Alpha Dog Training: When Is This Training Method Appropriate?

Similar to how wolves have a pack leader, dogs also have a natural instinct to follow or be followed, as they often see themselves in a pack.

Failing to attend to this fact can quickly cause things to spiral out of control, leading to your dog thinking of themselves as the alpha in your family.

This can cause problems, as your dog will start to demand being treated as the “king.”

If this is your situation, then read on to learn how alpha dog training can help you claim back your dominance.

Hello there… I’m Danial, and I’m here to tell you about alpha dog training, a technique that is often overlooked in dog training.

Additionally, I also find that a lot of people have the wrong view of alpha dog training.

I had heard quite a lot of people tell me that they did not execute any type of alpha dog training when they trained their dogs because they do not want to initiate correction-based methods.

Positive reinforcement training and clicker training have become much more popular in modern times.

The surprising thing about these statements is that there is no need to utilize correction-based training methods or adopt a negative attitude toward your dog.

You can, in fact, utilize many of the more positive training techniques in order to position yourself as the alpha dog of the “pack” – with the pack being you, as well as your family, of course.

The main problem with allowing your dog to remain the alpha of the pack is the fact that it can be dangerous in some cases, especially when you have children that are often around the dog.

With the dog thinking that they are the alpha, they will be more likely to express violent behavior, especially when someone oversteps their authority – causing the dog to lash out in order to assert their dominance in the particular situation.

How To Get Started With Alpha Dog Training

If you find yourself in a situation where your dog is taking the lead and thinking of themselves as the alpha male in the pack, or if you have recently adopted a dog and worry about facing such problems in the future, then I urge you not to worry.

You can initiate these training methods at any point and, with the right techniques, you can ensure that you become the alpha male and that your dog knows and understands where they fit into the pack.

First of all, determine if your dog has already claimed their spot as the alpha male or not.

If not, then you will introduce alpha male dog training to them as a way to get them to understand that you are the king of the pack.

If your dog already seems to be thinking of himself or herself in this way, then you will need to re-establish your own role as the alpha dog in your relationship, as well as part of the pack.

Additionally, determine if your dog is currently trying to claim the alpha dog role above other dogs that you may own.

Obviously, this particular one only counts if you do own more than a single dog.

Another subject that I also quickly want to address before I start sharing some tips and alpha dog training techniques with you is the fact that every dog is different and unique in their own way.

Different breeds of dogs tend to respond in their own ways to training methods initiated in order to get them to be obedient.

At the same time, however, it should be noted that all dogs really have that “instinct” of testing out their dominance and when given a chance, they will claim their role as an alpha dog.

Don’t think that just a male dog would try to be the alpha dog of the pack – I’ve seen many Alpha female dogs in a family as well!

Now, let’s move on to some useful alpha dog training techniques that you can use to ensure that you are the dominant one of the pack…

Be In Charge All The Time

First of all, with alpha dog training, you need to be in charge at all times.

Essentially, your dog will notice your behavior – and will follow by example.

Show them that you are in charge, but without being cruel to them.

Be assertive, but also caring and loving at the same time. There are many ways in which you can assert yourself as the one who is in charge over your dog.

An excellent example would be while you are having dinner.

Most dogs can’t help themselves when it comes seeing the family having dinner – they will look you straight in the eyes while you are eating and beg for a piece.

No matter how tempting it might be to give in to their temptation, do not allow yourself – remember that with alpha dog training, being in charge is your main priority.

When this happens, command your dog go to their designated spot, such as a crate or their bed.

Always Be The First

In addition to being in charge of your dog, you also need to ensure that you are always first when implementing any type of alpha dog training methods.

Basically, this particular method needs to be implemented in such a way that no matter where you are going, be it at home, the park, or just a stroll around the block.

You always need to place yourself in front of your dog and enter any smaller spaces first before your dog does.

As an example, when you are planning to walk your dog, and you approach the door with them already on the leash, be sure to exit the door first, and then allow your dog to follow you.

When you walk the dog, be sure to walk out in front and then get your dog to follow you.

Coming back home, ensure you are the first to walk back into the house, after allowing your dog to follow again.

Assert Yourself As King

Another important factor that is vital for successful alpha dog trainer is to ensure that you portrayed as the “king” – in other words, always be at a higher level than your dog.

This particular step might be a little difficult – if you are used to allowing your dog to sleep on the bed with you, then now would be the time to break that particular habit.

While there isn’t anything wrong with allowing your dog to sleep with you on the bed normally, allowing this during alpha dog training will cause your dog to see you as an equal.

This is not something that you want when you are trying to portray yourself as the dominant once between you and your dog.

Final Thoughts

Alpha dog training is an important part of ensuring that you are dominant over your dog, as well as to ensure that your dog does not try to dominate any member of the family.

When you allow your dog to be the alpha in the family, he may become more aggressive and even be more likely to bite children and hurt you.

If you find that your dog is trying to be dominant, then be sure to take a close look at the tips I’ve shared with you here.

These alpha dog training techniques will help you reclaim your role as king and ensure your dog knows their place.

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