Easy Tricks to Get Your Puppy to Stop Jumping – Our Secret Ways to Help!

When you see a puppy running towards you and jumping to great you, it makes you feel special and loved.

Nevertheless, this type of behavior can lead to some problems once the puppy grows up.

During the first 8 months of its life, a dog is eager to learn about everything around it.

Since the sense of smell represents the strongest ability of a puppy, it’s completely normal that they want to smell every human they encounter.

dog jumpingAlthough this is cute when a puppy is involved, it can turn into harmful behavior once it grows up.

Hi, I’m Stacy. A little over three years ago, I got my first dog – a cute male corgi named Ollie.

Since the day he came into my life he’s been full of energy and constantly excited about every activity we do together.

He’s also loved by most of the neighborhood and constantly greets each one of our neighbors whenever we go out for a walk.

He currently behaves well, but there was a time when he would cause trouble to some of the neighbors.

I learned how serious this issue was when I heard from one of the neighbors that people in the community were sick and tired of seeing Ollie jumping on them and their kids, and occasionally scratching them.

Why Do Puppies Jump?

So, about a year and a half ago I decided that it was time to start taking some action. I went online and began researching how to stop a puppy from jumping.

Of course, I also called my vet to ask for some advice.

Border collieSince I know how big of a problem this can turn into, I’ve decided to share what I learned.

The first thing that kind of shocked me was that puppies don’t always jump on you to show that they love you or to give you a hug, even though that’s what most of us think.

In fact, they may start jumping on you whenever they get anxious, because they know it means that you will pet them, which will calm them down.

Now, you may be asking yourself why you shouldn’t comfort your puppy when it’s anxious.

Well, you absolutely should if there’s a really good reason for it to be in distress.

But remember that this is an incredibly important life skill, which your puppy needs to learn.

By allowing it to find out how to calm itself down, you will be eliminating the problem of anxiety.

Keep in mind that when your puppy starts reaching adolescence, it will have a hard time controlling its impulses.

I’ve seen Ollie literally trying to test his limits. Thankfully, he didn’t do any real damage to anyone.

However, when I was searching for answers on how to stop this problem, I’ve read about owners who complained about how jumping on people turned into “nose boinking” that sometimes resulted in a bloody nose.

Another common issue is when a dog starts biting or grabbing hands or clothing.

It’s important to understand that the dog has no idea that it is misbehaving and it has no intentions to do something bad.

In fact, the puppy simply wants to play.

With that being said, it is your responsibility to teach it how to behave properly.

Depending on how old your puppy is, doing this may take some time.

Ollie was only 14 months old when I started teaching how to stop jumping, and it took him a little over a month to learn.

Ways to Stop Your Puppy from Jumping

There are numerous ways to teach your puppies how to stop jumping.

If you want to achieve the best results quickly, then you will need to dedicate a portion of your time to put an end to this bad habit. Here’s what you can do.

Ignore Them When Leaving Your Home

In most cases, whenever I was getting ready to leave my home without Ollie, he would start jumping up in an attempt to make me stay.

I used to find this very cute and would always give him a few extra minutes of my attention before leaving my apartment.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t such a wise decision.

As time went on, Ollie started becoming more anxious when I would leave home and knew that he could get attention by jumping, so the jumps got more aggressive.

In order to stop this behavior, I had to begin ignoring him whenever I would leave the apartment.

Most puppies don’t know how big or strong they are which is why you should help them understand.

How to help with your dog yelping.

It’s not recommended that you push them away when they start jumping. If you do this, there’s a good chance they’ll see it as a game and start jumping harder.

However, what you can do is yelp.

When your puppy starts jumping on you, overreact and pretend as it caused you a lot of pain.

This is an excellent way to help the dog understand that jumping is misbehaving.

In case this doesn’t work, you can try playing dead. This is the technique I used to teach Ollie to stop jumping when we were at home.

Obviously, I couldn’t do this outside, but it was an awesome trick that quickly made him stop jumping in the apartment.

Whenever he would jump, I’d just scream from two seconds and fall on the floor and play dead for half a minute.

Turn Away from Your Dog

When your dog starts jumping up, it is expecting to get some attention.

One of the best ways to make it clear that jumping isn’t a good way to seek attention is to turn away from it simply.

Happy dogYou’ll be surprised to see how well this trick works.

As soon as your dog attempts a few jumps and sees that it won’t get a response, it will immediately calm down.

Once it has all four paws on the ground, you can pet the dog for a few seconds to reward their good behavior.

But make sure not to get it too excited, since this may cause it to forget the lesson it has learned.

Play a Game

When you see your puppy getting ready to jump, you should redirect its behavior. For example, tell it to go and fetch a toy.

This works well when you’re coming home, and your puppy wants to greet you.

Instead of greeting you with jumps, it’s much better to teach it to greet you by fetching its favorite toy and bringing it to you.

Ask Your Friends for Help

Getting your puppy to stop jumping on you is one thing, but getting it to stop jumping on other people is a completely different challenge.

In order to achieve this, you should ask your friends for help.

Have them approach your puppy when you’re going for a walk and reward it only when it greets the person without jumping.

Final Thoughts

Smiling puppyTeaching your puppy how to stop jumping is very important since this kind of behavior can turn into a problem when it grows up.

If you know people who’ve recently brought a puppy into their home, you should share this article with them, as it will help them a lot.

If you’ve dealt with this problem before and learned some neat tricks make sure to write what you would recommend stopping this type of behavior.

If you would like to teach your puppy something amazing click here!

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