10 Best Rabbit Hutches & Cages for Indoor & Outdoor Use! (2019)

A small mammal

Hi, my name’s Irena and I live on the beautiful island of Crete in Greece with my four dogs and three cats. However, this article isn’t about dogs or cats; it’s about rabbits and how to make them comfortable in their hutches or cages. I have had two rabbits in the past. The first was … Read more

What to Feed Gerbils? – Discover The Best Food for Gerbils!

Most kids want to have a pet, but perhaps you aren’t quite ready to give yours the responsibility of a dog, particularly if your child is still quite young. So what’s the alternative? Well, my feeling is that a small furry friend like a gerbil would be a great way to start educating a child … Read more

What is The Best Bedding for Dwarf Hamsters?

Dwarf hamster in bedding

Hello, my name is Valerie and while I am the owner of a dog named Bentley, I am also a lover of all things animal, so when my friend showed me her dwarf hamster, I was fascinated. I decided to do some research into bedding for the tiny creatures and found out some interesting facts … Read more

How to Keep a Guinea Pig Cage from Smelling – Keeping Away Odors!

A small rodent

Hi, my name’s Irena and I’m here to talk to you about keeping your guinea pig cage from smelling! Isn’t it great to have little indoor pets that you can bond with and spend hours enjoying their company? Guinea pigs are great companions and can keep you entertained for hours! However, if you keep a … Read more

What do Chinchillas Need? – A Complete Chinchilla Supplies List!

Heya, Casey here! If you’re reading this then that means you may be taking your first steps towards ensuring you have everything you need for your chinchilla buddy! While I’ve – unfortunately – not personally owned any chinchillas, as a former veterinary technician of 7 years I’ve accumulated plenty of experience in learning from a … Read more