The Best Odor Eliminating Candles to Get Rid of Dog Smells

Hello, my name is Valerie and I am the proud owner of Bentley the Clumberdoodle. Now, I love my dog more than anything. I spoil him with walks and treats, and of course, plenty of cuddles.

That being said, there are definitely down-sides to having a pooch. One of them is that often he leaves a smell in the house.

I am totally convinced that I become nose blind to some smells, particularly those of the dog. Often, we come back from a walk and Bentley is on the damp side. While we dry him off outside as best we can, he still comes in and rolls on the sofa, or worse – on the bed.

I am sure that as I do, other pet owners watch the faces of visitors to see if they wrinkle up their noses when they come into the house. Most people are far too polite to do that, but I shudder to think that my home smells ‘doggie’ to other people.

What Can we do About The Doggie Smells?

There are several ways to eliminate smells, apart from spending every hour of the day cleaning – which is not my idea of fun.

While sprays will work in the short term, they will wear off and the smell will not be removed.

I started to do some research about more long-term solutions to the ‘doggie smell’ problem. I have found that it is possible to eliminate dog odors with candles.

How do Candles Work?

This is an interesting subject which I am sure any science buff will already know. Not being a science buff, it all came as a surprize to me.

The odors in the air are all attached to oxygen molecules. The more flame there is in the air, the more oxygen is burned, and the more odors are removed.

Stuff like dust, dirt, pollen and odors carry positive ions, which is how they stay suspended in the air. Natural candles release negative ions, and these negate the positive ions which are then literally sucked back into the candle and burned.

Two Types of Candle

I found that there are two types of odor eliminating candle, namely paraffin and soy.

Paraffin is the type of candle you are most likely to find in most places as these tend to be cheaper and more freely available.

Soy candles are becoming more popular although there are still many more paraffin candles on the shelves.

Soy has very definite advantages over paraffin candles. Firstly, they are made from all-natural products such as vegetable oil. Soy candles do not raise the CO2 levels when burned, unlike paraffin candles which do.

Neither does soy give off any chemicals when they burn so that’s an important consideration.

Quality vs Price of Candles

Well, as well all know, there is always the ’bargain basement’ where we can pick things up at vastly reduced prices. Sometimes this means that the quality also falls short. This is particularly true of candles.

It’s very easy to recognise one of those cheap, nasty candles. They give off smoke, which can stain a wall if placed near-by. They don’t last very long at all. Worse, they just do not smell good. Even the first time you light them, they smell artificial.

Of course, if you have any chest problems, like I do, you will know right away when someone is burning a cheap candle.

If you want an effective odor eliminating candle in your home, then you should be prepared to pay a little more for it. Soy is more expensive than paraffin, but it’s better for you and your pooch.

Some candles will merely mask the bad smells, so, again it is best to invest in a good quality candle which will still work after you have put it out.

You may get away with inferior candles outside where the air circulates, and they just look good, but for inside your home, do yourself a favour and invest in good quality candles.

It will be worth it in the end, when they work well at removing smells.

Asthma and candles

Because I suffer from Asthma, it is important that if I light a candle, it does not affect my chest.

It’s a staggering thought to find that 40% of Asthma attacks are triggered by candles!

Using soy candles mean that there are less pollutants and chemicals in the year, so I think this is not only a good option for Bentley, they are much better for me.

Soy candles burn at a lower temperature than paraffin and so will last longer. While they are more expensive, in the long run they are better for you if you have Asthma and still like candles.

Where’s The Best Area to Put The Candles

First, a quick note about candles before we discuss where to place them. It’s important that we remove any soils around the house first, before placing a candle anywhere.

So, I found the first place to look was at any blankets Bentley used.

I gave them a good wash. If this isn’t taken care of first, then it stands to reason that no amount of candle is going to work efficiently.

Right, having washed all his bedding, I looked into the best place for a candle to go.

I figure that to give a good impression to anyone coming into your home, the first place to put a scented candle is near the front door.

The second area to place candles is anywhere your dog regularly hangs out.

If he spends lots of time on your bed, then maybe a candle in your bedroom will be a good idea. If he has his own bed, then you could put one in that area.

Of course, you can use your scented candles in a romantic setting, but if your dog is anything like Bentley, it takes a little more than a few strategically places candles for us to get a romantic night on our own! This is a whole ‘nother article on how to bribe your dog for a bit of privacy…

Most of us who have pets will agree that we share the sofa with our partner and the pooch.

Come ‘Common Sense Rules’ When Using Candles

Never let the candle burn where you can’t see it. If it happens to fall over, you need to see it right away before it sets anything alight.

Keep away from anything that can burn. So that means keeping it off the window sill, away from curtains.

Candles must be kept out of reach of children. Kids can be boisterous and accidently knock things over.

Keep the wick short. The ideal length for a wick is to be trimmed to ¼” before you light it. After the candle has cooled, trim it down again.

Use a proper candle holder, something that will keep the candle safely upright.

Keep away from draughts and fans. Any air flow will fan the flame. Also, never place candles close together, they should be at least three inches apart when burning.

Never use as a night light.

Don’t burn the candle lower than ½” and never let it completely burn to the bottom of the container.

What if I Can’t Tolerate Candles?

Well, there are various other methods of purifying the air in your home.

One of them is to invest in an air purifier such as this one below.

        Winix 5500-2 Air Purifier

The filter looks compact and smart and will blend in with any décor.

It will capture up to 99% of pollutants such as dust mites, pollen and pet dander.

The filter is AOC Carbon and can be washed.

What is good about this air purifier is that it auto adjusts the fan to filter the air as it is needed, so you always have the best possible air quality.

There is a sleep mode which means silence at night.

The purifier is rated for rooms of 360 sq.ft. so will be suitable for large rooms such as family rooms.

It will also work well near or in the kitchen and kids’ bedroom and will handle your dog’s area with no problems.

While an air purifier will not give off such delightful smells as a candle, you will find that it does the job of eliminating odors just as well.

The Top 5 Best Odor Eliminating Candles

Candles are still a great option when wanting to remove bad odors, so let’s take a look at some of the best for your buck!

        1. Aroma Paws Odor Neutralizing Candle

This is an all-natural soy candle with a delightful floral scent.

It is in fact a blend of Rose, Geranium, lavender, and Orchid oils which gives off a delicate smell and is not at all overpowering.

The candle comes in a 12oz size which should last a nice long time.

You will notice that the area near the candle smells cleaner after just a short time and has a clean, fresh smell to it.

2. Jasmine Aromatherapy Deodorizing Soy Candle for pets

This candle has actually been recommended by a vet for use in eliminating odors from pets.

You will also find that the atmosphere around the candle seems more tranquil.

The candle is made of soy and contains ingredients that reduce stress and anxiety.

This is one of the most relaxing candles you will find on the market.

100% natural soy wax, the candle is also dye free, so you can be assured that there are not bad chemicals given off.

You will have about a 40 hour burn time from this 6oz candle.

3. Odor Exterminator Candle

The wick on this candle is made from zinc which are safe for the environment.

The candle has about 70 hours burn time and is excellent at removing not only pet odors but also cigars and smoking smells.

The candle has a very delicate apple cinnamon smell which linger for some time after the candle has been put out.

The candle is based on an enzyme formula and is very effective against strong smells.

4. Smoke & Odor Eliminator Blended Soy

This candle is a blend of soy and paraffin wax and is completely eco-friendly.

The wick is cotton and paper and designed to be self-trimming.

You will get about 40 hours burn from this candle and will notice as soon as you light it that there is less smoke than other candles.

The smell is delicate and subtle while still delivering a smell-free area near your pooch.

The candles are so pretty they would make great gifts even to people who don’t smoke or have pets.

My Favourite Odor Eliminating Candle:

I simply love the smell of apples and spices! I am a sucker for any coffee which comes out in the fall with spicy flavours, and candles are no different.

Even though this is a mix of paraffin and soy, it does not seem to affect my Asthma at all, and it certainly perks the house up.

5. Fallen Leaves Pet Odor Exterminator Candle

If you enjoy the smell of apples and spices, then this is the candle for you! It smells divine, you will pick up aromas of apple, ginger and cloves.

This would make a great gift to a pet owner in the holiday season.

The candle will burn for about 70 hours and is a mix of paraffin and soy wax.

What you will notice is that even after the candle has been put out, the lovely smell still lingers, and the smells stay away.

Final Thoughts

So, I hope this odor eliminating candle article has helped you.

I certainly learned a thing or two about how they work!

But aside from that, a good quality candle is the way to go, if you want to get rid of not only dog smells, but also smoke and cigar odors.

Your friends will visit without you worrying that they are too polite to mention a smell, and you will have a clean smelling home all day.