Yorkie Poo vs Maltipoo – A Detailed Comparison Of Both Dog Breeds!

Hello, my name’s Sarah and I am the owner of a big furry friend called Max. He’s a Labradoodle and stands a little taller than my knees.

My neighbour has a far smaller dog. Bertie is a Yorkie Poo, and simply the cutest little thing!

I was doing a bit of research into the smaller breeds and came across another breed which is just as cute as the Yorkie Poo.

This is the Maltipoo. I’d never heard of it before and have found out some very interesting things about this tiny breed.

Comparison: Yorkie Poo vs Maltipoo

Happy dogThe Yorkie Poo is a cross breed with parentage of a Yorkshire Terrier and Toy or Miniature Poodle. Both breeds are super intelligent and excel at different tasks involving obedience and agility.

Maltipoos feel that they are born to make you laugh, in fact some people often call them intelligent clowns as they love to mock play around you.

Your Maltipoo will never get frustrated because his toy has slipped under the sofa, it will simply become a game to retrieve it.

Both breeds can act like small children and become bratty and a little mouthy so they must be trained at an early age that mouthing is not acceptable.

Yorkie Poo vs Maltipoo Size: Which is bigger?

Both dogs are hybrid breeds which means that sizes can vary depending on the parentage.

Yorkie Poos normally average a height of 7” – 12” and weigh between 3 – 14 pounds.

Maltipoos will stand about 8 – 14” high and weigh between 5 and 20 pounds. The size is dependent on if one parent was a Toy or Miniature Poodle.

Yorkie Poo vs Maltipoo Temperament: How do They Behave?

The Yorkie Poo has characteristics of both the Yorkshire Terrier and the Poodle which makes them both intelligent and lively.

Terriers were originally bred to catch rats and the Poodle also has a history of hunting habits so you can expect your pup to need a fair amount of mental stimulation if he is to be satisfied.

Without this, he may resort to incessant barking or become destructive.

Most Yorkie Poos love attention and will happily spend time cuddling. However, they prefer you to themselves and without small children because they can be very active and wriggly.

A normal, healthy Yorkie Poo is literally a bundle of pent up energy and needs physical exercise. Regular walks will satisfy this need.

Small white dogMaltipoos are often called the cutest dogs ever. They are a cross between Maltese and Toy or Miniature Poodles.

Maltipoos tend to be very good-natured and friendly. This also means that he will get along with other animals in the house, even cats.

He is a weak watchdog as he is more likely to run for cuddles than guard your house so if you want a guard dog then choose another breed!

Just because he doesn’t guard, doesn’t mean he is a quiet dog. Maltipoos love to bark, in fact he will bark as often as he can.

Your Maltipoo is a gentle breed who will get along with most people he meets. He will love sitting on your lap for cuddles as much as walking beside you.

Maltipoos can be feisty and active so exercise is important. They need early socialisation to people as well as to different sights and sounds. This will ensure they grow up to be well-rounded.

Yorkie Poo vs Maltipoo Life Span: What’s Their Life Expectancy

Yorkie Poos can live anywhere between 13 and 15 years.

Maltipoos can live between 12 and 16 years.

Both life spans are dependent on the parents of the pup.

Yorkie Poo vs Maltipoo Health: Are They Prone to Health Conditions

Being cross breeds has a big advantage because many genetic weaknesses are reduced. However, both breeds do have their own set of health issues.

Yorkie Poos are prone to ear infections because they have lots of hair around the ear canal. They also suffer from hip joint problems. Kneecaps can also become instable. These disabilities can be corrected by surgery.

The Maltipoo is also fortunate to not inherit too many health issues although he may suffer from hip disorders and Patellar Luxation which affects the kneecaps.

Maltipoos are prone to eye diseases and sometimes epilepsy. Maltipoos who are white coloured may suffer from Shaker Syndrome. A healthy Maltipoo can live to about 16 years.

Yorkie Poo vs Maltipoo Appearance: What do They Look Like?

Small brown dogBoth breeds can be likened to little bundles of fluff. Both have adorable little faces and heaps of energy.

A Yorkie Poo has a coat which is anywhere between straight and curly, it will be soft to the touch. They are relatively non-shedding.

The coat can be of different colours depending on parentage so expect to find them in black, white, sable, red, apricots, tans, chocolate and grey. Some may have points of ears in different colours.

A Maltipoo will have a coat of almost any colour. It is medium to long and curly.

The coat can be in colours from black, white, brown, cream, grey, peach, and any combination of them. This is largely due to the colours of the parents.

The Maltipoo is also considered to be non-shedding although both breeds will shed a little particularly in the warmer weather.

Yorkie Poo vs Maltipoo Shedding: What Kind of Coats do They Have?

Because both breeds come from different parents, they will be less prone to shedding than a pure-bred dog. There will still be a certain amount of shedding, although the Poodle influence means less shedding.

Because the Yorkie Poo produces dander it appeals to people with allergies.

Even though he does not shed that much, he will still benefit from being groomed daily as he loves to be brushed. Brushing will keep his coat tangle free.

The Maltipoo is also non-shedding with a low-dander coat of soft, fluffy texture. His coat is medium to long and can be either slightly wavy to fully curly.

He will benefit from a daily brushing to keep his coat tangle free. Generally, a Maltipoo will only need trimming once or twice a year although you will need to keep the hair on his head and around eyes short with a monthly trim.

You should bath both breeds once a month to keep their coats clean and shiny. Ears should also be kept hair-free to stop infections.

Yorkie Poo vs Maltipoo Grooming: How Much do They Require?

A small white dogYorkie Poos need to be trimmed regularly, although the length is to whatever the owner prefers. Because the dog is a ‘designer breed’ there are no set styles for the hair.

The Yorkie Poo and the Maltipoo need their teeth brushed at least three times a week to prevent tartar build-up. Toy breeds are prone to dental issues so more brushing is better.

Nails on both breeds need to be trimmed once or twice a month. The rule of thumb is that if you can hear them clicking on the floor then they need to be trimmed.

Both breeds need their ears checked weekly for redness and odour which can indicate an infection.

Both the Yorkie Poo and the Maltipoo should be introduced to grooming at home from an early age to get them used to being brushed and trimmed at the groomer.

Yorkie Poo vs Maltipoo Training: Can They be Trained Easily?

Because the Yorkie Poo is so intelligent, he trains well and easily. However, when considering his parents, you will see that he may tend to be stubborn and independent.

This is from the Terrier side, while the Poodle side will bring smartness to the pup.

It is best to avoid repetitive tasks as he will be bored soon, stop learning and become a little rebel.

It is important to use plenty of positive reinforcement with your Yorkie Poo as well as plenty of treats, so the training is fun.

The Maltipoo also needs to be trained at an early age particularly if you don’t want him to bark.

They is supposed to be difficult to house train and will require a good amount of mental stimulation. Because he does not like to be crated, you need to be on top of house training from an early age.

As with the Yorkie Poo, he will benefit from positive reinforcement.

If you need help training your Yorkie Poo or Maltipoo, click here!

Yorkie Poo vs Maltipoo Availability: Are They a Rare Dog Breed?

Because neither the Yorkie Poo or the Maltipoo are from rare parents, there are plenty of them available.

What is important is that you buy from a reputable breeder who can produce medical records of both parents.

Yorkie Poo vs Maltipoo Diet: What do They Eat?

Small white dogYorkie Poos prefer a diet of mostly dry food and this should be high-quality and suited to their needs.

You should stick to the age group when buying dry kibble.

The Maltipoo will eat both wet and dry foods, and both should be high-quality, containing all the nutrients for small breed dogs.

Yorkie Poo vs Maltipoo Family Dog: Are They Good with Children?

Yorkie Poos will do very well with small children. He’s very loving and gentle. Unfortunately, he can be a bit overactive which may lead to knocking small children over. He will be great with older children.

The Yorkie Poo is also good with other dogs and even cats.

While the Maltipoo loves children, he will get impatient with them if they are rough with him. He will then nip them to keep them from hurting him.

Because of the size of the dog, it should not be carried around by children who can easily drop him.

Yorkie Poo vs Maltipoo Environment: Where Are They Best Suited?

Small brown dogYorkie Poos are comfortable in either houses or apartments. If he lives in a house, he should not be left outside as he is simply too small to do this. For his emotional and physical well-being, he should live inside.

He should not be crated for too long as he will not be happy, they are not crate dogs although they can be trained to stay there at night. During the day they would prefer to be with you.

Maltipoos are typically seen as apartment or indoor dogs, although they benefit from some outdoor time, and enjoy their walks.

They should never be thought of as outdoor dogs and kept outside for extended periods of time. As long as he is with you, he will be happy.

Yorkie Poo vs Maltipoo Running Costs: Are They Expensive to Look After?

Running costs for both breeds are similar. Both will set you back about £1,200 although this may vary depending on location of the breeder.

Vet bills will be similar as will be grooming costs.

Food prices will be much the same as both breeds eat about the same amount per day and both require high-quality food.

Final Thoughts: Yorkie Poo vs Maltipoo

A small white dogBoth breeds are suitable for apartment living and neither should be carted for long periods of time.

Both love to be cuddled and enjoy other people, although the Yorkie Poo is better with smaller children than the Maltipoo who can easily become irked and snappy.

The cost of both dogs is much the same and the daily running is similar.

Neither make good guard dogs although they both love to bark. If this is an issue, then the Yorkie Poo barks slightly less than the Maltipoo.

It seems to me that it would be a very difficult thing to choose from between the two breeds as both are simply adorable!

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