301 Guinea Pig Names! – Boys, Girls, Cute, Funny, Unique & More!

Guinea pigs make fantastic pets and are a great choice for children and grownups alike! The domestic guinea pig is a friendly animal and can be easy to handle and are perfect for household pets.

I had a guinea pig as one of my first pets as a child and imagine my surprise when two weeks after bringing home my new furry companion, I woke up to find four extra guinea pigs in the hutch!

I was happy, more pets to love and of course to give names to.

Guinea Pigs are great to name as you can choose from so many types of names.

Taking an aspect of their personality, their coat colour and look or even draw from favorite names you already have – there are so many great names you can choose from!

Things To Consider When Choosing A Guinea Pig Name

Guinea pigs may be small but they have big personalities and each one is unique and needs a name that suits them.

After all, a guinea pig lives for five to seven years so you need to make sure their name is right.


Personality is probably the most common thing to draw inspiration from when naming your guinea pig. Are they outgoing or on the shy side?

Do they love to play and run around or prefer lazing around in a straw bed? Your guinea pig will have a character all of its own and names that match are examples of great names.

For example, names such as Spunky, Sassy or Dax are great names for adventurous guinea pigs with a lot of attitude.

For a guinea pig with a more laid back personality, some great names are slug, dozer or sloth.

Fur Type

Fur type is another great way you can choose a  name for your guinea pig.

There are so many variants of fur type and colour in guinea pigs from long-haired to short-haired and the silky haired.

There are guinea pigs with straight hair, curly hair and even guinea pigs with rosettes over their body! That’s before we even start to look at their coloring’s.

My first guinea pig was a tortoiseshell coloured Abyssinian breed with rosettes aplenty all over her body and was aptly named Rosie because of how distinctive her rosettes made her.

Favorite Names and People You Admire

If you have a favorite movie star or pop band then these are also great places you can look to for appropriate guinea pig names.

Names such as Beyonce, Mariah, Bieber or Montanna are great names to choose and reflect your personality and likes as well as your guinea pigs.

Name Pairs

People often buy guinea pigs in pairs or groups and this can lead to some fantastic name choices that are humorous as well as brilliant names.

Names like salt and vinegar, fish and chips and Ben and Jerry will bring a smile to everyone who hears you calling for your pet!

If you are still stuck for a name then no need to worry. I’ve created this list of fantastic guinea pig names for males, females, and all personalities and fur types for you to choose from.

70 Guinea Pig Names For Boys

A guinea pigAce – this means one who excels which is a fab name for your number one pet.

Albert Einstein – shortened to either Albert or Einstein this name is perfect for any smart guinea pigs that need names.

Alex – this name means defender or protector of mankind which is a great name for a guinea pig with a large personality.

Alvin – this is not only the name of our favorite chipmunk but the name also means wise friend.

Arthur – a noble and courageous name for a brave guinea pig.

Basil – a lovely smelling herb and also a fab male name meaning royal.

Beethoven – a great name for anyone who loves classical music.

Benedict – a name meaning blessed and also the name of an actor we all love!

Benji – a cute name that is perfect for your guinea pig.

Benson – this name literally means the son of Ben but as a name it’s adorable and will suit any male guinea pig companion.

Boris – a name that means wolf or snow leopard.

Bramble – a cute name that brings up images of the countryside.

Brandy – a favored tipple that has a lovely warm colour which might match your guinea pigs fur!

Bugsy – a cute name for any boy guinea pig.

Bulgaria – everyone’s favorite uncle womble.

Bumble – this might be a good description of a guinea pig that bumbles around it’s hutch! Its also an adorable name.

Charlie – a traditional name but still a good one.

Comet – a comet moves fast and so does your guinea pig!

Dexter – an American name that makes an adorable pet name.

Earl – this is a British nobleman and makes a great name for a noble boy guinea pig.

Edgar – a name meaning happy.

Espresso – a great name for coffee coloured guinea pigs.

Flash – if your guinea pig is as quick as a flash then this is the perfect name!

Frodo – from the lord of the rings this name conjures up images of loyalty and bravery.

Galaxy –  a galaxy might be a system of stars but it also makes a great starry themed pet name.

George – an oldie but a goodie!

Gerald – a popular boys name that makes a great name for a pet guinea pig.

Gunther – a popular TV character from friends but also a great guinea pig name.

Gus – this name means worth of respect which I’m sure you agree suits a guinea pig perfectly.

Hamish –  a Scottish name that means cozy – just like your guinea pig is!

Hickory – this is a north American tree but it also makes a fab name.

Indigo – a dark blue colour which makes a great boy pets name.

Knight – for any brave guinea pig who knows it’s own mind!

Kobi – an adorable name.

Lionel – your guinea pig may be small but it has the heart of a lion.

Macbeth – Shakespeare fans will love this male name for their guinea pig.

Merlin – a wizard’s name and a magical one to choose for your guinea pig.

Midnight – the perfect name for a dark coloured guinea pig.

Monty – a name that means mountain

Mozart – a great name for classical music lovers.

A brown mammal eating grass Ollie – this is a name that means strong and peaceful.

Oscar – a name that means champion or warrior – choose this name for your champion guinea pig.

Ozzy – if your pet has a lot of character then pick a name like Ozzy to showcase that personality.

Peanut – a cute name for a small pet guinea pig.

Percy – a great name for a pig and a guinea pig!

Quentin – an old fashioned name but a good one still.

Rocket – a great name for any guinea pig that zooms around like a rocket.

Rocky – a very male name for a hardy guinea pig.

Rodney – a name that means fame.

Rolo – such a cute name for a guinea pig.

Scotty – if you are looking for a simple yet cute male name for your guinea pig then this is a great choice.

Scamp – if your guinea pig is mischievous with a rascally side then choose a name like scamp.

Sergeant – for a guinea pig who thinks he is the boss.

Shaggy – a name that matches your guinea pig with a shaggy and long coat.

Slouchy – if your male guinea pig is on the lazy side then this might well be the name to choose.

Smokey – a great name for a boy guinea pig. Whether it matches it’s colour or personality it doesn’t matter.

Sonic – fast and loud – does that describe your guinea pig?

Tarragon – an aromatic herb that also makes a great name.

Taz – if your guinea pig seems on the energetic and crazy side then this is the right name to choose.

Teddy – a great name for a fluffy and cuddly companion.

Titan – a titan is someone very important and your guinea pig is very important. That is what makes this a very fitting name.

Thor – is a god associated with thunder which makes a great name for a guinea pig with a big voice that makes a lot of noise!

Thunder – a big name for a guinea pig with a great personality.

Titch – the perfect name for an adorable and small guinea pig.

Tyr – Tyr is the god of war and with a name like this your guinea pig can only be a fierce and loyal fighter.

Widget – this is a name that means small mechanical device which isn’t a description of your guinea pig! It is still a cute name for a boy pet.

Winston – this name means joyful which could be a great match for your guinea pigs personality.

Zeus – Zeus is the god of lightning and thunder which is a great name for a guinea pig with a big personality.

Zippy – does your guinea pig zip about as fast as it can? If so this is the name for you.

Zorro – a name from a movie that means golden dawn.

70 Guinea Pig Names for Girls

A guinea pigAdora – this name means beloved gift which is a lovely name for a pet that is a beloved gift to its owner.

Alice – this name means noble which is a fab choice for a noble guinea pig.

Amber – this is a lovely rich and warm colour as well as a name that means jewel.

Annie – this name means gracious which may not always be a great description of a pet but its a great name nonetheless.

April – this name signifies youth and beauty which is a big name for a pet guinea pig but one that is justified.

Amore – meaning love which makes a great name for a well loved pet.

Beatrice – this means she who makes happy which I’m sure you will agree is a fab name for a pet that makes it’s family happy.

Betty – a shortened and cuter version of the name Elizabeth.

Blackberry – an adorable name that works for many small pets, especially guinea pigs.

Blondie – if your guinea pig has blonde or golden fur then this is a great name for you to choose.

Blossom – blossom appears in spring as a sign that winter is over.

Bluebell – a spring flower that is beautiful and rare.

Bubbles – this adorable name is great if your guinea pig has a bubbly personality.

Cadence – this means rhythm but is also a character from My Little Pony.

Candy – sweet like candy and sweet like your guinea pig.

Chica – a cute name for any girl guinea pig.

Coco – not only a legendary french fashion designer but a name that means help.

Cookie – a pet name used the world over and is just as sweet for your guinea pig.

Cupcake – sweet and adorable just like a cupcake!

Daisy – a cute flower themed name that suits any female guinea pig.

Dutchess – a great name for a guinea pig who knows it’s own mind.

Ebony – a fab name for a black guinea pig.

Elsa – named after your favorite frozen character. This name also means noble.

Fleur – a name that means flower.

Foxy – a wonderful name for a guinea pig that seems intelligent and full of life.

Freya – this name means noblewoman which is fab for a noble guinea pig.

Goldie – blonde guinea pigs suit this name.

Hazel – hazel is a type of tree but also the name of a colour which is fantastic for guinea pigs that have a lovely warm hazel coat.

Holly – the holly bush is associated with winter and Christmas time which makes it a great name for a pet added to the family at this time.

Honey – this sweet treat has a lovely warm colour that is the perfect name for a warm coloured pet.

Jasmine – a beautiful flower.

Kiki – this is a lovely name that is fun to say and matches a guinea pig with a fun personality.

Lady – for the more discerning female guinea pig. A name with stature for your posh pet.

Lily – a name that means pure which makes a great choice if your guinea pig is pure in colour.

Lola – an easy name to say and cute and adorable for any female guinea pig.

Luna – this name means moon.

A guinea pigMai Tai – a delicious cocktail that makes a great sounding guinea pig name as well as a tasty drink.

Maggie – a name that means pearl

Masie – a name as cute and small as your guinea pig pet is.

May – a spring-like name that is cute for any female guinea pig.

Noel – perfect for Christmas time guinea pigs.

Nova – this name means new which is a great name for a new start and a new pet.

Pebbles – a character from the Flintstones and still a great name for a small pet.

Peggy – this name means pearl.

Pickle – an adorable name that suits any small and furry pet.

Pinkie Pie – this name comes from one of the most favored characters in My Little pony – A happy character that loves cupcakes and to make people smile.

Pippa – a cute name.

Pixie – an adorable name for any pet, especially a female guinea pig.

Princess – this name is perfect for your princess pet.

Rose – a pretty name that is perfect for guinea pigs with rosette patterns in their fur.

Roxy – this name means dawn which is a lovely name for any female pet guinea pig.

Ruby – a name that means red but also shows how precious your pet is.

Rosy Posy – cute and flowery – a great name.

Rouge – French for red which is  a lovely and exotic name for a pet.

Sadie – this name means princess.

Sandy – this name means  defender but is also a great choice if you are matching your guinea pig’s name to its colour.

Snowdrop – a small white flower that is the perfect flower themed names, especially for a white guinea pig.

Snowy – a traditional name for a white pet and still one of the best options for a white guinea pig.

Sparkle – the perfect name for a pet with an owner that likes all things glittery and shiny.

Sparkles – another version of the glittery name.

Sprinkles – a name that seems  colorful and a reminder of cake baking.

Summer – perhaps a name for when you got your pet guinea pig or just because you love the warmer season.

Sunburst – this name is great for a pet with a sunny disposition.

Sunny – for sunshiney name for a bright and happy guinea pig.

Sophie – this name means wisdom and intelligence.

Sugar – sugar is sweet, just like your pet!

Sweet Pea – if your guinea pig is your sweet companion then this flower name is a great choice.

Trixie – a cute name that means sassy or spunky.

Twilight – a name that means early evening but also a princess in My Little Pony

Wilma – a character from the Flintstones but also means protector.

30 Cute Guinea Pig Names

A guinea pigApple – a fab name that could refer to a place (The big apple) or perhaps a favorite fruit.

Ash – the ash left after a campfire is a lovely colour and so are guinea pigs that match it.

Bailey – a name that suits a strong and independent guinea pig.

Bagel –  a great snack and a cute name too.

Cinnamon – the spice has a great smell and colour and some guinea pigs are perfectly cinnamon coloured (although I can’t promise they will smell like cinnamon too).

Clover – this name has associations with luck so it is great for a lucky pet.

Cola – if this is your favorite drink then maybe this is the right choice for your pet. It also works well for cola coloured guinea pigs.

Crumpet – a tea time treat that makes a cute name for a pet.

Curly – for curly haired guinea pigs there is no better name.

Cwtch – the welsh word for cuddle makes a wonderful name for your pet guinea pig.

Dobby – the world fell in love with Dobby the house elf and everyone will fall in love with your guinea pig too.

Dopey – if your guinea pig is a little on the silly side then perhaps this is the right name to choose.

Drako – this means dragon and would be awesome as a name for a fierce natured pet.

Ember – this is a piece of burning wood or coal. It’s hot and fiery nature would be great for a guinea pig with attitude.

Fluffy – some guinea pigs are really fluffy and this makes a fab name for them.

Freckles – a cute name that can reflect the markings on your guinea pigs coat.

Jelly Bean – a small and sweet treat that makes a great name for a small and sweet pet.

Joy – a guinea pig is a joy to own so why not choose a name to reflect this?

Maple – sweet like syrup and maple coloured too? Then choose this name.

Mocha – that perfect blend of coffee and chocolate that everyone loves and a great colour too.

Nutmeg – a name used in many children’s books for a cute and furry character.

Penny – this means flower and is a lovely name for a cute guinea pig.

Piglet – this one is a pig pun but is so cute too!

Rapunzel – a favorite fairy-tale character.

Sleepy – for the guinea pick who loves to laze away all day.

Smudge – sometimes this is the best way to describe some guinea pigs markings with smudges of colour over their fur. This is what makes this such a perfect name.

Snowball – an awesomely cute name for a snowy coloured guinea pig.

Spike – great for guinea pigs with spiky fur.

Twitch – guinea pigs have cute twitchy noses so why not name them after this trait with this cute name?

Winnie – shortened from our favorite honey loving bear! Also a very cute name for any female guinea pig.

16 Funny Guinea Pig Names

A guinea pigBacon – a name that will make anyone smile when they hear it.

Baldwin – this works as a great name for a hairless breed of guinea pig or as a funny name for a very hairy guinea pig.

Beans – a fab name if your guinea pig is energetic and full of beans!

Foo Foo – Slang for a food this is the perfect funny guinea pig name.

Guinea-veve – a name that is a pun and a play on a traditional name

Hulk – a fun name that implies a large hulking animal and not your small furry pal.

Iggle Piggle – a favorite children’s television character but also a great pun for a name.

McFluffy – the perfect funny name for a small and very fluffy pet.

Ms. Piggy – funny and cute all in one name! Named after everyone’s favorite piggy muppet.

Oink – another pig pun name.

Peppa Pig – a great choice for children and can be shortened to Peppa.

Porkellus – a word made up just for naming pig themed animals!

Porky – yet another pig based pun for a name. There is no end to the piggy puns!

Squeaker – a definite description of the noise your furry companion makes.

Toots – Toots is one of those names that is cute, funny and quirky all in one.

Whistler – guinea pigs have a distinct voice – whistles and squeals so this is  a great, descriptive name.

20 Guinea Pig Names for Pairs

A guinea pigBert and Ernie – everyone loves Bert and Ernie from the Muppets.

Bill and Ben – our favorite flower pot men? No, just our favorite pair of guinea pigs.

Bonnie and Clyde – for a criminal pair of guinea pigs, or just a pair that are mischievous in nature.

Bubble and Squeak – a common duo of names in the UK that offer a great memory of childhood and family occasions.

Cookies and Cream – if you love this ice cream flavor then remind yourself of it every day as you pet your furry pals!

Duke and Duchess – posh names for a pair of posh and pampered pets.

Dusk and Dawn – a duo of names that work brilliantly for guinea pigs with two different sets of colours and markings.

Gin and Tonic – a popular drink that makes a pair of guinea pig names that are fun.

Holmes and Watson – super sleuth fans will love this pair of Sherlock Holmes themed names.

Molly and Milly – a cute pair of names for a cute couple of guinea pigs.

Mona and Lisa – a great pair of names that are fun as for any arts and culture fan.

Peaches and Cream – there is no better combination as a desert – or as a guinea pig duo.

Piggy and Ziggy – if you are looking for a fun duo of names to suit your guinea pigs, piggy and ziggy are fun names that will make you smile every time you say them.

Polka and Dot – if you have guinea pigs with patches, sports or dots this pair of names works well.

Posh and Becks – the perfect couple of guinea pigs named after our favorite celebrity couple.

Romeo and Juliet – star Crossed lovers or just lovely pets? This pair of names are a fun choice for a Shakespeare fan.

Rosemary and Sage – great flavors and a great combination of names that work for either boy or girl guinea pigs.

Sage and Onion – a winning combination of herbs and guinea pigs.

Salt and Pepper – a great duo of names if you have a black and a white guinea pig.

Sugar and Spice – sugar and spice and all things nice. I couldn’t think of better names for two perfect pets.

55 Unisex Guinea Pig Names

Sometimes you just want a name that would suit your pet whether they are a boy or a girl. This selection of fantastic guinea pig names works brilliantly for both girl and boy guinea pigs.

Alaska – a great place to visit with a lot of snow! Perfect for a snowy white guinea pig.

Bandit – this name would suit a mischievous pet.

Bean – a cute and quirky name for any pet.

Bingo – you have heard of the song but this name suits any gender and pet type.

Biscuit – a favorite sweet treat that makes a sweet name for a guinea pig

Blitz – if energetic is how you would describe your guinea pig then choose this name.

Boots – a great name for a guinea pig that looks like it is wearing boots with its different coloured feet.

Cashmere – soft and fluffy to touch – just like your guinea pig.

Charm –  a great name for a lucky charm guinea pig or perhaps one that has charmed its way into your heart.

Cream – whether you like cream in your coffee or just love your cream coloured guinea pig then this is the name for you!

Cocoa – warm and comforting and great colour – a fab name for a guinea pig.

Cotton Ball – the perfect name for your little ball of fluff

A small black mammal

Dinky – a cute and tiny name – perfect for a small furry companion.

Fidget – do you have a guinea pig that never seems to stay still?

Firework – if your guinea pig seems to run about in bursts like a firework then choose this name.

Fudge – perfect for sweet and fudge coloured guinea pigs.

Ginger – the perfect name for your ginger-haired guinea pig.

Hammy – a great name for fans of puns. Ham is the best part of a pig!

Hoppity – it isn’t only rabbits that hop and jump about.

Jazzy – a name that conjures up energy and interest.

Jet – this could be a name for a fast guinea pig that jets about or for a black one with jet black fur.

Jingle – a Christmas Guinea pig? Or just one that squeaks and jingles throughout the day?

Karma – perhaps it was fate that brought your guinea pig to you.

Latte – my favorite coffee! A great colour that matches many guinea pig coloring’s.

Lucky – the perfect name for the lucky pet in your life.

Magma – hot and fiery! A guinea pig with a spicy attitude.

Marmalade – a great colour (as well as flavor) for a marmalade coloured guinea pig.

Marshmallow – gooey, fluffy and sweet – just like your guinea pig!

Mittens – a cute name for a guinea pig with different coloured legs that look like mittens!

Nibbles – all guinea pigs love to nibble but some are more nibbly than others.

Onyx – this name has an air of mystery about it and would be great for black female or male guinea pigs.

Pepper – a great name for a guinea pig peppered with spots or dots.

Popcorn – a name that reminds you of movies and great time spent together

Poppet – if your guinea pig is cute and your pocket pal then this if the name to choose!

Pumpkin – guinea pigs born in autumn could have a name such as this.

Raven – if your guinea pig has lovely shiny, black fur this might well be the best name for you to choose.

Rusty – great for a red or rusty coloured guinea pig.

Scamper – there are lots of variations of this name including scamp and scampi and all of these names work brilliantly for a mischievous guinea pig.

Scooter – cute and funny for a name for a guinea pig that has endless energy

Shadow – for a grey or black guinea pig, this is a great name option.

Shiny – shiny eyes and fur are the distinctive features of a guinea pig so why not name your guinea pig after these traits?

Silky – long haired guinea pigs have lovely long, silky fur.

Skittles – a cute name as well as a sweet treat.

Skippy – is your guinea pig energetic and seems to hop and skip around? This name reflects that.

Sleepy – some guinea pigs like to doze away and this is a great name for guinea pigs with those types of personality.

Speedy – speedy certainly is a good description of many young guinea pigs! So maybe this is the best name for your pet.

Titch – the perfect name for a smaller guinea pig.

Twist – many guinea pigs have a variety of colours in their fur and this name would reflect this.

Vanilla – cream or white guinea pigs will suit this name

Willow – a name that means graceful which is often a good description for guinea pigs but if yours is on the more graceful side then this name suits.

Whiskey – many people’s favorite tipple! But not only a great name for a favorite drink but the honey colour of whiskey is a good match for some guinea pigs fur.

Whiz – whiz would be a great name for a guinea pig that whizzes around or for one that seems to be super smart.

Whizzer – some guinea pigs are fast as well as having loads of energy. This name works well for guinea pigs with those types of personality.

Zigzag – a cute name for a guinea pig with an energetic and quirky nature.

Zipper – some guinea pigs are energetic and zip around. If this sounds like your pet then this is the perfect name.

20 Unique Guinea Pig Names

If you are looking for something that nobody else has picked then these are a few names that are rarer choices.

A guinea pigApollo – the god of the sun. An impressive name for an impressive guinea pig

Baird – this means poet but when said out loud makes a great sounding name for a hairless breed of guinea pig.

Buzzy – does your guinea pig buzz around with energy? This is the perfect name!

Citron – a great name for anyone who is a fan of citrus flavors or for lighter coloured guinea pigs.

Chippy – if your guinea pig is chipper and happy then this is the name to choose.

Coconut – an interesting name for a guinea pig with white coloring’s.

Diamond – a rare name for a special guinea pig.

Dante – an unusual choice but a great name for a  guinea pig with a fiery nature.

Flossie – a cute name for a cute and fluffy guinea pig.

Gaia – this name means earth which would be fab for an earthy-toned guinea pig

Isadora – a name meaning a gift which is a great name for a companion that is a gift in your life.

Quartz – an unusual choice of name for a white guinea pig – different from the usual snowy or snowball names.

Rarity – the name of a My little pony character – this name means a rare creature which your pet definitely is.

Rufus – usually considered a dog name but I think this works perfectly for a guinea pig too! It means redhead which matches many guinea pig coloring’s well.

Sabre – a sabre is a curved blade and an unusual choice of name but I think it fits well.

Shamrock – instead of picking lucky as a name why not use this name that has a similar meaning but is a little different?

Spartacus – a feisty name that matches a feisty guinea pig

Tank – a big name for a tiny guinea pig perhaps?

Trillian – your guinea pig isn’t one in a million – it is one in a trillion!

Tybalt – this name means bold which suits a guinea pig with a similar personality.

20 Good Guinea Pig Names

It’s difficult to decide what makes a good or bad guinea pig name as everyone is different and so if their guinea pig!

Make sure when choosing your guinea pig’s name you pick one that you love that you will still love using in a few years time as your guinea pig will be your companion for a few years yet!

These are the top twenty names and just a few of my favorites! If I get more guinea pigs will definitely be considering these as names.

A brown mammalBrownie – a traditional name but still as good

Button – as cute as a button is a great description for guinea pigs

Braveheart – for those guinea pigs with a ferocious attitude

Ginny Pig – a great play on words and a fun name

Godzilla – a big name for a big personality

Goliath – your guinea pig may be small but he has a giant personality

Gouda – my favorite cheese! And a great sounding name

Muffin – cute and sweet, just like a guinea pig.

Phoenix – a positive name for an awesome pet

Pretzel – whether your guinea pig is sweet or not this name will suit.

Rascal – this was the name of one of my beloved pets – rascal by name and nature!

Rory – a lovely male name that means red king. Perfect for ginger and rusty coloured guinea pigs

Shadow – a name full of mystery that suits a darker coloured guinea pig

Sheldon – named after a favorite TV character from the big bang theory.

Sherbert – this is a great name on it’s own or awesome as a longer version of sherbert lemon

Smore – one of my favorite flavors! A perfect mix of chocolate and marshmallow that will suit any chocolate and white coloured guinea pig.

Tic tac – a great name to say out loud!

Truffles – perfect for truffle coloured pets

Zen – is your guinea pig peaceful and quiet? This could be the name for you to choose.

Zippy – a great name for an energetic guinea pig.

Final Thoughts On Names

There are so many names to choose from and it can seem like a difficult choice to pick the right one! It is difficult to get this wrong though.

You can pick a name that suits your guinea pigs personality and characteristics or pick one that is descriptive of its fur colour and markings.

If you are still unsure then pick a name that shows how you feel about your guinea pig! This might be a name that means something special to you or is a name of a favorite celebrity or person.

No matter the name you choose your furry companion will be by your side providing you with the love, fun and daily amusement that only a guinea pig can.

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