Cowboy Corgi Guide 101: Everything You Need to Know!

Corgis are an increasingly popular breed of dog. It’s no surprise, either – they look like teddy bears, and have such a lovely temperament.

Let me introduce myself before diving into this guide. I’m Katie, I own my own Labrador and I’m an avid dog lover.

I love learning about new breeds and passing that knowledge onto those who will be able to provide a good home.

The fact is, not every breed is good for every dog owner. Some are more high energy, while others need a more quiet space. Knowing more before you jump into adopting is always positive.

So, if you’re here, you might be considering adopting a Cowboy Corgi – questions will be flooding your brain, and hopefully, I can answer most of them.

Below, you’ll find an extensive guide on the Cowboy Corgi, with everything you need to know compiled into one place.

I hope this makes the adoption process easier, or simply helps you understand the different breeds.

Cowboy Corgis: The Basics

So, what is a Cowboy Corgi? To begin, there are two types of corgi breeds- the Welsh cardigan and the Pembroke.

The former has a tail, and the latter does not. That’s the main difference. A cowboy corgi is a mixture of the Pembroke Corgi and the Australian Cattle dog.

The Pembroke Corgi has predominately been used as a herding dog. Regardless of its very small size, it doesn’t fear cattle and does a super mighty job. In fact, the adorable dog will do it with such joy.

It comes as a surprise to many that corgis, with their short legs and thick bodies, can be so physically active. It’s in their nature, though.

As a mixed breed, the Cowboy Corgi is not as short-legged as a corgi, but it still on the shorter side of dogs. They are still sturdy, thick dogs – and they have the herding instincts of both sides.

Being a small dog, they’re really the perfect working partner, they can tag along and tuck away. They don’t eat all that much and are a great personality to have around you.

Cowboy Corgis are gorgeous, intelligent dogs that will be an amazing addition to any family. However, their need for a high energy lifestyle is something to consider.

How Big do Cowboy Corgis get?

A corgiIn the grand scheme of things, Cowboy Corgis are relatively small dogs. Their weight reaches around 26-40 pounds, and their heights reach 13-20 inches tall. They’re adorable little breeds, with short legs.

The bodies are on the thicker side, which doesn’t stop them being extremely active.

Cowboy Corgis are built the same as a corgi, but they sport the coat colour and facial features of the Australian Cattle Dog, which makes them a distinctive breed.

Cowboy Corgi: What is Their Temperament

As with every dog, the traits heavily depend on the parent with the dominant gene. Both breeds are family-friendly, though – which is a relief for many. They’re perfect for those who have young children in the house.

Australian Cattle dogs have a reputation of being quite territorial and unwelcoming to strangers.

This means they’ll bark at new people arriving at your home. Once you get to know them, they’ll be super affectionate and loving. They just need to be warmed up to.  

Depending on each puppy, you can get a super loyal and alert Australian Cattle type of Cowboy Corgi, or you’ll get a loving, affectionate Pembroke Welsh type of puppy.

Either way, you’ll have a family-friendly, warm dog that will make the perfect addition to your home.

Don’t forget, these breeds want to work and are bred to please. It’s in their blood. They’re balls of energy that would work all day if they could. For them, working is just a bit of fun or a game – and they seek it out.

For this reason, they’re not recommended for those with limited space. They will get sad and depressed if they aren’t physically active.

They’ll also seek out things to occupy them which can easily lead to trouble. For instance, they might pull up carpets or destroy walls. They really can’t be blamed.

Cowboy Corgis are at their happiest when they’re laying at your feet, exhausted from a long day of work.

How Long do Cowboy Corgis Live?

The average life span is around 13 years if cared for well, and all health concerns tackled.

It’s a standard age for most dogs and can provide you with years of love and joy.

They’re perfect for young families, providing you with a family that children can grow up with.

Are Cowboy Corgis Prone to any Health Conditions?

The Cowboy Corgi is a relatively healthy breed. However, you do have to be aware of certain hereditary conditions that might sneak up.

Every breed of dog is susceptible to certain conditions, knowing what they are can help a great deal.

Below, I’ve listed the problems seen in both Australian Cattle Dogs and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi breed. There’s always a possibility that they’ll pass it off to their offspring.

Hip Dysplasia

Both parent breeds are prone to this condition. For this reason, you should look into getting DNA tests to make sure it isn’t inherited.

However, the best way to prevent hip dysplasia is to exercise the puppy on soft ground. Otherwise, you can have them checked at specialists vets, and make sure everything is fine.

A corgi

Progressive Retinal Atrophy

This condition affects the dog’s vision. You can get your pup screened for PRA to see if it is carrying the gene.


Australian Cattle Dogs are at high risk of hereditary deafness. It cannot be treated, and steps towards breeding dogs with this condition are being taken.

Intervertebral Disk Disease

You might know this as a slipped disk, and is very common in corgis. It’s not uncommon that Cowboy Corgis get this condition.

It affects many dogs that have shorter legs and can start as early as three years old. It can be avoided with help from the diet, as obesity increases the chances of acquiring this issue.

These health conditions are definitely ones to look out for, and should always be considered when looking for a new puppy.

Always check both parent’s medical history, and look out for any warning signs. Otherwise, keep your dog on a healthy diet, and book regular vet appointments.

What do Cowboy Corgis Look Like?

I’ve called them adorable a few times, but what do they really look like? Well, their physical appearance can differ, especially depending on which genes are the most dominant. 

They tend to look more like their corgi parent. They inherit the size and overall body shape.

Some Cowboy Corgis gain a docked tail, while others do not. If the Australian Cattle Dog is the more dominant gene, they’ll likely have a tail. 

All of them have upright ears, and some have a white face mask while others don’t.

Their appearance can differ quite drastically from dog to dog. Even in the same litter, the fur pattern can make each puppy look quite different. 

The majority of Cowboy Corgis sport the stunning coat colour and facial features of the Australian Cattle dog. It’s this that makes them such a distinctive breed. 

Their coat colours can vary from tri-colour to sable and roan. Sometimes a merle colour can appear, but this is relatively rare. 

Even the coat texture can differ from pup to pup. It can either be straight or shaggy. It can be short or medium in length. 

All have a double coat and go through seasonal shedding around twice a year. 

So, what does a Cowboy Corgi look like? It can vary quite a lot, but they all have a distinct general look, which is easy to pick out in a crowd. 

How Much Grooming do Cowboy Corgis Need?

A corgiOn the topic of fur, it’s important to discover how much grooming Cowboy Corgis need. This is an important consideration, especially if family members have allergies or don’t want a dog that sheds in the house. 

Luckily, Cowboy Corgis are super easy to groom – it’s one of the best things about the breed. Yes, this is still true even though they have a double coat. This isn’t much of a surprise; both parents breeds are incredibly low-maintenance. 

Unfortunately, the Cowboy Corgi is not hypoallergenic, and so isn’t suitable for those with allergies.

Just like the corgi, they will produce a moderate level of dander. So, what do you need to do to ensure the Cowboy Corgi is groomed and fresh?

They need to be brushed once a week, this will ensure their coat is free from dead fur. This is essential to remove it and prevent dander. To do this, I recommend using a de-matting comb as they have rather dense, double coats. 

Bathing doesn’t have to be done as regularly. Once a month or every six months will suffice. This will keep that lovely coat shiny and clean.

Make sure you use a shampoo that’s been specifically designed for double-coated breeds.

If you really want to go all out, you can find conditioner formulated for double-coated dogs, too. This will add to the shine, and make the fur super smooth. 

Grooming isn’t just about the fur. Make sure you check in your fur baby’s mouth, too. Dental hygiene is so important for dogs and ensures they live a healthy, full life.

Also, make sure their ears look free from infections and prevent them from occurring by ensuring they’re free from moisture.

Grooming goes beyond making sure your Cowboy Corgi looks good – they achieve this effortlessly, anyway.

Cowboy Corgis are incredibly easy to look after and groom. This makes them a perfect family and working dog. 

Cowboy Corgi Training: How Easy?

Similarly, Cowboy Corgis are super easy to train, this is courtesy of their working background. 

If you’re planning on using your Cowboy Corgi for herding, you need to start from day one. Don’t wait for your puppy to grow up. Basic obedience skills straight away are necessary.

All dogs love to learn new things, and a puppy’s brain is like a sponge. Make sure you teach your Cowboy Corgi puppy how to sit, stay, wait, and lie down.

This will serve them well for when you want them to herd. It will them serve them well for when they’re herding the cattle. 

If you’re not experienced with training your herding dogs, I would highly recommend hiring a professional.

Finding a successful trainer will ensure that you’re in the best possible position, and your Cowboy Corgi can get to work as soon as possible. 

Importantly, Cowboy Corgis will herd anything and everything. If you put them in a pen with rabbits, you can watch them try to move them in every direction. It’s in their blood.

They manage to teach themselves, and maybe even learn from watching their mum and dad (if this is possible). 

Cattle are a little bit different from smaller animals. You want to make sure they’re super safe. Before sending them out, make sure they’re confident with their commands. Luckily, this breed is incredibly intelligent and fast-learners. 

If you’re not planning on using the Cowboy Corgi for herding, that’s completely fine. However, you will need to make sure there’s somewhere they can play and roam around.

You must be able to make sure they’re exercised. Playing fetch is a great way to do this – and also teaches them basic commands. 

As they’re such high-energy dogs, teaching your pup how to do tricks is actually necessary. It stimulates their mind and keeps them happy. Make sure you’re prepared to do this. 

All in all, Cowboy Corgis make great obedience dogs, service dogs, and performing dogs. They pick up tricks quickly, take everything in, and are alert at all times. 

Cowboy Corgis are also quite protective of children, which makes them a strong suggestion for a loving family pet.

They’re also great to walk – and love the attention they may get from passers-by. They might even show off a trick or two. 

In short, Cowboy Corgis are easy to train. 

What do Cowboy Corgis Eat?

A corgiWhat on earth could fuel these energetic cuties? They’re a working breed, and most will work extremely hard in their lives. If given the chance, many will run miles in just one day, which makes it so important to feed them well. 

This predominately means food that has enough protein and can ensure they can work, run, and play. As you know probably know, carbs and protein are both the best food for fueling the body.

While carbs burn quickly, protein burns slower – you need to give your Cowboy Corgi both to ensure they’re well-fed at all times. 

A good rule of thumb to follow is 25% of your dog’s diet should be protein. This predominately is from meat such as beef, chicken or fish.

If you have a vegetarian dog, make sure that you’re feeding them protein-rich foods like lentils, black beans, and garbanzo beans. 

Of course, always make sure that your Cowboy Corgi is also getting all the vitamins that they need. As dogs don’t live as long as humans, you need to focus on their nutrition – this will make sure they live a long, healthy life. 

Cowboy Corgis: Are They Good With Families

To answer this question shortly; yes they are. They’re great with children and even become protective over them, making them a fantastic family dog, in fact. . 

They’re also relatively independent dogs, which is perfect for families with young children. They love cuddles, but won’t get overly jealous or needy if somebody else is receiving more attention than them. 

Cowboy Corgis also thrive in smaller, adult-based households. They’re incredibly adaptable – they just want to get out in the fresh air and burn off their energy. That’s the main requirement for a Cowboy Corgi. 

If your time is a little occupied, and you don’t feel like you can provide your Cowboy Corgi with the necessary amount of exercise, you may want to reconsider. 

How to Pick the Right Dog Breed for you!

Perhaps this guide confirmed that a Cowboy Corgi is the perfect fit for you. In that case, I’m super happy I could assist, and I’m sure they’ll make the best addition to your home. 

Picking the right dog breed for you can be tricky. There are certain things to consider, these are:

  • The size
  • Exercise needs 
  • Physical maintenance 
  • Money
  • Family life 
  • Temperament

Keep researching into different breeds, and you’ll eventually come across one perfect for you. 

Final Thoughts on Cowboy Corgis

A corgiYou can easily find breeders of Cowboy Corgis, with just a quick search.

However, to help reduce the overpopulation of dogs, you should first look in shelters. These dogs deserve the same love as those from breeders. 

Cowboy Corgi puppies can vary in cost, depending on the colour and gender. Males are generally more expensive. 

Please also be wary that the characteristics can vary drastically, due to them being a mixed breed. 

I hope you found this useful.