Cockapoo vs Cavapoo – A Detailed Comparison of Both Dog Breeds!

Hello, my name is Valerie and I own a Clumberdoodle called Bentley. Lately we have decided that Bentley needs a brother or sister.

While I did not want another dog quite as large as Bentley, I did like a smaller version of him. I got to looking at Cockapoos, and then found that Cavapoos are also delightful dogs. A quandary!

I did some research on both breeds and have found out some very interesting points on the dogs. A Cockapoo is a crossbreed between a Poodle and a Cocker Spaniel, while a Cavapoo is a crossbreed between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle.

Both dogs are low shedding because of the poodle gene, and both types are friendly and outgoing.

While both crossbreeds come from slightly different dogs, there are some similarities. There are also some very different traits in character, health and looks.

So, before you make up your mind on which dog to add to your family, have a read through these points and then decide.

Cockapoo vs Cavapoo Size: Which is Bigger?

The average height of the Cockapoo is 10-15 inches, while the Cavapoo is fully grown between 9-14 inches. Really not that much difference in height.

Both breeds weigh about the same with the Cockapoo weighing between 12-25 lbs and the Cavapoo between 11-22lbs.

The exact height measurements of both breeds largely depend on the size of the poodle which was used in the breeding programme. Spaniels who were bred form toy poodles will be smaller than those who were bred with mini poodles.

After deciding the size of the dog, you want to end up with, you then need to find out which size poodle was used. This will give you an indication of the full-grown height of the dog.

Cockapoo vs Cavapoo Temperament: How do They Behave?

Cockapoos have an endless supply of energy. They need and enjoy lots of walks and playtime.

They are often known to have a ‘mad half hour’ where they seem to go crazy with excess energy.

This breed tends to be a very needy dog and often have separation issues, making them anxious and overexcited when you get home to them.

Cockapoos are quite vocal, although they are extremely loving and endearing.

The Cockapoo loves nothing more than to be part of a family, particularly if they are active. Cockapoo’s will gladly join in any games. They are great with children and make wonderful family pets.

Cavapoos tend to be more laid back than Cockapoos. A walk once a day should be sufficient for them.

The Cavapoo will create a strong bond between children and become very attached to their family. Cavapoo’s also tend to love small children! These dos are loving and gentle, and they love nothing more than being cuddled.

Cockapoo vs Cavapoo Life Span: What’s Their Life Expectancy?

Both breeds are capable of living a long and joyful life!

You can expect a healthy Cockapoo to live between 14-18 years.

While a healthy Cavapoo will live between 13-15 years.

Cockapoo vs Cavapoo Health: Are They Prone to Health Conditions?

Both these breeds are generally healthy although there is a tendency for eye problems in both breeds. This is due to the mutation which causes progressive retinal atrophy (PRA). This is shared across many breeds, including those which produce a crossbreed.

Whichever dog you choose, it is important that you have it tested for PRA. This can be done through genetic testing carried out by a vet.

In both breeds, the poodle side is the healthier, and the spaniel side less so. Cavapoos can develop heart mitral valve disease (MVD), and almost 50% of King Charles Spaniels have this after 5 years of age. There is no cure for this.

The Cavapoo can inherit this gene along with other traits that bother the spaniel such as syringomyelia, cataracts, retinal atrophy, skin issues and epilepsy.

Not every Cavapoo will inherit health issues. A good breeder will have been able to do a medical screening on the parents before breeding.

The Cocker Spaniel tends to be a health breed although they do have some issues. Hip dysplasia is common in cocker spaniels.

The kidney disease Familial Nephropathy bothers the Cocker Spaniel, as does immune mediated thrombocytopenia. This is an auto-immune disease that causes internal and external bleeding.

The Cockapoo can inherit heart disease and Pancreatitis as well as ear infections, epilepsy and obesity.

However, just as with a Cavapoo, a reputable breeder will have done a medical screening on the parents before breeding from them.

Cockapoo vs Cavapoo Appearance: What do They Look Like?

Both the breeds are considered to be hypoallergenic and both have similar coats.

They are both low shedding.

As with any crossbreed it can be difficult to predict the coat because you may not know what genes the parents carry.

The Cockapoo coat can be a range of colours from red, white and beige, to any combination of these.

Some Cockapoos have spots, others may not. Some may have brindles while others may sport tuxedos.

In fact, sometimes you may even have a Cockapoo resembling a Cavapoo in the coat style and colouring.

Similarly, the Cavapoo coat can vary immensely with colours ranging between brown, black and white, and anything in between.

Some Cavapoo coats are solid colours, while others will be tri-coloured. Some Cavapoo coats can be more like the poodle and others more like the spaniel.

Cockapoo vs Cavapoo Grooming: How Much do They Require?

Here you will find that the breeds are widely different. If you do not have time to brush, brush, and brush again, the opt for the Cavapoo.

Cavapoos are considered low maintenance breeds. If the coat is kept fairly short, they will only need a bath occasionally. A weekly brushing will be enough to keep tangles and knots away.

A Cockapoo’s coat grows fast – very fast! This coat needs frequent trimming and brushing, otherwise it will become tangled.

If your Cockapoo has a coat which takes after the spaniel side, then he will need more baths and brushing to keep the coat shiny and smooth.

Often with both breeds, the poodle side of the coat is better as it does not shed very much. However, the short, tight curls tend to get matted quicker and need regular trimming to keep matting away.

So, overall, if you dog has many of the poodle curls, it will need more attention. This may be why you see plenty of these breeds at the groomer!

Cockapoo vs Cavapoo Training: Can They be Easily Trained?

Generally speaking the Cavapoo is easier to train, although with pups you may find this hard to believe!

They are hard to train at an early age because of the short attention span. Rest assured that this does improve as they get older.

Training the Cavapoo is easier for owners who are less confident in their training abilities as these dogs tend to pick up the basics quicker than Cockapoos.

Cockapoos are also easy to train, although they require more patience as it takes them longer to pick up the basic steps of what you are trying to get them to do.

Because of the poodle influence in the breeds they are both intelligent. The poodle breed is known to be among the most intelligent breed in the world.

Both the Cavapoo and the Cockapoo are easy to train although the Cavapoo tends to be able to focus more and is more willing to please its owner.

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Cockapoo vs Cavapoo Availability: Are They a Rare Breed?

Neither is classed as a rare breed, although the Cavapoo originated in Australia and is somewhat less available than the Cockapoo.

What is important with both breeds is that you look for and only buy from a reputable breeder or ideally rescue one, instead of from the many puppy farms which are springing up with these breeds.

Cockapoo vs Cavapoo Diet: What do They Eat?

The Cockapoo is not normally a finicky eater although he does appreciate variety in the diet.

While the Cockapoo has no problem with a dry diet of kibble, you can also add cooked rice and veggies to liven it up for him. He will appreciate some raw meat on occasion.

With the Cockapoo it is important that you stick to the recommended portion size, as he will gladly eat all that you set down for him and has a tendency to get fat because he loves his food.

The Cavapoo is a more finicky eater, often the owners have to try several foods before the Cavapoo decides which one he likes.

Because they are both classed as small breeds, they both need high quality protein foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals.

Both breeds need fresh water on hand at all times, although, because of the spaniel side, they may occasionally step in the water bowl or overturn it and splash in it.

Cockapoo vs Cavapoo Behaviour: Are They Good With Children?

Both of these breeds are know to be great with children!

They like nothing more than to be ‘best friends’ with children and will gladly grow up to become lifelong friends with children.

Cockapoos love more energetic kids, but both breeds tend to adore small children.

If you have children, then usually either breed will work for them.

Cockapoo vs Cavapoo Environment: Where Are They Best Suited?

Cockapoos are considered to be more adaptable than Cavapoos, so if you have a tendency to move to a new house, then a Cockapoo will gladly go wherever you move.

However, a Cavapoo tends to like a settled life with little or no variation, so if you’re constantly on the move, they may not be for you.

The Cavapoo likes a routine while the Cockapoo will adapt to anywhere his owner is happy.

Cockapoo vs Cavapoo Running Costs: Are They Expensive to Look After?

For daily costs, both breeds are very similar.

They eat much the same amount of food, so, you can be assured that you will not have to pay much more or less for either of them.

To buy, they also cost about the same amount, and this can vary between £1000 – £1400, depending on where you buy them from.

It also seems that to get a bi-coloured dog of either breed, you will pay in the upper price range.

Final Thoughts: Cockapoo vs Cavapoo

Well, in my mind there is really no clear winner here. It just depends on what you are looking for in your dog.

Both dogs have good points, and both have some that you need to be aware of, particularly in the health department.

Both breeds are great family dogs and good with small kids. The Cockapoo is more active and likes to play more than the Cavapoo.

The Cavapoo is happier with a quieter life, although he also loves family life.

Both breeds are relatively healthy, although both may have eye issues, which you must check out before even buying one of them.

I find that the Cockapoo does not like to be left on his own and will likely have separation and anxiety issues.

So, either you need a companion for him, or you need to take him with you almost everywhere you go.

Cavapoos do not need as much grooming as Cockapoos, so if you do not have heaps of spare time, then you may want to opt for a Cavapoo.

If you live in an apartment where it may be difficult to get out for more than one walk a day, then opt for the Cavapoo who will gladly stay indoors with you.

The Cockapoo will demand exercise and often more than one walk a day. The choice here is also dictated by your own health and mobility.

If you are less active, then go for the Cavapoo to keep you company, rather than the boundless energy of the Cockapoo.

If you want a smaller dog, opt for the Cavapoo, although if you want an energetic ball of fur, then the Cockapoo is the one for you!

Bentley and I? Well, we are still not sure which one we’ll choose. Perhaps one of each!

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