Do Weimaraners Shed? – Guide to Weimaraner Shedding!

Hi dog moms and dads! My name is Bri, and if you and I have anything in common it could very well be our love for dogs.

I have had several different dog breeds over the years, but I currently have my rescue pup; an American Bulldog and Pitbull mix named Bruce.

Bruce is the first American Bully I have ever owned, and I knew nothing about the breed before I brought him home.

One thing I have learned is that no matter what happens, Bruce is the most perfect dog I could ever ask for. Although I know all dog parents say that about their dogs!

However, I do wish I was a little more prepared for how much Bruce sheds. Like I said, I knew nothing about his breed before I brought him home.

While it would not have changed my decision to adopt him, it probably would have helped me be more prepared for how much he sheds.

When I came across the Weimaraner breed, I was learning about them for the first time. Much like Bruce, I was unfamiliar with the breed.

Turns out, this is a pretty popular breed for families!

That being said, I wanted to help new pet owners learn more about this breed and their shedding habits to help save them from the frustrations I had to deal with when I brought home a new dog.

That is why I put this shedding guide together! I will talk about the breed, the shedding habits and how to deal with their shedding.

I will also give some helpful tricks and tools you can use to manage their shedding! But first thing’s first; lets talk about the history of the Weimaraner.

History of the Weimaraners

Picture this: It is the year of 1800, and the European nobles are hosting their annual fox hunt. Is that even historically accurate? I don’t have a clue I’m a dog mom not a historian.

Anyway, the point is that European nobles, such as Germany’s Grand Duke Karl August, loved to hunt. The perfect hunting dog apparently did not exist to Karl yet, so he wanted to develop one of his own.

He crossed a Bloodhound with various other hunting dog breeds, and eventually came up with the Weimar Pointer which was then shortened to the Weimaraner.

These dogs were exactly what old Karl was looking for.

They because incredible hunters in the area for big game hunting, like bears, lions and wolves. Eventually, word of these incredible dogs got around and gained a lot of attention.

They caught on in America in the 1920’s, still as hunting dogs, and were used as retrievers in bird hunting.

As their popularity grew, Weimaraners have now become an extremely popular family dog, and were even the choice breeds for celebrities like President Eisenhower and Grace Kelley.

These dogs are known for their pointing skills when it comes to hunting. This means when they find the game they are hunting they literally point with their bodies to direct the hunter to the prey.

This has been an iconic symbol of hunting dogs over the years, and the Weimaraners have been known to be the best of the best. For that reason, they have gained a ton of popularity in the show ring!

What is a Weimaraners Coat like?

A weimaranerWeimaraners have short, very fine fur that is a brown color with almost a silver shine to it.

Their fur is extremely soft, but they do have an undercoat that keeps them warm and a topcoat that helps deflect water.

Weimaraners are fairly low maintenance when it comes to caring for their coats. They only need occasional baths when they get particularly dirty.

Since these dogs are born to be hunters, they will obviously prefer to be outside and are highly active, so they may need at least rinsed off pretty regularly.

Do Weimaraners Shed? How Much?

When I first learned about this breed, I expected them to be pretty heavy shedders. However, I was surprised when I saw that the American Kennel Club had them categorized as a seasonal shedder.

This means that they shed normally throughout the year, but more during the shedding season. We will talk more about that time of year in the next section.

I have never owned a Weimaraner, but just based on research it seems that these dogs definitely shed, just not as much as some other short hair breeds (like Bruce).

When do Weimaraners Shed the Most?

As I said in the last section, Weimaraners are seasonal shedders. This means there are times throughout the year where they shed more than normal.

However, there are other factors that also contribute to how much Weimaraners shed. Let’s take a look at those factors:

Stage of Life

A dog’s stage of life has a much greater impact on shedding than some might realize. As puppies, dogs have puppy coats that they eventually lose when they come of age.

When puppies shed that puppy coat, they obviously be shedding more than a grown adult dog.

The same can be said about senior dogs. As dogs get older, their fur tends to shed more than healthy adult and young dogs.

Time of Year

This is the big one I was talking about!  Two words: SHEDDING SEASON!

Shedding season actually happens twice a year; during the transition from winter to summer and again during the transition from winter to summer.

Dog breeds like the Weimaraner shed their warm undercoat when the weather gets warmer to help them stay cool.

Then, once the weather starts getting cold again, they shed their thin summer coats to make room for their thick, warm winter coats.

This is when you will see a significant increase in shedding, making grooming much more important. That loose hair needs to be removed, and if not done properly, it will be all over your house!

We will talk about the best ways to maintain these heavy shedding seasons later on.

Skin Conditions and Pests

While these factors might not seem very common, they actually play a huge roll in how often Weimaraners shed. Dogs can have all sorts of different skin conditions.

These conditions can range from typical allergies to more serious conditions such as mange and alopecia. Pests can also cause dogs to lose more fur than normal.

Mites (which cause mange), ticks, fleas and other pests cause dogs to lick and scratch like crazy which will cause more fur to come out than normal.

They can lead to hot spots and other secondary conditions that can have significant affects on your dog’s skin and shedding!

How to Combat Weimaraners Shedding

A weimaranerI will never recommend reducing how much a dog sheds no matter what breed they are.

You can definitely maintain a Weimaraner’s shedding so that it does not take over your home but reducing it can put them at risk of skin problems.

The best way to do this is to keep them groomed regularly. Brushing a Weimaraner thoroughly a couple times a week can help keep the lose fur either outside or in the trash can and off of your furniture and floors.

Like I said before, Weimaraners do not need frequent baths. However, the occasional bath can also help keep their shedding under control.

Equipment to Help Combat Weimaraners Shedding

Having a shedding toolkit is part of being a dog parent. Your toolkit should include three main components: a brush, a lint roller and a vacuum.

Trust me, these three things will help keep you from losing your mind when trying to keep your home clean and free of pet hair. Here are my top recommendations for these items:

For brushes, I will always recommend the Furminator brush, especially for short-haired dogs like the Weimaraner.

This brush does an amazing job of getting through to the undercoat and removing loose hair.

It gently pulls out that loose fur and holds onto it, so it does not get all over you and your home. The next item I highly recommend is the MagikBrush lint roller.

This is an awesome, dual-sided lint and pet hair trapping brush that gets pet hair off of literally any surface. I use it on my furniture, my clothes, and even in my car.

An added benefit is that it is not a typical lint roller where you have to peel off the sticky paper.

This is also better for the environment!

Are Weimaraners Considered to be Hypoallergenic?

HA! No.

Sorry, was that too blunt? But seriously, absolutely not. Hypoallergenic dogs are categorized for their lack of allergic irritants such as pet hair and dander.

Since Weimaraners shed both of these naturally, and frequently, they are definitely not in the category of being hypoallergenic. However, since we are on the subject, no dog really is!

There are definitely some breeds that shed much less than others. These are the ones that are commonly called hypoallergenic, such as Goldendoodles and Bichons.

However, even these dogs still shed pet dander which is usually even more of an allergen than pet fur!

Do Some Weimaraners Shed More Than Others?

There really wouldn’t be too many reasons why one Weimaraner would shed more than another. However, it is possible.

If a Weimaraner lives in a cold climate, it might shed less than one that lives in a warm climate.

The colder climate dog would want to keep its warm undercoat longer, so it wouldn’t need to shed as much.

Vice versa, the warm weather dog would want to shed more to stay cool.

The only other factor that might cause a Weimaraner to shed more than another would be any heath conditions, which we will cover in the next section!

Health Reasons for Weimaraner’s Shedding

There are quite a few health considerations that might increase shedding in a Weimaraner.

The most obvious reason would be some sort of skin condition such as the ones we discussed earlier, mange or alopecia.

However, common allergies can also cause severe itching and thus, excess shedding. Unfortunately, excess shedding is also a sign of some more severe health problems.

When a dog’s health starts to deteriorate, you will start to see signs of it even before you know what is wrong with them. Signs can include lack of appetite, loss of energy and, you guessed it, excess shedding.

The sad truth is that shedding more than normal can be a serious symptom of health problems and should be treated as such. Keep an eye on your dog’s shedding habits so you can help keep them healthy!

Final Thoughts: Do Weimaraners Shed?

A weimaranerMy final thoughts are that I officially want a Weimararner. Goodbye.

Okay just kidding, but seriously these dogs are incredible! They are extremely smart, hard working and make great family dogs.

If you are willing to take the necessary steps to maintain their shedding, you will have no problem giving this breed a home. Add in the fact that those steps are incredibly easy, you have nothing to worry about!

I would recommend doing your research before bringing any dog into your home, especially if you or a family member suffers for allergies.

If that is the case, you might want to reconsider bringing home one of these pretty pups.

However, if you are like me and think it is worth taking a couple allergy pills now and then to have your dream dog by your side at all times, then you have nothing to worry about. Go get yourself a dog!

Hopefully this information is helpful in making your decision on whether or not to bring a Weimaraner into your life.

I know I will definitely be keeping this breed in mind next time I want another dog (which is always)!

Thank you for reading do Weimaraners shed. Happy Pup Parenting!

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