Do Bernedoodles Shed? – Bernedoodle Shedding Guide!

People love dogs. People don’t love fur on every single thing they own. Picking the right dog for you and your home can be difficult, and so it’s important to ask the right questions.

If you’re not up for hours of grooming each week, then you won’t want to bring a high-maintenance breed into your home.

However, if you’ve had your eye on a Bernedoodle, you may be wondering if, with their thick, curly hair, they shed. Wonder no more – here’s your complete guide to Bernedoodle shedding.

Do Bernedoodles Shed?

Do Bernedoodles Shed? In short, yes. Pretty much all dogs shed. However, a Bernedoodle’s shedding really depends on their hair type. Bernedoodles can either be extremely low maintenance or high maintenance. It all depends on which genes are the most dominant and their fur type.

Short History of Bernedoodles

The Bernedoodle was born when a Bernese Mountain Dog was bred to a poodle.

Their pup was then bred to another poodle, making it so that the Bernedoodle was only 25% Bernese Mountain Dog and 75% poodle.

These hybrids are relatively new, originating in 2003, and, due to the fact that they are not purebreds, that have not been registered by the American Kennel Club.

What is a Bernedoodle’s Coat Like?

Due to the fact that Bernedoodles are not registered by the American Kennel Club, there is no coat standard.

Their coats can resemble either the Bernese Mountain Dog or a poodle and can be straight, wavey, or curly.

Their coats can also appear in a variety of colors. How your Bernedoodle’s coat will look will depend on which parent’s genes are the most dominant.

How Much do Bernedoodles Shed?

Bernedoodles with curly will shed the least while straight coats experience the most shedding, leaving waving coats right in the middle.

There are also certain times or conditions that can increase how much your Bernedoodle sheds.

When do Bernedoodles Shed the Most

Time of year

Bernedoodles are no stranger to seasonal blowing, and, once you adopt one, you’ll learn that adapting a strong spring/fall cleaning routine is important.

Most dogs will blow their coats once or twice a year to adapt to the climate around them, however, so this increase in shedding is nothing to worry about.

Puppy coats

All dogs will blow their puppy coats when they are a few months old. While the amount of hair may seem concerning at first, there’s no need to worry.

They’re just preparing for their thicker, more protective adults coats, which, as mentioned before, they will blow seasonally.

Health Reasons for Increased Shedding in Bernedoodles

A bernedoodleCertain health issues can arise and cause your Bernedoodle to shed more than usual.

If you suspect that this is the case, it’s important to seek treatment to help your dog feel more like themselves while stopping the shedding.

Poor diet

One of the easiest health issues to fix when it comes to excessive shedding is a poor diet.

With more and more affordable dog foods becoming available, it’s tempting to buy the cheapest option. While it’s okay to be frugal, you still need to check the ingredients.

Many cheap dog foods contain grains, which are harder on the digestive system, and fillers or by-products.

These may save a few pennies, but they don’t offer the nutrients that your dog needs to grow that beautiful coat.

Switch to a quality food brand with a protein as the first ingredient, or, if you absolutely must buy cheaper dog food, consider supplementing meat.

Such as canned tuna – for some meals or talk to your vet about possible vitamins that your dog can take to bridge the gap.


Ticks can really take a toll on your pup. Between the skin irritation, the possible spread of disease, and, most noticable, the lack of blood, your Bernedoodle may struggle to maintain a health coat if they constantly keep ticks.

Make sure to check your dog’s skin often, especially after treks through woodsy or grassy areas and remove any ticks you may find.


Much like ticks, fleas can suck vital nutrients from your Bernedoodle, making it hard for them to grow and maintain their coats.

Make sure to bathe your dog often and consider investing in a flea and tick collar or spray that will help repel them from your pup.


While it may come as a surprise, anxiety can be a big cause of your dog’s newly acquired shedding problem.

When dogs become anxious – whether it’s because of stress or boredom – they tend to over groom.

They can lick themselves raw and leave bald patches, meaning that hair is now all over your floor (or even in your Benedoodle’s belly where it can cause gut impaction).

If you notice this is a problem, try to find, first, what is triggering your dog’s anxiety, then work to resolve it through more exercise, a thunder jacket, or even dog-friendly essential oils.

How to Combat Bernedoodles Shedding

Regular grooming is the best way to prevent shedding in your Bernedoodle.

While grooming won’t stop the hair from shedding, it can, especially in curly or wavy coat varieties, keep the fur from ending up all over your clothes, furniture, and floor.

First, you should brush your Bernedoodle whenever possible, but at least once or twice a week. You should bathe your Bernedoodle every other week.

While this may seem like a lot, with the right tools, grooming your Bernedoodle can be a breeze.

Equipment Help to Combat Bernedoodles Shedding

YLONG Pet Grooming Brushes Set Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush and Massage Brush

Thankfully, your Bernedoodle doesn’t have a double coat, so grooming is an easy, straightforward task.

This set is great because it includes pretty much everything you need for a healthy coat.

The slicker brush will remove debris, dirt, and minor knots and mats while the massage brush will help to distribute your dog’s natural oils, resulting in a shiny, healthy coat.

The self-cleaning feature on the slicker brush saves you from a half hour of pulling hair from the brush.

Instead, with the click of a button, all of the hair caught while brushing will be released, saving you from getting your hands dirty.

These brushes also feature an ergonomic design with a no-slip handle, protecting your hands and wrists from any pain or injury while grooming your Bernedoodle.

This set can also be used on cats, making it perfect for a multi-pet home.

Friends Forever 6 in 1 Professional Pet Grooming Kit Box

This kit comes with everything you could possibly need to keep your Bernedoodle’s fur – and nails – in top shape.

With a Deshedding Brush, Grooming Brush, Dematting Comb, Grooming Comb and Nail Trimmer, you’ll be set to groom your dog whether it’s just a simple brush down or a full spa day to remove any and all knots and mats.

All of the tools have anti-slip handles, and they are designed to work on either medium or long haired breeds, making them perfect for Bernedoodles.

If you’re unsatisfied with the results of this kit, you can also get your money back – 100% guaranteed.

To top it all off, this kit comes with a carry case so that your tools are always together and always available.

Pawfume Premium Shampoo and Conditioner

Sometimes a good shampoo is all you need to make grooming easier. A good shampoo will moisturize your dog’s fur and skin while cleaning it without being too harsh.

It will also use natural ingredients. That’s why this is such a good option.

While it is a bit on the pricier side, being listed as a premium item and all, it offers many benefits for your pup.

It’s eco-friendly and hypoallergenic, and it works to maintain the pH of your dog’s skin.

This, in turn, will reduce any fungi or irritations that could lead to discomfort and excessive shedding.

It is vet-certified and will leave your dog with soft, healthy, shiney, well-nourished fur.

Pro Pet Works All Natural Organic Oatmeal Pet Shampoo Plus Conditioner

If you live in a cold or dry climate, or you’ve noticed that your dog’s skin and fur are a bit on the drier side, then this shampoo and conditioner is for you.

Made of natural ingredients such as oatmeal and aloe, it works to moisturize your dog and soothe irritations while remaining hypoallergenic so that you don’t have to worry about worsening any discomfort your dog may be having.

It is vet-recommended and has a 100% money back guarantee should you try it and be dissatisfied.

It also works as a detangler, making it easier to get out knots and mats when it comes time to brush your Bernedoodle.

Healthy Breeds Oatmeal & Aloe Dog Shampoo

Other dog shampoo featuring oatmeal and aloe, the Healthy Breeds shampoo was designed with poodles in mind.

It provides relief for itchy, scaling, or irritated skin while also gently cleaning your Bernedoodle’s fur, working out any dirt, debris, or hair that may have been tangled in their curls.

It is also safe to use with a topical flea treatment, so you don’t have to worry about your dog being unprotected from fleas during and after washes, an extra benefit considering that fleas can lead to excessive shedding.

Benz Dog Grooming Tools Kit

This kit features every tool that you will need for your Bernedoodle. The slicker brush will remove anything that is caught in your dog’s fur, whether it be dirt, debris, or loose hair.

The dematting rake will help remove knots and mats from your dog’s fur without any discomfort, especially when paired with a detangling spray or shampoo, and the comb can be used for a combination of both in smaller areas, as well as if you want to trim your dog’s hair yourself.

If you are destatified, Benz will give you a full refund.

These tools are gentle on your dog’s skin and fur, but tough when it matters, offering a great grooming experience for every type of coat from wavy to curly to straight.

Are Bernedoodles Considered to be Hypoallergenic?

No dog is hypoallergenic, because they all have skin – and thus dander – and salvia.

Allergic reactions occur when protein in your dog’s saliva binds with dander on your dog’s skin, which is the shed into the environment.

When you breathe, you inhale some of these skin cells, initiating an allergic reaction.

However, Bernedoodles have a poodle parent. Poodles are considered extremely allergy friendly, and, thus, so are Bernedoodles.

This means that, while your Bernedoodle may not be considered hypoallergenic, unless you have very severe allergies, you should be okay to be around them.

Do Some Bernedoodles Shed More Than Others?

Every dog, regardless of breed or gender, is unique, and, thus, there will always be differences from one dog to the next.

This means that, outside of obvious health concerns, some Bernedoodles will shed more than others.

This can be for many reasons, ranging from climate to genetics to even age. What’s important is finding what is normal for your dog in particular.

Final Thoughts: Do Bernedoodles Shed?

A bernedoodleIt’s important to do your research before adopting any new pet, but especially a dog.

There are a lot of questions to ask yourself, one of them being how much time you are willing to set aside for grooming.

You also need to take your own health into consideration and, if you have allergies, make sure the dog you are getting is as close to hypoallergenic.

The Bernedoodle, while they do shed more than their poodle parent, are medium shedders.

However, they do maintain their poodle genetics in terms of being allergy-friendly, meaning that, if you’re able to handle regular grooming and washing, that a Bernedoodle may just be the perfect dog to invite into your family.

Thank you for reading do bernedoodles shed, have a nice day!

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