Do Springer Spaniels Shed? – Springer Spaniel Shedding Guide!

The Springer Spaniel is a lovable dog that will bounce its way straight into your heart.

Known for their intelligence, energy and loyal nature these dogs make wonderful pets and it’s difficult to find a prettier looking pet.

There can be no doubt that these dogs have one of the prettiest looking coats of all dog breeds but is shedding an issue?

Shedding can be one of these things that are difficult for any pet parent to deal with but being aware of a dog breeds challenges is the first step to dealing with it!

As with any dog, some mess and hair shedding should be expected with springer spaniels. This doesn’t mean you can’t find a way to live happily alongside your pet.

There are two breeds of springer spaniel and both tend to have wonderful personalities, beautiful coats and some great temperament traits with only a few differences between the breeds.

English Springer Spaniels

Bred to be working dogs that can withstand long working hours outdoors the English Springer Spaniel trusts the humans it works with and develops a fierce loyalty.

This dog will become your new best friend for life.These are dogs that are easy to fall in love with.

Their long ears, trusting eyes and friendly nature mean these animals make fab family pets and love being in families where long walks together followed by cuddles with pack members are a regular occurrence.

Welsh Springer Spaniels

The Welsh Springer Spaniel stands slightly smaller than its English cousin but its size doesn’t take anything away from the hardiness of this dog.

These dogs are built for hunting and working closely with their humans in all weathers the Welsh climate and mountains can throw at them.

Like the English Springer Spaniel these are friendly and loyal dogs that make great pets for families, generally getting on well with children and other animals.

In addition to the slightly smaller size, they differ from the English Springer Spaniel by having a unique head that tapers and a beautiful piebald pattern made up of red and white patches.

A Short History of Springer Spaniels

A Springer SpanielSpaniels are named because of their origin from a species in Spain but we don’t know exactly when or how this breed of dog made the trip from Spain to the United Kingdom, but we are glad they did!

They have remained faithful companions and working dogs ever since.

Spaniels have a long history with the many varieties that we now know and love often being born from the same litter.

The smaller pups would hunt woodcock, hence called the ‘cockers’ and the larger pups; the ‘springers’ would flush game birds out to be hunted by a trained falcon.

It took many generations of breeding to separate the breeds into the modern selection of spaniel we now have available.

It is thought that the Welsh Springer Spaniel was the first to emerge from this long breeding process with mention of them going as far back as 250BC.

The breed split into the English and Welsh variety in the early 17th century but did not split into different kennel club categories until 1902 when these two breeds of dogs were recognized for their differences.

What Is A Springer Spaniels Coat Like?

One of the most well-known traits of Springer Spaniels is their beautiful coats. Even someone with little knowledge of dog breeds can spot a springer spaniel.

Their coats are perfect for the hunting and working dog they were bred to be.

The double layer of fur and hair provide a waterproof barrier that protects them from the elements which would have been necessary when these breeds were mainly used for working alongside human hunters and in fields all day.

The soft undercoat is made from thick hair that provides a soft covering over the skin, keeping them warm and dry whatever the weather.

Over this undercoat is another layer of medium length hair that can be either straight or wavy that is feathered around the body.

The fur around the ears, chest and legs is usually longer than the coat along this dog’s body.

All round the springer spaniel coat is practical and beautiful and is what makes this breed of dog so distinctive from any other doggy cousins.

Do Springer Spaniels Shed?

Springer spaniels are considered a breed that sheds and may not be suitable as companions for asthma sufferers or those with pet hair allergies.

This shedding is a vital part of keeping your springer spaniel healthy as it is their way of removing dead hair, skin and allowing new hair to grow through and keep protecting their skin and bodies.

Do English Springer Spaniels Shed?

Their medium length hair and double coat that is perfect for the outdoors does mean that this dog is considered a shedder and they will shed a moderate amount all year round.

They will also suffer from the bi-annual increased hair shedding that is a part of many dog breeds characteristics. So expect extra shedding in Spring and Autumn.

Do Welsh Springer Spaniels Shed?

Similarly to their English cousins, the Welsh springer spaniel does shed a moderate amount throughout the whole year.

Their coat is designed for spending plenty of time outdoors and will pick up mud and bits of debris but they shed these additions just as quickly as they found them!

How Much Do Springer Spaniels Shed?

Springer spaniels are considered a dog breed that sheds a moderate amount.

You should expect to give them a moderate amount of grooming and maintenance throughout the year.

They will increase their shedding when spring and autumn arrive as their coats prepare for the season change.

When Do Springer Spaniels Shed the Most?

As with many dog breeds, the time you should expect most shedding from your springer spaniel, either the Welsh or English breed is in Spring and Autumn.

A Springer Spaniel

It is at this time of year when shedding is at its most prolific and vacuuming your home regularly is to be expected.

This breed of dog does shed all year round but if you notice a significant and sudden difference in the amount your dog sheds (except for spring and autumn) then there may be an underlying cause such as illness or stress.

If your dog is showing these signs then taking a trip to the vet to have them checked over is a must.

If your dog has increased its licking and self-grooming then this can also be a sign of an underlying issue that needs to be checked out.

How To Combat A Springer Spaniels Shedding

Whilst you should always expect a little mess and hair shedding- it is one of the joys of dog ownership, there are some things you can do that will help.

You may not be able to reduce the amount of hair that needs to be shed having a regular grooming schedule will certainly make a big difference!

Weekly grooming with appropriate brushes will help keep your pets coat tangle free and will also help to remove any dirt, debris and of course loose hairs.

Regular brushing will definitely help keep old dog hair off your floor!

To keep their coats neat and tidy you can also trim the longer outer coat but if you aren’t feeling brave enough to give your dog a haircut yourself you can always take them to a professional groomer who has the experience, knowledge and tools to keep your dogs coat looking its very best.

Can I Reduce The Amount My Springer Spaniel Sheds?

Whilst you can’t reduce the amount of hair your springer spaniel needs to shed because their shedding and regrowth of new hair is an important part of maintaining their overall health.

There are things you can do that will help keep the hair off your floor, sofa and clothes!

By regularly grooming your springer spaniel you can remove most of the old hair yourself and put it straight into the bin before it falls out naturally and ends up all over your floor.

Equipment to Combat Springer Spaniels Shedding

The bad news might be that springer spaniels do shed but the good news is that regular grooming with the right tools can help a great deal.

These are a few favorites that can be used to help combat your springer spaniels shedding.

A slicker brush works well for most dog coat types and is a great choice for your springer spaniel. The thin wire pins are perfect for detangling and brushing through the outer layer of hair.

As a bonus, this brush will also help to get rid of any loose hair before it has the chance to fall onto your carpet.

A pin brush is perfect for grooming a springer spaniel. Similar to a slicker brush but the pins are topped with rubber or plastic tips for a gentler groom.

These work brilliantly for silky haired pets such as a springer spaniel.

Are Springer Spaniels Considered Hypoallergenic

A Springer Spaniel

No dog can ever really be called hypoallergenic.

Unfortunately for allergy sufferers pet hair and shedding of old dead skin and hair is just a part of a dog’s life and this can be unbearable for some people who suffer from a pet hair allergy.

Both Welsh and English springer spaniels are considered to be year-round shedders of a moderate amount and with their extra shedding twice a year during the spring and autumn.

These do not make great pets for those with allergies or with asthma or similar challenges to overcome.

Do Some Springer Spaniels Shed More Than Others?

No matter what breed of dog you have or what characteristics are common with the breed there will always be some variation from dog to dog.

Every dog is different, just like every person is different! Whilst there are many breed norms that can be expected, it’s always a good idea to remember that your dog may not differ in some ways.

This can mean differences in temperament, look, their attitude and their coat and even how much they shed.

Cross-breeding or some variation in your pooches ancestry can make a difference in their shedding habits as can many other things such as illness, allergies and stress levels.

Health Reasons For Increased Shedding In Springer Spaniels

If you have noticed that your springer spaniel has started to shed more than usual, it’s worth considering taking them to the vets for a check-up as there are many underlying medical issues that might have increased shedding as a symptom.

Pests and parasites

Your springer spaniel loves nothing more than long walks through the countryside but this can be the perfect place for them to pick up some pesky parasites.

Ticks and other bugs can get caught up in their hair and start to cause them problems. You will probably notice an increase in grooming and licking if this is the case.

So if your dog seems to be irritated by something then have a quick check to see if you can see any pests they might have picked up.

A trip to the vet can sort out any ticks they have picked up and it is always worth giving your pup a groom after a long walk to help them get rid of any unwanted visitors.


It isn’t just us humans that struggle with stress our pooches do too!

A change in environment, a new addition to the family or a change in routine can cause your dog extra stress which can have an effect on their health.

You might notice an increased interest in licking which can be a way of soothing themselves when they are feeling stress.

There are ways you can help to reduce any stress in your pet and your vet can advise you on these.


A poor diet can increase a dog’s shedding. They need the right mix of nutrients and vitamins to keep themselves healthy and their coat is often the easiest sign to spot there is something wrong.

Nutrients are the building blocks a dog uses to maintain a healthy coat so if they are not being fed an appropriate dog food bought somewhere reputable the dog will suffer and so may their coat.

Final Thoughts: Do Springer Spaniels Shed?

A Springer SpanielSpringer spaniels, both the English and Welsh version, make fantastic family pets. They are loyal, eager to please and family-friendly.

The breed is known for its intelligence and of course its beautiful coat.

It is the coat with its mix of short, dense fur overlayed with a fringe of medium length hair that makes these dogs so handsome but having a furry companion comes with some challenges, such as hair shedding.

Whilst you can expect a moderate amount of shedding all year round with extra shedding bi-annually there are plenty of ways you can help to combat this and overall the springer spaniel makes a fantastic pet for any family!