Introduction To Dog Grooming – A Great Way To Get Started

Hello! Welcome to Officially Pets! Today we are providing a short guide to grooming different dog breeds!

Most dog owners love making their dog look great!

Many Instagram pages are dedicated to fantastic looking dogs! Like our very own one, check our page out here!

However, dog grooming can be a daunting task. Dog owners are overwhelmed by the task of having to cut, bathe, trim, brush and nail cut the pooch.

You probably don’t have the time to pamper yourself never mind your k-9 friend!

However, it is extremely important to groom your pet effectively! Why is this?

Well simply put, they can’t do it for themselves! Your dog fully relies upon you for food, care, grooming and companionship!

So understand the basics to dog grooming!

Here are some simple beginning steps to grooming your dog!


Large dogIf you previously owned a Spaniel and shifted to a Labrador, then you need to understand that they probably require a different grooming routine.

Different dogs require different grooming techniques, your previous dog may have a short-haired coat, not requiring much maintenance.

However your new Poodle is likely to have a long coat, which need constant trimming and washing.

Simply understand your dogs breed and learn about its history and characteristics.

Then, you can gather what grooming techniques should be relevant, for example do they shed sufficiently or do they need a trim?

Get to know your dogs needs!


As mentioned certain dog breeds require frequent grooming.

For example, dog breeds such as a Cocker Spaniel may require a once a month bathing routine.

Lots of dog breeds require everyday coat brushing, to remove excess fur.

These are they types of things must be anticipated and planned for.

There is no better way to fail your dog grooming needs by not being sufficiency prepared for it.

Before you even buy your dog, you should plan, prepare, and allocate a period time where you can self-groom your dog, or take them to a grooming shop!


ATaking care of a dog is often compared to taking care of a baby (as is the case with many pets).

You need to be able to provide full attention during the first few months, especially if you’re adopting a new puppy!

Constant care is required in the following years, no matter the age of your dog. To be able to care for your dog, you will likely need to invest in quality tools!

You should look to acquire tools and dog supplies that your dog needs to maintain a healthy living.

Products such as such as, brushes, combs, toenail clippers, dryers, shampoo and conditioner,  de-matting tools, flea removal and dog food just to get started!

Allocating an initial budget and an ongoing monthly expenses budget would be a good idea and is essential to keep your dog healthy!

Amazon is a great place to build up a basket of exciting dog care products and often allows prime delivery (next day!) on most products!


Grooming your dog is an ongoing process! You should look to improve your knowledge about your dog and learn more techniques on how to effectively groom your dog.

Investing in dog training and grooming courses is a great idea, especially for first time owners who seek guided help!

You could also read books, ebooks, articles or watch tutorials about how to groom your dog!


Once you have fully understood your dog’s breed needs and invested in the required equipment you are ready to begin the grooming process!

Just remember, grooming your dog may also take some training!

They may not like or react well to it at first, but it’s important to persist to make sure your dog stays healthy!

Read our view of a training programme called brain training, check here to start training your dog!

Final Thoughts

A large black dogAll these lead to one thing, the most important element of owning a k-9 companion: taking good care of your dog!

Personal characteristics often manifest themselves in the owners dog.

If you see a dog with tangled, matted hair, you may regard the owner of that dog to be irresponsible!

Aim to keep good, constant grooming part of your daily routine by keeping your dog clean and looking fresh (we know, easier said then done!).

Still need help grooming? Here is another article of ours to help you!

A healthy dog is a happy dog!

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