacteria from building up and irritating their skin.

If a Husky is shedding excessively, or any dog for that matter, it could be a sign of health issues beneath the surface. Sometimes it is something simple like an allergy that can be easily treated.

However, sometimes excess shedding can be a symptom of more serious problems, such as certain cancers or skin conditions like mange.

It’s important to pay attention to your dog’s skin and coat so you recognize when something’s not quite right!

Final Thoughts: Do Huskies Shed

A huskyI had so much fun raising my Husky even with all the dog hair! She was a sweet pup who loved to go on adventures and was friendly to everyone she met on the way.

I obviously had to get into a routine to control the shedding, but it was definitely worth it. If you are patient enough and willing to try different things to keep your home clean, Huskies are well worth the effort!

But if you or your family members suffer from severe allergies or you just don’t want to take the time to clean dog hair many times throughout the week, a Husky probably is not the right breed for you.

I hope this article on do huskies shed has been helpful whether you have a Husky already or are considering getting one! Happy Pup Parenting!

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