6 Best Guinea Pig Hutches & Cages – Indoor and Outdoor Options! (2020)

Picking the perfect home for your new guinea pig is both an exciting and challenging experience.

Whether you’re a beginner pet owner picking out your very first cage for your first guinea pig, or you’re an experience pet owner looking to upgrade, there a lot of things to consider.

With so many options, some better than others, there are many things, such as size, personal preference, and functionality, to keep in mind.

When you first look for a hutch or cage for your guinea pig, you may begin with the mindset that they are all created equal and, therefore, will fit your new pet equally.

In fact, you’d never walk into a pet store thinking that they would sell you something less than perfect for your guinea pig.

But, much like with every other pet, your guinea pig is unique and will require different things in a home. Learning what your new guinea pig will need is very important!

Guinea Pig

Before you even begin shopping, it is important to ask yourself a few questions, such as: What size should the hutch be?

Does the hutch need anything to keep your guinea pig either warm or cool enough? How often will you have to clean it? And, most importantly, where should you put your hutch and cage after buying it?

If you feel confused or don’t know where you should start when it comes to picking the absolute best cage and hutch for your guinea pig, don’t fret!

We’ve compiled a list of the top finds that are worth the money so that you know what to avoid when picking the best cage for your guinea pig.

What Size Does the Hutch Need to be?

Choosing the right size hutch for your guinea pig is the first thing to consider when weighing your options.

In your hutch, there should be a proper area for nesting, food and water, and exercise, as well as a bathroom.

You must keep in mind that this is where your pet will get most of their exercise, so enough space is key. Guinea pigs enjoy running and playing.

The majority of hutch’s sold are too small to fully meet the need of your guinea pig, so beware of your pet’s specific need when purchasing.

The recommended size for a hutch for one guinea pig is no smaller than 30” by 36” while two guinea pigs need at least 30” by 50”.

The more room your pet has to roam, play, nest and climb the better. In regards to guinea pigs, you can really never have too large of a cage.

In fact, a large cage may make daily chores and task such as cleaning easier.

One big thing to note about the hutch before buying is what the bottom layer is made out of.

Some people recommend that the bottom of the cage be made of mesh or wire like a bunny cage, so that your pet’s feces and urines pass through the top layer into a tray, but this can be very harmful to your pet.

Bunny feet and legs are much larger than guinea pig feet so the changes that they get stuck or hurt from the mesh is a lot smaller.

To ensure that your guinea pig’s feet are not harmed, the bottom of the hutch should be made of solid material, meaning no wire, or mesh.

Also, beware of any wood shavings as padding for the hutch as oils and wood treatments can be harmful to the skin on your guinea pig’s feet and health if consumed.

Guinea pig

The best thing to put on the bottom of your guinea pig’s cage and hutch is a special bedding pad that is created just to meet the needs of guinea pigs.

Your pet’s hutch should also contain a few things to keep your guinea pig stimulated. Things to climb on, and hide in.

A few great options can be found in stores or even at your house, including old shoe boxes, empty cereal or oatmeal container.

The best option for the padding of your hutch is to lay down newspaper, the hay and the items for play.

Indoor or Outdoor

The placement of your pet’s hutch is just as important as the size.

Guinea pigs struggle to regulate their own body temperatures, and they are susceptible to both hot and cold temperatures, so keeping an eye on their surrounding environment is key!

They also cannot sweat so chances for a heat stroke are much higher if they are in direct sunlight or too close to a heat source.

It is recommended to keep your guinea pigs inside so that they have social interaction with your family, but if you do keep them outside, hutches should be positioned so that no weather conditions penetrate.

If weather is particularly bad outside, we recommend moving your hutch inside, or into a shed if possible.

A few more tips if you keep your hutch outside. Ensure that there is a safely secured roof, tested against the elements. Try covering the hutch with a blanket when it is cold to stop any wind.

When temperatures begin to drop, make sure to regularly check the water bottle as the ball can freeze.

Be sure to up their food intake during the winter as colder guinea pigs need more calories to keep warm.

Lastly, if your animal is kept outside visit them regularly. When our pets are kept exclusively outside, they tend to be easily forgotten.

Guinea pigs in particularly are highly social animals, and, if they are left alone for periods of time, they can suffer from depression and anxiety. This can eventually lead to physical illnesses.

Therefore, it is necessary that you are interacting with your guinea pig daily as they can become very bored and depressed very quickly. Cleaning is a great way to interact with your guinea pig regularly.

How Often do I Clean the Hutch?

Guinea pigWhile caring for your guinea pig’s health and hygiene can be easier than other pets due to them not needing any shots, they can still become ill with disease.

Keeping their cage clean is a great way of keeping them healthy.

The buildup of your pet’s feces and urine can cause infections. It is recommended that you do maintenance to your guinea pigs cage daily.

Cleaning the cage with mild soapy water and vinegar is the best way to kill the germs! Make sure to let the hutch dry before letting your guinea pig return home.

A Few Other Things to Keep in Mind:

First, make sure you keep your guinea pig away from larger animals such as dogs or cats.

Guinea pigs are naturally skittish, and these large animals, who may see your guinea pig as their next meal, can make your guinea pig nervous.

For sanitation purposes, make sure your hutch is a safe distance from your kitchen and any stored food.

Guinea pigs, especially when bored or stressed, may knock their feces out of the cage. If the hutch is too close to your kitchen, this can cause your family to become sick.

Next, guinea pigs have high developed and extremely sensitive ears. Make sure that your guinea pig is never placed near a stereo or speakers, as this could cause hearing damage or even loss.

Finally, larger hutches can often times be easier to clean as guinea pigs tend to use one part of their hutch as a bathroom.

Top 3 Indoor Guinea Pig Hutches and Cages

1. “Guinea Habitat” Guinea Pig Cage & Accessories by Midwest

This cage is a great option that is both beginner and budget friendly.

Also, if you plan to get another guinea pig in the future – which you should as guinea pigs are prone to loneliness – this cage is expandable, making it perfect for two guinea pigs.

And, if you find that one cage just isn’t big enough, this cage can be connected to others to create a large area for your guinea pig.

I think the best part about this guinea pig home is that it has a durable, leak proof, washable and easily removable PVC lined canvas bottom. It also provides traction and protection for your guinea pig’s feet!

The fully removable mesh top is great for protecting your guinea pig from predators and making them easily accessible!

This cage also features dividers which you can use within the cage to block your guinea pig from a certain area. This allows you to clean your pet’s cage without having to disturb them!

These types of cages are best suited when keeping your guinea pigs inside, as they don’t provide as much shelter from the elements, as a fully covered hutch does.

However, if you remove the PVC lined canvas bottom, you can easily allow your guinea pig to roam within the cage outside – just make sure to supervise it!

2. Petsfit Rabbit Hutch, Guinea Pig Cage, Bunny Hutch Wood for Indoor Use

This cage is made for the best of both worlds as it can be used for both indoors and outdoors, although indoor use is preferred.

It is treated with a water-based paint that will not only retain its color but is safe for your pet. It also has an abundance of great features that are beneficial to both you and your guinea pig.

First, with its side and top latches, it makes removing your guinea pig from the enclosure easier, allowing you to spend more time together.

This also helps alleviate some of the risk of causing injury to your guinea pig when moving them.

This cage also has a pull-out tray that not only removes the need for mesh flooring – which can be harmful for your guinea pig’s feet – but also makes cleaning easier.

Simply pull out the tray, clean it, and return it. This allows your guinea pig’s environment to stay clean and healthy without the hassle.

It also has a covered ‘hide out’ that is the perfect place for your guinea pig to play or nest.

The cage is large enough for two guinea pigs, making it perfect for beginners who either hope to expand their furry family in the future or already have two pets.

3. Living World Deluxe Habitat

This hybrid plastic-wire cage, which also comes in three different sizes, is the perfect cage for beginner owners. It is also easy to assemble and requires no tools.

This cage also comes with accessories and many different features that make it beneficial for a first-time guinea pig owner.

First, in regard to the accessories, this cage comes with a non-tip food dish, a water bottle, and a hay guard. It also includes a hide away and ramp to make nesting easier for your guinea pig.

The top of this cage is mesh wire that allows your guinea pig to stay well ventilated. It also allows them to interact with their surrounding environment while remaining inside of their cage.

The wire section of the cage has two openings to allow you to easily access your guinea pig.

The bottom flooring of the cage is made of plastic. Since the wire mesh doesn’t extend to the flooring, you won’t have to worry about your guinea pig’s paws begin injured.

The plastic flooring also unclips from the wire covering of the cage, allowing you to clean it with ease. While cleaning, you can use the wire top as a covering, allowing your guinea pig to roam.

Top 3 Outdoor Guinea Pig Hutches and Cages

1. Aivituvin Indoor or Outdoor 2 Story Guinea Pig Hutch with Run

This hutch is the one of the best options if you plan to keep your guinea pig outside.

It has a built in UV panel, as a way to protect your pet from sun and rain!

It’s easy to forget sometimes that our pets, including guinea pigs, can suffer from element related issues such as sunburn or pneumonia.

To add another level of security from the elements this hutch has waterproof paint – which is still safe for your pets! – and an asphalt roof.

The tray on the top half of the hutch has a pull-out tray making it great for easy cleanings! There is also a hatch on the top of the cage that makes it easy to remove your guinea pigs or place them within the cage.

This cage also comes with accessories such as metal feeder and a chewing toy for your pets. Furthermore, this cage comes with clear instructions and only requires simple tools so anybody can put it together.

2. PawHut Outdoor Triangular Wooden House with Run

This cage is both highly functional and budget friendly, making it one of the best outdoor guinea pig cages for beginners and experience owners alike.

This cage, while meant for outside, can also be used indoor, and it is large enough to home two guinea pigs.

The cage has two doors, one on the wire mesh and one on the nesting hutch, that make it easy to access your guinea pig. It will protect your pet from predators while proving UV protection and proper ventilation.

The natural wood triangular frame is sturdy – so you don’t have to worry about it collapsing and injuring your guinea pig – but lightweight, making it easy to move.

By regularly moving the cage, you will be able to keep your guinea pig’s environment clean.

Other than the hutch, however, this cage does not provide any protection form the elements.

If you are experiencing extreme weather – high or low temperatures, heavy rain, storms – it will be important to either bring in your guinea pig or make sure that their cage is properly insulated and prepared for the weather.

This cage is easy to install, and it only requires a screwdriver. It also comes with detailed, easy instructions that anyone can follow.

3. Good Life Two Floors Wooden Cage

This two-floor cage allows you to have two guinea pigs, allowing them to meet their social need while still having their own space to nest, exercise, and use the bathroom.

It also has a total of four doors – two on the wire and two on the nesting boxes – making it easy to access your guinea pig.

This cage has removable trays that are not only made of plastic so that they are long lasting and safe for your guinea pig’s feet, but easy to remove and clean.

This will take the hassle out of providing a safe, clean, and healthy environment for your guinea pig.

It requires assembly, but setup takes under an hour and only requires simple tools. This cage also comes with clear, easy to read instructions.

It is constructed of natural wood, however, so it will be important to provide plenty of toys for your guinea pig to keep them from becoming tempted to gnaw on the materials.

Other Options

If you have any experience with tools and construction, you can even take the time to build your own guinea pig hutch! It’s surprisingly easy, and it doesn’t require a lot of materials.

Did you know you can convert old furniture into a hutch? Things like dressers, TV stands and book cases are great options that you either already have laying around or can easily get fro a thrift store.

While that is a great option, keeping in mind the key points mentioned above is still encouraged.

Your DIY guinea pig hutch needs to be safe, provide a private space, be spacious enough for nesting, exercise, and a bathroom, and, if it is going to be an outside cage, provide protection from the elements and predators.

Click here to find plans on building your own custom hutch!


When it comes to your guinea pig’s hutch there are many things to keep in mind.

It’s important to consider everything from where you decide to place the hutch to what bedding or hay you line the hutch with. Here are my thoughts on what hutch I would begin with!

The first hutch mentioned is probably the one I would buy for many reasons! It covers a few of the major points needed for a safe and efficient hutch that will make your guinea pig feel right at home.

The bottom layer of the cage is made of a material soft enough to be safe for your pet’s feet.

It is washable and allows traction for your furry friend. The material is also leak proof! This is perfect for up keep and for your home’s hygiene.

Lastly this cage is expandable. I believe that to be the best part about this budget friendly cage.

It is recommended that your guinea pig have a friend, as it keeps them from getting bored and helps them stay social.

So, if or when the day comes for you to introduce your pet to a second furry friend you can just expand this cage adding not only more to the dimensions but more for the guinea pigs to do together!

Final Thoughts: Best Guinea Pig Hutches & Cages

Whether you decide to buy an indoor or outdoor guinea pig cage – or even build your own! – it is important to make sure that the cage you do decide to invest in will fully meet the needs of your guinea pig.

Guinea Pig

We have talked about that a lot in this article, but here’s a recap.

Your guinea pig needs:

Enough space in their cage to exercise to nest and use the bathroom

A clean and sanitary cage

A quiet environment that keeps them protected from both predators and the elements

Regular affection and attention to keep them from becoming stressed and depressed.

Guinea pigs can make a great addition to your family, and, with proper care, they can be an easy pet good for beginners.