What Do Ferrets Eat In The Wild? – What To Feed Your Ferret?

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Ferrets are pretty interesting animals. First, while they are native to Europe (with only one species, the Black-footed ferret, being native to North America) they were domesticated hundreds of years ago by humans. Now, they are the lovable and playful companions we see today. They originate from European polecat, which is in the same genus as … Read more

8 Different Ferret Colors and Patterns! – Ferret Color Guide

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Ferrets are an incredibly popular pet these days. They are well known for their playful attitudes as well as their sassiness and their love to snuggle. Ferrets are also incredibly smart animals and can actually be trained to play fetch like dogs! They are relatively easy to care for and need to have a secure … Read more

11 Ferret Noises and What They Mean! – Ferret Communication Guide

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If you own a ferret, then you know just how talkative they can be. From barking to hissing, ferrets have a large range of vocalization, many of which have been outlined in a study conducted at Idaho State University. Each noise that your ferret makes is unique, and while some, like the hiss, have a clear … Read more

10 Best Playpens For Ferrets! – Indoor and Outdoor Fun!

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If you own a ferret, then you know that, while their personalities are unique and differ, one thing’s for sure for almost all ferrets: they love to play. Whether they’re dooking, burrowing, or running around your house, ferrets love being active and having fun. They also love exploring new places. Investing in a playpen will … Read more

Mink vs Ferret vs Weasel: What Are The Differences?

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When you look at a picture of ferret, weasel, and mink together, it can be difficult – if not impossible – to tell the difference. They all have similar fur types and colors, as well as nearly identical body types. In order to help you learn how to tell the difference, here are the qualities … Read more

Ferret Supplies List – What do You Need For a New Ferret?

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Getting a new pet is an exciting time for anyone. You are bringing a new companion into your home that is sure to bring you love and joy! However, when you bring a new pet into your life it is so important to make sure you have everything you need to give your new friend … Read more

Do Ferrets Need Chew Toys? – The Best Chew Toys for Ferrets!

A ferret can be an unexpected choice for a family pet, but they are loads of fun and can be quite affectionate with their owner. Hello, my name is Jennifer and I’ve owned two pet ferrets. Technically, they were my ex-boyfriend’s but I got the two dogs, the cat AND the ferret in the break-up. That … Read more