The Best No-Pull Dog Harness to Help Keep You in Control

Hi there! My name’s Valerie and i’m the proud parent of my fabulous golden doodle Bentley! Most people in our village have known Bentley since he came to us at the tender age of 15 weeks. While he was the most adorable cuddly teddy bear, and only weighed a few kilos, no one had a … Read more

The Best Vacuum Cleaner For Pet Hair Reviewed

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Best Dog Barking Deterrent

When I first got Rush, my adorable Pitbull, I knew I was in love. He was a rescue dog from a home that unfortunately was breeding dogs for fighting. I felt compelled to help Rush know that humans aren’t bad and show the world that Pitbulls are lovable and kind animals. Thankfully, I got Rush … Read more

Alpha Dog Training: When Is This Training Method Appropriate?

Similar to how wolves have a pack leader, dogs also have a natural instinct to follow or be followed, as they often see themselves in a pack. Failing to attend to this fact can quickly cause things to spiral out of control, leading to your dog thinking of themselves as the alpha in your family. … Read more

How To Train A German Shepherd Puppy

Not all dog breeds can be trained with the same strategies and training methods, as some will not respond in a good way. German Shepherds are perfect examples of a dog breed that does not respond appropriately to some of the more traditional dog training methods that are used. This, however, does not mean that … Read more

Best Dog Clippers That Gets The Job Done Painlessly

You frequently visit the hairdresser to get your haircut. It is something that you depend on to look at your best and, of course, to avoid feeling uncomfortable due to hair being too long or too thick. Just like you deserve a haircut now-and-then, your dog also deserves to be clipped when his hair becomes … Read more

The 5 Best Washable Dog Beds

My dog’s name is Bennett. And Bennett, while I love him very much, can be quite a dirty and smelly fella. It’s no secret to any of us dog-lovers that our beastly best friends can turn a perfectly good, clean dog bed into a filthy, hairy, stinky heap of fluff and fabric pretty quickly. Hi, … Read more

Best Dogs for First Time Owners – Which One Suits You?

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Puppy Obedience Training

When Fang, my German Shepherd, first came into my life, she was only a few weeks old. I was overjoyed to have met her and found a dog that really spoke to me. However, I was still a little worried. She was the first dog that I raised from puppyhood, and so I wanted to … Read more