Do Labs Shed – A Full Guide To Labradors Shedding!

A labrador

Most dog parents are well aware that owning a dog means living with dog hair. Shedding is a natural part of any dog breed, but it can be a real pain for those who are also trying to keep a clean home! An extremely popular dog breed that is known for their shedding is the … Read more

Do Huskies Shed? – A Full Guide To Huskies Shedding!

A Husky

As a dedicated dog mom, I know that I will probably never not have dog hair in my home. Hi dog parents! My name is Bri, and my American Bulldog, Bruce sheds like crazy! I have gotten used to dog hair over the years and multiple dogs, but no dog shed like my Husky, Nala. … Read more

Do Golden Retrievers Shed – Retriever Shedding Guide!

A Golden Retriever

Got dog hair? Same. My American Bulldog, Bruce, is a shedding machine. Hi dog moms and dads! My name is Bri, and as a dog mom, I’ve gotten used to mass amounts of dog hair in my home and on my clothes at all times. Bruce is totally worth it, but I’m always amazed at … Read more

Why Do Huskies Howl?

A husky

The natural instincts of dogs have been a topic of interest for years. Their adaptations over the years have probably changed drastically, but in some breeds, you can definitely recognize those traits from their ancestors. Hi dog moms and dads! My name is Bri, and I am a loving dog mom to my American Bulldog, … Read more

Do Rhodesian Ridgebacks Shed? – A Full Shedding Guide!

A rhodesian ridgeback

It’s a fact of life that many of our beloved pets shed their hair and it’s something us pet parents are often keen to avoid where possible. It can be a nightmare for those with allergies and your carpets! It’s important to be aware before you choose your new furry best friend of the challenges … Read more

Do German Shepherds Shed? – German Shepherd Shedding Guide!

A german shepherd

A Little About German Shepherds German Shepherds are classed as medium to large-sized dogs with the standard height at the shoulder being between 60-65 cm in height. Females will be slightly smaller at between 55-60cm. The breed has a black nose and strong jaws. The forehead is domed, and the muzzle is square shaped. Ears … Read more

Do Beagles Shed? – A Full Beagle Shedding Guide!

A beagle

One of the most common questions asked when looking into a new breed is “do they shed?”.  It’s a super important question, too. Shedding can play a big part in your final decision when finding your perfect dog.  One extremely popular breed? The beagle. It’s loved by so many people, they’re the perfect medium of … Read more

Do Border Collies Shed? – Border Collie Shedding Guide!

A border collie

When considering a new pet, many owners’ top concerns revolve around grooming. Questions such as ‘how often do I need to brush my pet’ and ‘will my pet shed a lot’ aren’t uncommon. However, certain breeds seem to raise more concern about shedding due to their full, thick coats, and border collies are no exception. … Read more