Do Chow Chows Shed? – Chow Chow Shedding Guide!

A chow chow

A little About Chow Chows and Shedding You probably recognise the Chow as the dog with the blue tongue, and that’s exactly what a Chow Chow has. The blue colour is not only on the tongue but also the lips and even inside the mouth. The Chow is a very distinctive dog which is also … Read more

Do Airedales Shed? – Airedale Terrier Shedding Guide!

A airedale

Today we’re going to look at the question, do Airdales shed? Airedales are unique dogs with a sassy personality. Their playful spirit and high energy make them great family dogs, but many people love how they hardly seem to shed. Hi dog moms and dads! My name is Bri, and my dog Bruce is an … Read more

Do Cavapoos Shed? – Cavapoo Shedding Guide!

A cavapoo

A little About Cavapoos and Shedding You may also have heard of this breed being called a Cavoodle. They are an extremely popular breed and when looking at the little fluff balls, it is easy to understand why. They are absolutely delightful dogs! The trait of being a loyal and devoted companion comes from the … Read more

Do Dalmatians Shed? – Dalmatian Shedding Guide!

A Dalmatian

I bet when we talk about Dalmatians, the first thing many people think of is the wonderful movie 101 Dalmatians. This is where we may have seen our first pics of those adorable spotty dogs and their even cuter pups. Dalmatians are strong dogs. They are classed as a large breed dog and are normally … Read more

Do Dachshunds Shed? – Dachshund Shedding Guide!

A dachshund

Hi, my name’s Irena and my dog, Sherlock, sheds like mad. He’s a mixed breed and has quite long and wavy hair. I am forever sweeping up his hair, but half an hour after I’ve swept up, there’s more hair! Mind you I still love him more than anything and wouldn’t be without him. Shedding can … Read more

Do Labradoodles Shed? – A Guide to Labradoodle Shedding!

A Labradoodle

Today we’re going to take a look at the question, do Labradoodles shed? Before we get into all things related to Labradoodle shedding, let’s shed (pardon the pun!) some light on the Labradoodle’s popularity. To begin with, you may be wondering what a Labradoodle is. Well, it’s a crossbreed dog which has parents of Poodle … Read more

Do Labs Have Webbed Feet? – Find Out About Labradors and Webbing!

A lab running

Hi, my name’s Irena and I have three lovely dogs. I’ve been looking at their feet and one definitely has got webbed feet. I’m not sure about the others but it does seem as if there is a little webbing there. What is Webbing? Webbing is a thin membrane which is between the toes of … Read more

Do Cocker Spaniels Shed? – Cocker Spaniel Shedding Guide!

Adorable puppy

Hi! I’m Caitlin and I have always been a massive dog fan. I live with dogs (one short and one long hair breed) which both shed a lot. It’s a wonder they have any hair left! So how much dog hair bothers you and your family, is a hugely important factor when considering the right … Read more

5 Best Shampoo Choices for Golden Retrievers (2019) – Keep Them Clean

Golden retriever puppy

It comes as no surprise that the Golden Retriever is frequently rated as one of the most popular dog breeds. They are without doubt beautiful dogs. Additionally, they have beautiful coats and wonderful characteristics. Highly intelligent, great with children and families, it is no wonder that they are so well loved. Golden Retrievers are classed … Read more

What Are The Best Pets For Depression & Anxiety? – Pets & Mental Health

Dog sitting with their owner

According to the National Alliance on Mental Health, in just one year alone, at least 1 in 5 Americans will suffer from either poor mental health or a mental illness; that’s approximately 43.8 million Americans every single year. If you suffer from a mental illness, the most important thing to remember is that you are … Read more